Converting your Garage Into the Ultimate Entertainment Space

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In today’s busy and bustling world, everyone looks forward to some nice, relaxing down time at home where they can kick up their feet, turn on the TV, and forget the world for a while. Whether it’s a rec room, an entertainment space, or simply a bonus room you are looking for, there is a new contender in town to fulfil these needs, and you likely already have access to one: The garage!

Turn your dusty storage space into a luxurious escape with a few of these ideas so you can take your space from a parking spot to paradise in no time at all.


Get Organized

The first thing you need to do is make sure the space is clean, organized, and essentially functional. To accomplish this, make sure to do a thorough walk-through and determine what is for keeping, donating, or garbage. Make a trip to your local storage solution store and pack away tools, winter clothes, and other items that you don’t require on a regular basis. Garage Living can help with the rest! Shelving, hooks, and handy storage closets can be installed to help keep things out of the way.

Garage Storing


Get Weather Ready

If you plan on installing electronics like that big screen TV and the surround sound you have always wanted, it is imperative to note that moisture and extreme temperatures don’t make for great environments for wires and electrical items. Take the appropriate steps to water-proof and weather-proof your garage space before installing any electronics. Adding heating for cold winters and cooling for hot summers will help keep you and your prized possessions more comfortable.

Garage Spacing

Hint: Don’t forget to plan for wiring and surround sound early so wires are not left exposed as dangerous eyesores later in your project!


Get Furnishing

Before choosing that TV or stereo, make sure you select some bare necessities and creature comforts that will make your room a great one to be in. Changes in flooring, wall covering, and window treatments can make a big difference. Choices should be weather resistant, durable, and stand the test of time.

Entertainment Space

Hint: Choose smaller furniture that makes the room seem spacious along with lighter wall colours that open the area up.


Get Space Saving

Unless you have a multi-million dollar home, chances are you space is limited. The trick to a perfect outdoor entertainment zone is organizion and space maximization. Get things off the ground! Wall mount the TV, use floating shelving, and choose furniture that is multipurpose. Select extra seating that can fold away or get stacked within itself to give you more room with less guests.

Organizing Garage

Hint: When shopping check out stores that offer furniture designed for smaller living spaces such as studios or condos. Items will be slimmer and will help save space while looking sleek!

To ensure your project goes off without a hitch, call the experts at Garage Living! Enjoy competent craftsmanship, timely turnaround, and pricing that suits any budget big or small. We help turn your garage into an organized oasis for any type of entertainment area.

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