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installing solar panels on roof

Can You Power Your Garage With Solar Panels?

Going solar has many benefits, and experimenting with solar power on only your garage can help you determine if it would be worth it to power your entire home with solar energy. Using solar in your garage can particularly be beneficial if you use your garage on a daily basis for purposes other than just parking – such as using it as a workshop, a fitness room, or an entertainment space.

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Home Tire Storage Ideas To Keep Your Garage More Organized

If a garage floor is filled with clutter, one of the things occupying some of that valuable floor space might be one or more sets of tires. A larger 3 or 4-car garage owner may be able to stash their spare tires in a corner and still have enough space for the garage to be functional and allow for indoor parking. In smaller garages or even large garages where every parking spot is occupied, however, those extra tires can infringe on the space that is needed to use the room how you want. A home tire storage system is the perfect solution for anyone who has encountered such a problem. Here’s everything you need to know about storing extra tires in the garage properly.

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chair and desk in garage office

How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

With many jobs moving remote during the pandemic, working from home is the new normal. If you have been considering converting your garage into a more functional space, using it as a home office may be the best move. Depending on the size of your garage, you can either fully convert your garage into an office, or you can have the option to still park a car in your garage as well.

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Top 10 Common Signs You Need More Garage Storage Space

Most of us never have enough garage storage space. It isn’t surprising why – the garage is one of the biggest rooms in a house. Along with basements and attics, that makes it a magnet for clutter and those extra things we can’t figure out what to do with. After years of being the home’s dumping ground, the garage floor space starts to gradually disappear. Eventually, the garage becomes so packed that there’s no room to park vehicles anymore. Does this sound familiar?

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EV Home Charging: Everything You Need To Know

As gas prices soar to record highs and are expected to keep climbing in the immediate future, electric vehicles are looking more appealing to consumers. Whereas electric vehicles (EVs) were once viewed as a fad or novelty, now it’s widely agreed that electric mobility is the way of the future – whether some of us are ready or not.

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Garage Makeover Checklist: 10 Essentials

Along with storing vehicles, the garage is mainly used as a storage space for all your extra household items that you don’t want in your home. Because it’s used for storage, items tend to build up over time, causing the garage to become overcrowded and very cluttered. Many people have so much junk in their garage, they can’t even use it for its core purpose: storing vehicles.

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