7 Security Measures to Protect Your Garage

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Properly securing your garage is an important aspect of good home security. It won’t only protect your valuables from theft, but will prevent unauthorized access to your home.

If you are looking for peace of mind whether you’re at work for the day or on vacation for the month, there are several simple strategies you can employ to improve the security of your garage and dissuade thieves from trying to break in to your home.


Motion sensor lights

An easy and affective way to improve your home security, motion-sensor lights help to make your garage a less tempting target by scaring away thieves as they approach.

Opportunistic thieves will be very reluctant to try and break in under the bright light of a motion-sensor, and will likely move on to easier targets instead. In cold climates, avoid using fluorescent bulbs as the extra time they will take to turn on may leave your garage vulnerable.


Security cameras

If you want to take your garage security a step farther, motion-sensor security cameras can add an extra level of protection. Thieves will take notice of cameras and seek to avoid them at all cost, even if that means choosing a different home to break into.


Sturdy garage door and locks

The service door of your garage should be made of a sturdy material with sturdy hinges secured with 3” screws. You should also take the time to secure the door against brute-force attacks by reinforcing the doorjamb, lock area of door, hinges, and strike plate as well as installing a high-quality deadbolt. Anything with an ANSI Grade 1 rating will work.

But even before securing your service door, you have to secure your garage door! Most people are content with the door that comes to their home, but they don’t provide the level of security that you’ll get when purchasing a door with a specialty garage company. Not only will this make it even more difficult for people to break into your home, but it will protect the many valuables that are housed in the garage.


Take the remote with you

When your car is parked somewhere other than your garage, your garage door opener is a tempting target for thieves. Once they have obtained it, they can simply drive straight into your garage and take whatever they want. To prevent this, replace your car remote with a keychain remote and keep it with you when you leave the car.


Cover windows

If thieves cannot see all of your valuables, they will be much less motivated to try and break in. Without a clear idea of the potential payout, there is little reason for them to take the risk of breaking into a well-secured garage. Translucent film is a great way to allow light to enter the garage while obscuring the view in from outside.


Bar your window

Once your door is secure, a determined thief will often try to come in through the windows. Placing bars over the windows will prevent entry even in the case of a broken window and help protect your possessions.


Disable the garage door opener while away

When you are away on vacation, your garage door opener acts as a fairly simple way for potential thieves to enter your property. To prevent them from gaining access, disable the garage door opener while away. You can even use a timer to prevent entry during your usual work hours.

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