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Garage Home Gyms: 13 Reasons to Invest in One Today

The COVID-19 pandemic offered us challenging times, yet the health and safety of our families remained of the utmost importance. As health clubs and fitness centers closed or were operating at a limited capacity, it changed the way we think about investing in a home gym and people started finding rooms in their home for their gym equipment. Here are 13 reasons you should have a dedicated workout space in your garage.

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How To Transform Your Unfinished Garage Into More Usable Space

Your home garage provides room for parking vehicles and organized storage. Some people use it as a hobby space or a home gym. A home garage should be able to do all of these things. Does yours? Unfortunately, excess clutter in many unfinished garages makes this impossible. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your home in some way, start with transforming your garage. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, only 11% of homeowners don’t want to improve their garage in some way. Owning a home with an organized garage is something most homeowners want. They just never get around to making it happen. Begin the new year by getting organized, starting with your garage. Here are several ways to transform your garage into a usable space that you can be proud of.

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5 Reasons to Shop Local for Your Garage Upgrade Project

There are more options for your spending dollar than ever before. Online spending accounted for 16% of total retail sales in America last year, which was an increase of 15% from the previous year. Big-box stores are everywhere across North America, offering tempting prices and the convenience of one-stop shopping. The rapidly evolving retail landscape makes it even more important to think about what it means to shop local and support small businesses. And “shop local” doesn’t just mean supporting small businesses in your community – it also includes buying domestically-made products. It’s a simple fact that where you shop and what products you buy end up having a big impact on the community you live in. Small businesses account for two-thirds of the new jobs created annually in America. In Canada, 70% of the workforce is employed by a small business (defined as a company with less than 100 paid employees). If you’re planning a DIY garage upgrade project using products purchased online or from a big-box store, here are five reasons to consider letting a local small business handle the job.

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4 Effective Garage Gym Workouts to Lose Weight

If you place a high priority on living a healthy lifestyle, you likely work out every day or several times a week. For any fitness enthusiast, what could be more convenient than having a fully functional exercise space right inside your home? The garage is an ideal area of the home to use for your regular workouts. Modern garage makeovers are capable of creating a multipurpose home space that looks stylish and is much more comfortable to spend time in. Garage gym workouts and using the room as a workshop or for crafting projects are just a few ways garages can be utilized beyond their traditional usage as a storage and parking space. We talked to Lisa Pineda, who owns and operates fitness studio Body Zone Fitness in Coquitlam, British Columbia. She recently had her garage remodeled into a space that could accommodate her fitness routine and family’s storage needs. Lisa shares her thoughts on how the garage makeover has benefited her family, as well as four detailed garage gym workouts you can use to get your heart pumping.

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