An Organized Garage Is Good for the Environment

There is great global emphasis on recycling and waste diversion aimed at improving our environment.

So critical is this issue that David Suzuki wants to put politicians in jail who fail to implement policies to effect change. In other words, he is frustrated by those who only talk about bettering the environment rather than doing something to improve it.

“Canadians are doing an excellent job of recycling and should continue to do so”, according to the Suzuki Foundation.

However, in spite of the good job that Canadians are doing, many cities are being forced to deal with landfill shortages. To lessen waste, recycling efforts must not only continue, but increase. The issue is not just to provide consumers knowledge about the benefits of recycling and reducing waste, but to get them actively involved.

“The key to successful recycling is making it convenient, and the best place to do that is in the garage,” says Parag Shah. “This was one of the motivations behind offering our clients systems which make recycling easy.”

Make waste handling easier

When recycling and waste bins are organized and arranged neatly in the garage, it makes access simple and user-friendly. This encourages the proper handling of waste, maximizing the use of recycling and garbage bins.

Cities are reforming their policies on waste reduction – many restricting the number of bags that can be picked up.

“In an effort to help our clients be better environmental stewards and reduce their waste, we suggest a heavy duty trash compactor,” says Parag Shah. “The compactor is so easy to use, even with your hands full, all you have to do is step on the Touch-Toe drawer opener, and just like that you’ve reduced four bags of garbage into one.”

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