5 Reasons Why Floortex™ Is the Best Garage Floor Coating

Having a Floortex™ floor coating applied to the concrete floor in your garage can transform a once drab space into a stylish storage area.

Garage floor coatings vary in quality. Some last longer and have different features.

Garage Living’s Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coatings provide the durability and long-lasting finish that you want for your floor. Here are 5 reasons why our floor coating is the best on the market.

1. It penetrates deep into the concrete

Don’t waste your money on floor coating that doesn’t stick. Unlike urethanes and epoxies, which only feature a topical surface bond, Floortex™ penetrates deep within the concrete to ensure lasting quality. This superior bond strength prevents the coating from peeling off when hot tires come into contact with your floor.

The most important step in applying a floor coating is the preparation of the floor itself. Our professionally trained crews follow a 5 step application process to ensure a beautiful looking floor that will last for years.

2. Resistance to chemicals and other abrasive substances

Even abrasive chemicals won’t damage your stylish new flooring. Floortex™ has an extremely high resistance to harsh substances and salt stains, while alternatives only have a moderate resistance. This is especially important if you live in a snowy region where the roads are salted.

garage flooring spill

3. Better traction

A slippery surface can cause unexpected falls and injuries. That’s why Floortex™ is designed to make your garage floor safer when wet. The textured surface of  Floortex™ provides more traction than traditional epoxy coatings.

4. Installation in as little as one day

After application, some epoxies prevent you from using your garage for almost a week. That’s not the case with Floortex™. After just 24 hours you can walk on the floor. In up to 96 hours, you can have your car back in the garage.

5. Environmentally-friendly floor coating

If you strive to lower your impact on the environment, there’s really no better option than Floortex™. This coating is the safe and eco-friendly solution for your garage.

two car garage with fresh floor coating

When you compare our Floortex™ floor coating with products from our competitors, the answer is clear.

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