A One-Car Garage That’s Fit For Two

When homeowners John and Holly moved into their newly built lakeshore home, the garage’s functionality was not at its best.

The architects had done a great job detailing the façade of their home and updating the interior with modern materials that made the home look great, but the garage had been an oversight, unfortunately.


A view of Garage Living’s Premium cabinetry system. The locker-style cabinets, upper and lower cabinets, and drawers provide ample storage in this one-car garage.

The home’s one-car garage was little more than an unfinished dusty space, insufficient for the needs of this active family. Soon after the family moved in, sports equipment was everywhere, bikes were leaning against the wall, and John and Holly’s son had nowhere to store his goalie equipment.

John lacked a work bench for hands-on projects and storage for his tools and car maintenance items. All of the clutter meant there was simply no space for the garage to perform its primary job – storing a car.

So the couple contacted Garage Living to find out if they could make their small space more usable.


A sneak peek into the cabinetry where cleaning products, gardening supplies, and more can be hidden away.

“A lot of people think you need a large garage to have an attractive and completely functional garage,” Garage Living Managing Partner Aaron Cash says. “But that’s not true. We work with garages that have small, medium, and large footprints. Whatever the size of your space, we can find solutions to fit your needs.”

John and Holly learned this firsthand. Their project presented some unique challenges. Their garage certainly needed a solution for the dusty concrete floor as well as additional storage options – all in a one-car garage. Design, as well as efficiency, would be paramount.

To accomplish these requests, the Garage Living team optimized one of the garage’s best attributes: its height. Incorporating a car lift allowed the family to park two cars in this formerly one-car garage.

Seasonal items – including seasonal tires – were stored higher on the walls so they wouldn’t occupy valuable floor space. Other items were then hung on the garage walls using the slatwall system. Each bracket can hold up to 50 pounds, making them ideal for tools, sports equipment, bikes, and more.


Various slatwall hanging accessories keep the floor clutter-free.

After reviewing the plans with John and Holly and choosing finishes and colors to match the rest of the home, the team got to work.

The process started by upgrading the unfinished floor with a Floortex™ coating, quickly replacing that dirty, dusty concrete with a clean, durable, and attractive surface. Once the floor had been resurfaced, the crew began installing all of the products to fulfill the family’s need for additional storage.

With the vehicle and storage concerns handled, the team went to work creating the ideal workspace for John. GL Premium Series metal cabinetry was the perfect solution.

The pair of two-door locker cabinets offer lots of storage space and provide a clean look. The layout also included upper and lower cabinetry that give John plenty of storage options, despite the size constraints of the garage. The stainless steel work surface completed the look and matched the colors of the cabinets perfectly.


Head-on view of the cabinetry, work surface, and overhead tire storage.

As they planned the cabinet layout, the Garage Living team also measured the space so the cabinetry doors and the lift could each function properly independent of one another, allowing the cabinets to be used whether a car was on the lift or not.

Solutions for garages of any size

When John and Holly first moved in, their new home was everything they dreamed it would be – except for the garage. Now they have the garage space that matches their home and provides them with all the storage and functionality they need.

“You don’t have to have a three-car garage to work with us,” Cash said. “Whatever your needs, we’re going to help you find a solution.”


When the car lift is raised to the top, a second vehicle can be parked beneath it.


A vehicle can be parked frontward or backward on a four post car lift.


The car lift was used to raise the seasonal tires up and onto the tire racks. Its versatility also comes in handy for doing your own vehicle maintenance!


With no floor clutter to contend with because slatwall is being utilized, using the car lift is a breeze.


The car lift is shown lowered here and is drive-in ready.


An exterior shot of this tidy, modern-looking garage space.

Get the most out of your one-car garage

As you can see, a small one-car garage can still provide your family with great functionality and look stylish while doing so.

We can get the most out of any-sized garage. Schedule a free design consultation with Garage Living to start taking advantage of your garage’s potential.

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