Dream Garage Designs: 6 Essential Features That Work

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What’s your idea of a dream garage? Is it a large building filled with prized vintage cars? Maybe it simply means an organized space where there’s ample room to park your vehicles.

While everyone’s definition may vary, there’s no question that a redesigned garage adds value to your home. You’ll want your dream garage to be a comfortable space that impresses visitors and that can be accomplished with the proper design.

When putting together your dream garage design, make sure to include these six essential features.

Dream garage design

1. Transform your space with a new garage floor coating

Redoing your floor with a garage floor coating can really transform your space. Durable Floortex™ floor coating can turn your dirty old garage floor into a beautiful, smooth surface that sets the foundation for the rest of your dream garage’s design.

This polyaspartic garage floor coating is the best floor coating available on the market and comes in many colors. Once your garage floor is finished, you’ll appreciate how much nicer it looks and how incredibly easy it is to maintain.

Another garage flooring option is interlocking PVC floor tiles. These attractive tiles can be quickly installed because of their tight interlocking teeth design, which eliminates the need for mortar or adhesives. These floor tiles can also be used in your laundry room, storage room, or basement. 


2. Get your tools organized with garage cabinetry

Installing a high quality garage cabinet system will achieve a couple of the design goals for your dream garage: 

  • garage cabinets are the best organization solution for your tools and belongings, keeping everything in its place, easy to find, and dispensing with workbench or countertop clutter
  • the sleek, modern look of a garage cabinet system will add a notable upgrade to your garage’s aesthetics


3. A slatwall storage system reclaims garage floor space

A versatile slatwall storage system can maximize the storage capacity in your dream garage. Slatwall panels and their accessories make effective use of your garage’s underutilized wall space for better organization.

Get items like yard tools, extension cords, and bikes on your garage wall and off the floor. That allows you more room to park your vehicles and function better in your garage.


4. Use overhead garage storage racks for bulkier items

Garage cabinets and slatwall storage are a great start towards achieving organizational contentment in your dream garage. Go even further with some of our specialty storage rack solutions for your garage’s bulkier items. 

Overhead storage racks are ideal for seasonal items like tires, patio furniture, and sports equipment. Just imagine how much garage floor space you could free up by storing these large items up in the air.




5. Gain more parking space in your dream garage with a car lift

Installing a car lift in your dream garage is a smart way to double your garage’s parking space. Car lifts take advantage of your garage’s unused vertical space, allowing vehicles to be stacked on top of one another. They’re a perfect storage solution for your second everyday use vehicle, or for storing that prized classic car during the winter.


6. Upgrade the garage door, your home’s most noticeable feature

It would be counterproductive to invest time and money in making over your dream garage’s interior and then leave its exterior looking less than optimal. Upgrade your garage door to complete your garage’s dazzling transformation.

Garage doors are the most noticeable feature of your house’s exterior, so how it looks matters. Create an inviting space that enhances your home’s curb appeal. There’s a multitude of garage door design options available, ensuring you’ll find a combination that both reflects your tastes and complements your home’s exterior.

Using these stylish and functional garage storage and design solutions, you’ll be able to achieve the dream garage you’ve always wanted.

Visit a Garage Living showroom near you or schedule a free consultation appointment to get started on a dream garage design that will bring your vision to life.

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