3 Ways to Reorganize Your Garage Tool Wall

Most homeowners dream of having a garage capable of storing all of their belongings, but too often it simply becomes a hub for unused items that never seem to stay organized. One of the best ways to prevent build-up is to clear out all of the chaos and organize your belongings into clear areas where each item has its own home.

Once you’ve done your organizing, it is important to stay organized. For many people, this can be a challenge, especially in regards to tools. It is all too easy to use a tool and put it down for a second and then simply forget to put it away.

Here are three ways you can reorganize your garage tool wall.

1. Find a spot for everything

The best way to prevent ongoing clutter is to create a system that clearly displays your tools, neatly and with a specific spot for each item. This way you’ll know at a glance what’s missing and will likely be more motivated to put items back where they belong after use. Group like items together to make it easier to find each item as you need it: Keep sports equipment together, electrical equipment together, and even your children’s toys.

Tool Wall Spotting



2. Outline each item

If you have so many tools that you have a hard time keeping track of them all, try outlining each item with a permanent marker while it is hanging in its spot. That way you’re looking to put things back where they belong, you’ll have an instant guide to where they go.

Outline Each Item

3. Store garden tools where they are used

This cute little garden shed is built right into the side of the house and is the perfect size to store all the gardening supplies you’d need. A perfect place to pot plants and store messy and dirty items like shovels and trowels, this tool closet not only keeps the dirt out of your garage, but also leaves more room on your tool wall for everything else!

Store Garden Tools





















There are multiple ways to organize a tool wall and the important thing is to figure out what works for you. Make the best use of the space you have available to you and get in the habit of always returning items to where they belong.

Even with these systems put in place, the best way to keep your garage tool wall looking great is by being consistent in your organization.

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