Before and After Garage Renovation Photos of 3 Projects We Love

Think your garage is too far gone? Garage Living has seen it all and we’ve brought some garages back from the grave.

We’re in the business of transforming disastrous garages into beautiful, highly efficient extensions of your living space.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our past makeover projects and see the incredible results that can be replicated in your own garage.

The Tornado

Before Garage Renovation After Garage Renovation

Sometimes, things just build up over time.

Without an adequate storage system, it’s easy to let everything pile up. Before you know it, all of that junk has become a mountain and you have no idea what to do with it. Everything becomes an eyesore and you don’t even feel like stepping foot into the garage.

This garage was turned into a useable, organized space with lots of storage options. When you create a snappy, stylish space, you’re more inclined to keep it that way.

Giving Tiny an Overhaul

 Before Tiny an OverhaulAfter Tiny an Overhaul

Even the smallest of spaces can be optimized for better storage efficiency.

Take a look at this small garage. There are numerous hidden storage opportunities just waiting to be utilized.

We added cabinets and overhauled the walls with slatwall panels. Not only does this space look better, it serves as a place that can be used for a lot more storage.

Bring Out the Style in Your Garage

Before Cabinet Units After Cabinet Units

This space is elegant and had a ton of potential, particularly with the amount of light the large windows provided.

The floor space wasn’t being used like it could and after we installed cabinet units around the windows, it completely changed the way the room was used and looked.

Still believe we can’t turn your own garage into a room you’ll love?

Schedule a free design consultation with us. We’ll show you that no garage is too far gone to be revived into something you’ll be proud to come home to.

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