5 Amazing Celebrity Garages

Garage inspiration can come from anywhere. If you’re looking to transform your garage with exciting improvements, perhaps you were inspired by an idea you’ve had, a project you completed with a friend or a celebrity’s garage that was just, well, awe inspiring.

With that in mind, here are five celebrity garages that can inspire you to re-envision your own.

Jay Leno

The former king of late night may also be the king of cars. Leno’s 17,000-sq. foot facility includes a machine shop and a mechanical team to service his 200-plus cars. The garage has the feel of a museum, which is fitting considering Leno’s car knowledge is almost encyclopedic.

Ralph Lauren

The fashion designer is also an avid car collector. His D.A.D. Garage – an acronym of his children’s names – is a two-story museum where each of his more than 60 vehicles rests on a stainless steel counter, illuminated by a halogen lamp.

Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld’s garage in New York City looks like the garage about nothing from the outside, but inside Seinfeld’s garage encompasses three stories and holds 46 Porsches. The space also includes a billiard room and an office, and Seinfeld can check in on his garage from his phone, which is handy because he lives three blocks away.

John Travolta

Other celebrities may have more cars, but John Travolta’s garage is the only one with space to park an airplane – two of them in fact. Travolta’s Florida estate includes parking for 15 cars, a private jet and a jumbo jetliner, and there is a 1.4-mile runway leading to the garage itself. Incidentally, Travolta is licensed to operate all of these machines himself.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is another comedian who is serious about cars. Carolla’s collection may be smaller than some on this list, but he is passionate about his vehicles and even built a Porsche 911 RS replica himself. His garage also includes a car elevator, glass showroom and entertainment area.

What inspires you? Is it expanding your living space to include your garage? Creating the perfect space to store your most prized possessions? Or do you just want a comfortable space to enjoy some quiet time and work on your passions?

Whatever your inspiration, your garage can be everything you want it to be. Contact us and see the ways we can help you make your garage an inspiration to others.


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