4 Garage Doors We Love

Dressing up your garage by installing a new garage door is a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your home while increasing its curb appeal and resale value.

Whether you want the look of an old world estate, an authentic carriage house, or something sleek and modern, we have great options for any look you desire. All our doors allow for some customization including insulation, windows, decorative hardware, and color so that you can find the perfect match for your home.


Traditional Garage Doors

Available in 11 factory-finished painted steel colors or stain-grade wood finishes, traditional garage doors also allow for a variety of panel styles including short, long, flush, and ribbed. The variety of decorative windows to choose from, along with the extensive hardware options, allows you to customize the traditional look to suit your style! These doors are great for maintaining the traditional charm of an older house.


Carriage House Doors

Innovative in design and distinct in detail, these garage doors resemble historic carriage house doors that swing, fold, or slide, all of which operate with modern overhead technology for added convenience. These rustic, historical doors include countless window design choices, a variety of decorative hardware options, and factory finishing.

They are available in durable steel, faux wood composite, or several natural wood species that also have insulation options. Keep the style of your carriage house garage alive without having to rely on aging doors that compromise the look of your home by choosing this aesthetically designed modern solution!


Modern Garage Doors

Sleek, ultra-modern garage doors allow homeowners to make a dramatic statement with their blend of a raw industrial appearance with clean architectural design. These doors can be powder-coated in just about any color to match your home’s exterior and the windows offer several glazing options for just the right level of privacy. These garage doors are also great for interior spaces that need more fresh air and an interesting source of natural light.


Two Section Garage Door

These beautiful and brilliant garage doors were designed and crafted in Italy and feature a unique overlap technology that combines innovation, function, and design in its purest form. With no rails, this two-section door uses a counterweight system for a simple, state-of-the art garage door perfect for any home.

Convenient and attractive, the Trento is available in an almost unlimited number of designs and offers modern, European lines, carriage house inspired designs, and custom designs. All Trento garage doors are made of Okoume wood.

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