What Type Of Garage Door Is Best for Your Home?

The garage door is the face of your garage. If your garage door faces the street, it has a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal.

All of that makes selecting a new garage door a pretty big decision. So how do you know which garage door is right for your home?

There are four main designs when it comes to garage doors. Learning a little more about each one will give you new garage door ideas and empower you to make the best choice possible for your home.

Traditional garage doors

Traditional garage doors are manufactured in steel or wood finishes and available in short, long, flush, or ribbed designs. Adding windows that match your home is a tasteful custom option that really improves the door’s curb appeal.

Carriage-style garage doors

A carriage-style garage door can give your home that nostalgic look. These doors are available in steel, faux wood composite, or natural wood itself.

You can also choose whether your door swings, folds, or slides to reveal the garage inside. Carriage-style doors may not work with all types of homes, but they can grant the right home a beautiful, one-of-kind look.

Modern-style garage doors

If you want a garage door as unique as you are, then a modern-style door is just for you. A full-view aluminum door’s clean design is sure to provide a look you won’t see anywhere else in the neighborhood.

Innovative-style garage doors

Innovative garage doors allow you to bring the style of Italy to your garage in North America. The Trento’s unique design means no tracks, springs, or rails, and the two-section doors utilize an efficient counterweight system for a simple, effective open-close solution.

Available in a wide variety of designs, innovative garage doors are an appealing option for just about any home.

To learn more about your garage door options and to determine which door is right for your home, contact us today. The curb appeal of your home is waiting!

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