5 Things To Know When Remodeling Your Garage

The words “remodeling” and “peaceful” are rarely synonymous, but there is much you can do to avoid the hassle of spending too much time and money on your upcoming garage project.

Garage Remodeling

To avoid these common pitfalls and ensure your next remodel goes smoothly, take the following tips under advisement.

1. Understand the process

The end-goal of every renovation is to improve upon the existing space in a significant way. You should note that rushing the process or going into it unprepared can have costly mistakes, both with time and money.

2. Establish your budget

Not establishing a reasonable budget is perhaps one of the biggest errors homeowners make when deciding to renovate their garages. It’s always better to estimate your total project costs on the higher end of the spectrum, particularly if the project in question involves adding new walls and rerouting plumbing and/or electrical lines.

When the goal is to transform the garage into a livable space, these are the types of add-ons (including heating) that must be taken into consideration.

3. Review successful high-end projects

A big misconception many people have about remodeling projects in general, and those concerning garages more specifically, is that they always guarantee a return on investment or increase in equity. This may not necessarily be the case if you’re going with a company who doesn’t specialize in high-end remodeling.

Why? Garages aren’t typically considered “living space” and giving the room an upgrade that only provides a modest improvement to its appearance and level of organization isn’t enough to increase your home value. If you’re looking to give your property more value, your best bet is to go with a highly specialized garage remodeling company.

4. Hire a reputable company

Unless you have the requisite level of carpentry experience needed to tackle a project of this scope, you will need to hire someone to do the job right. Remember to verify that the company is licensed, insured, and ultimately qualified to perform the work, as skimping on quality for the sake of upfront cost-savings is a big mistake.

You may pay more initially, but the long-term benefits garnered from hiring a reputable business make this a worthwhile investment.

5. Plan properly

With so many ideas of how you want your garage to look, it can be easy to emphasize style over function. Do not forget to leave enough room for your workspace and how you plan to use the garage.

Furthermore, take advantage of various space-saving resources such as overhead and wall-mounted storage systems.

Lastly, if you are thinking about buying new garage cabinetry, make sure to choose cabinets made with heavy-duty material. You’re investing time and money into your remodel and you want it to last!

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