6 Amazing Garage Makeovers

A garage without any organization plan can quickly devolve into a chaotic mess of odds and ends. It happens to the best of us! But no garage is beyond saving. Take a look at these 6 amazing garage makeovers.

1. This garage had some storage options already in place. However, with boxes and containers stacked on top of each other, little of it was accessible. Furthermore, there was no workspace available until we got to work fixing it up!

Garage Storage Options

2. This is a great example of how even a very small garage can gain a lot of available storage and work space with a little planning and know-how.

Small Garage

3. Although our next garage had not yet succumbed to clutter, it still had very little storage and zero countertop space. This really limits its potential as a useful part of the home. After we gave it a renovation, it will now be able to get lots of good use and keep any clutter at bay.

Garage Renovation

4. Here we can see how clutter can really accumulate once your current organization and storage reaches its limit. A little work goes a long way towards expanding the storage and work space and keeping the floor clear.

Garage Storage Solutions

5. With no other options, the floor ends up being the only place left to keep anything. In the second picture, you can see how we were able to reclaim that floor space and gain valuable work and storage areas for the homeowner!

Garage Floor Space

6. Sadly, the garage is often a neglected afterthought when renovating or building a house and they end up unfinished. Don’t let your garage linger in limbo! With the right finishing, it can get as much use and enjoyment as any other room in your house.

Garage Transformations

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