7 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Every driver is looking for ways to make their life easier. From protecting your car from damage to saving time in the morning, these simple life hacks are a great way to make your day-to-day drives more comfortable and easier!

Keep the car interior clean

Keep Car Interior Clean

Garbage has a tendency to build up in cars. Parking slips, receipts, and fast food wrappers are all common culprits and the best way to keep them from piling up is to have a dedicated garbage can in the car. A plastic cereal container lined with a garbage bag is the best solution to any driver’s garbage problem.

Change keys with ease

Change Keys With Ease

Getting keys on and off of your keychain can be a pain, literally. Instead of fighting with your keychain, use a staple remover to pull apart the ring. Place the teeth between the rings and press down, they will pull apart, allowing room to slide keys easily on and off.

Car door protectors

Car Door Protectors

Styrofoam noodles are not just for having fun in the pool anymore! Protect your car doors from damage in the garage but cutting a noodle in half and attaching it to the wall where the doors might bang against it. If you have two cars, you can hang one in between to prevent their doors from denting each other.

Keep takeout food warm

If you frequently pick up takeout on your way home from work, use built in seat heaters to keep the food warm on the rest of the trip home. This way, the food will stay hot and fresh and you won’t feel rushed if you get stuck in a bit of traffic.

Keep track of your car in parking lots

For those who have trouble keeping track of where they left their car, there is an app for that! Handy apps like iCarPark allows drivers to input the location of their car in indoor or outdoor lots. By using GPS, notes, and image capture, there are many apps that keep track of your parking spot so you don’t have to.

Solar defrosting

Solar Defrosting

For drivers who live in colder climates, the winter months can be an extra hassle. Park your car facing east to save yourself time in the morning by letting the sun defrost your windshield so you don’t have to stand in the cold painstakingly scraping ice off.

Dual USB charger

Dual USB Charger

In an age when most electronic devices are charged via USB, it hardly makes sense to purchase a number of different car chargers for iPads, smartphones, or GPS devices in your car. Instead, buy one of these incredibly useful dual-USB chargers and have the flexibility you need without all those extra chargers and wires.


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