Choosing a Garage Style to Suit Your Home

Your garage is more than a place to park your car. It is an extension of your home and can add curb appeal and increased value to your property.

Garage Door Style Tips

The style choices for garage doors will enhance your home’s appearance, but which one do you choose? Do you go for classic elegance or modernity? Are you a fan of steel, or would you prefer a wooden garage door? These are all questions to ask before settling on the perfect garage style to suit your home.

In order to decide what will work best for your home, you have to be familiar with your options. These are the four most popular garage door styles that are known to fit well with most homes:

Traditional Raised Panel

Raised panel doors are very traditional and offer a classy and elegant look. This style of garage doors are so named due to the appearance of elevated panes on their outside. This type of garage door is common in most homes and is easily customizable.

One of the largest benefits of raised panel doors is that they can come fully insulated with added windows. This is ideal for those looking for natural light in their garage, or those who use the space as an entertainment room.

Traditional Raised Panel

Transitional Recessed Panel

Recessed panel garage doors resemble raised panel doors but instead of the panels being elevated, they’re sunken. They’re typically made of steel and are very easy to maintain. This style incorporates tradition but with a contemporary flare. These doors pop as perfect accents when paired with an older home or set in the country.

Transitional Recessed Panel

Modern Flush Panel

These are perfect for an urban setting. These flat, marginally raised paneled doors are contemporary in their look. This type of garage door is sleek and works well if you have arched door openings. Flush panel garage doors can come insulated, with windows and match well with classic and modern homes.

Recently high-end subdivisions have been seeing an influx of flush panel doors as they’re comparative in price to other doors, while still giving a unique and rich look to the house.

Carriage House

You’ve no doubt seen carriage house garage doors. They’re extremely popular and resemble the doors you’d find on a horse’s stable; a style that is popular both in interior and exterior home decor.

These doors appear to swing outward with the hinged hardware details, however, they open overhead so that you get the distinctive look of a carriage style door with complete opening functionality.

Carriage House

Once you’ve selected your door type, you’ll need to decide what materials your garage doors will be made of:


Wooden doors are available unfinished, painted or stain grade, and often come in cedar, mahogany and other hardwoods. They’re easy to customize and can adapt to any style.


Commonly made from galvanized steel, this material is more economical than wood and are common in modern homes. Steel garage doors can be painted to match your home and offer better insulation than their wooden counterpart.


They are lightweight, impact resistant and virtually maintenance-free. They are available in quality factory finishes in popular designer colours and are also customizable to your home. These doors are both resilient and energy efficient.

Whether you decide on raised, recessed, modern or carriage house style doors, these garage doors will be a complement to any home.


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