3 Fishing Gear Garage Storage Solutions Every Angler Needs

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garage storage for fishing gear

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ve likely been making the most of this summer’s beautiful, fishing-friendly weather. Avid fishers will inevitably end up investing in numerous kinds of rods, baits, and other fishing accessories to get the most out of their hobby.

As your fishing gear collection grows, so does the need for a proper way to store your equipment. Fishing gear is typically kept in the garage, but is your garage properly equipped for storing it? Keep all of your rods and accessories organized with these three fishing gear garage storage solutions.


1. Store your rods properly with a fishing rod rack

Your primary piece of equipment, your fishing rod, doesn’t take up a lot of space. There are several reasons, however, to invest in a proper solution for storing your fishing rods in the garage. A specialized fishing rod rack has the following benefits:

  • vertical storage method protects the delicate construction of your rods and helps them maintain their shape
  • safer than leaning your rods against the garage wall
  • fishing lines on your rods won’t get tangled with each other

Using slatwall panels and our special hanging solution designed specifically for fishing rods, we’ll make it easy to keep your rods in top condition.


fishing rod rack


2. Slatwall panels are great for fishing gear garage storage

Our slatwall panels also have over 40 other accessories available so you can store more of your fishing gear on your unused garage wall space. Select from the following accessories:

  • numerous type of hooks for your fishing outerwear, like jackets, vests, hats, and waders (our heavy duty hooks can handle the extra weight of wet waders)
  • baskets and shelving for gloves, tackle boxes, and hard-to-hang fishing gear items
  • an angled shoe shelf comfortably holds three pairs of fishing boots
  • two types of tilt-out storage bins can keep your smaller fishing gear items organized, such as hooks, sinkers, and lures

Any extra space you have on your slatwall panels can hold your garage’s other hangable items, including bikes, lawn tools, ladders, extension cords, and much more.




3. Garage cabinetry also works effectively for storing smaller fishing gear items

If your growing collection of smaller fishing gear accessories can’t be contained by our storage bins, garage cabinetry will work perfectly. Modular and custom-fit cabinet systems are already a great addition to any garage with their high durability and sleek looks. They’re your best solution for storing tools, nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits, and other smaller items.

Smaller pieces of fishing gear, such as baits/lures, hooks, floats/bobbers, fishing line, and sinkers will also store nicely in garage cabinetry. Keep your hard-to-organize small fishing items easy to find and secure with the lock options available on some of our cabinet models.

Fishing gear garage storage becomes much easier with these three solutions. To improve your storage capabilities for your fishing equipment and many other garage items, schedule a free consultation with our experts today.

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