3 Key Elements of a Successful Garage Makeover

The garage often becomes a dumping ground for any old thing that your family does not want to throw out instead of being used effectively to store useful equipment and outdoor items, like your vehicle. In order to successfully makeover your garage, the first step is clearing out – and disposing of – everything you don’t need. That’s right – everything. Ruthlessness is the name of the game during the first step: clearing out the clutter.

Garage Makeover

Start by hauling everything out of your garage and sorting it into several piles. First separate items into piles based on how often they are used:

  • Everyday items;
  • Frequent use such as gardening supplies and tools;
  • Seasonal items; and
  • Never used.

Next separate out the items you never use into piles for donation, garage sales, recycling, and garbage. Get rid of anything you have not used in over a year in order to make the most of your space. Many items can be donated to charities or local churches in order to raise money while others can be sold to your neighbors during a garage sale. While it can be tempting to hold on to that old bucket of paint just in case you need it, you are not doing yourself any favors by hanging on to items you will never make use of.

Make a Plan

Once you have sorted your possessions, make a plan for how you will organize: measure the space and consider how much room your car(s) will take up, how much room you need to move around, and how large your cabinets can be. Leave room for pathways through the garage as well as to open your car doors. Finally, consider how much storage space you require. To do this, group your items by task or interest and consider how much access you will need to them and when. Some common types of items include:

  • Gardening supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Holiday decorations
  • Kids stuff
  • Workshop area

Consider how much space these items will take up and purchase your storage solutions accordingly. Don’t forget to consider ceiling mounted racks for larger items such as bikes which are often quite light but can take up a lot of room on the ground. Tailored cabinet solutions are available with modular sections that can be easily customized to any garage space and storage needs. For more information, take a look at our selection of cabinet systems. These smart organizational products require minimal effort to use and help keep you organized today and tomorrow.

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