Don’t Build an Addition to Increase Space. Organize the Garage Instead!

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For most people, it seems, a home never has enough space. This is one of the reasons why the housing market is so busy – the family grows, stuff accumulates and then there’s a need for a larger home. But moving can be so expensive and time consuming.

Increasing your home’s usable square footage

Imagine being able to increase the usable square footage of a home without the extra expense of moving costs, real estate and closing fees, and the monthly financial demand of a larger mortgage. This is especially important during an uncertain housing market where moving can be delayed for several years by simply increasing the home’s functionality and useable square footage, creating more space and strengthening the family’s financial position.


Organize your garage systematically

How is this possible? Simple – increase the functionality of the home’s existing space. In fact, so much space can be freed-up, it’s like adding a 10 by 20 foot room onto a home. Savvy homeowners are now looking to organize their garage to increase their homes useable space. It’s the hottest new home improvement trend that not only gives you more functional and useable space. It even increases the resale value of your home.


Overhead garage storage shelving

For example, take any unused or seldom used items off the floor anywhere in the home and store them neatly and conveniently in the garage. The unused items can be stored on overhead shelves, while the more frequently used things, such as sports equipment and toys, are kept within reach on adjustable wall organizers called slatwall. To optimize the use of the garage, get everything off the floor and make use of all the space with overhead storage cabinets and storage systems.

“For most, a garage is nothing more than a place to store large seasonal tools, equipment, and a place to collect junk, but it can be so much more,” says Frank Spano, Vice President of Marketing, Garage Living, Canada’s leading garage specialists. “By installing shelving, cabinetry and overhead storage, the average two car garage adds 200 square feet of storage space while still functioning as a place to park the family vehicles.”

People are beginning to realize the multi-function capabilities of a garage. Not only can it serve as a place to store vehicles or junk, but with a few improvements a garage can be like a new addition to the home. A garage can be used as a play area for the kids, a workshop for the handyman, or a workout area. The possibilities are endless!

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