MyQ Technology: A Convenient Garage Security System to Rely On

How many times after leaving home have you returned to ensure your garage door was closed? Even worse is having that unsettling “did I close the garage door?” feeling while you’re at work or another faraway destination, where you’re unable to check on the door’s status.

A garage security system that eliminates worrying

This is where the innovative MyQ Technology garage security system can grant you peace of mind. MyQ Technology is made by Chamberlain, manufacturers of LiftMaster, the leading brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers.

MyQ lets you control and monitor your garage door via the internet. Using the MyQ app on your smartphone (or through a tablet or computer), you can perform various functions from anywhere, whether it’s just up the road or on the other side of the world:

  • open or close your garage door
  • monitor whether your garage door is opened or closed
  • receive email or text alerts letting you know the status of your garage door

Convenience and control over your garage door

The next time you’ve left home and questioned whether your garage door got closed, simply check the MyQ app and set your mind at ease. Open or close your garage door remotely with a tap on your smartphone screen – it’s that easy.

If you have kids, they tend to forget about closing the garage door sometimes. MyQ can ensure your garage door doesn’t stay open for long when this occurs and you’re away. And MyQ Technology comes with built-in safety features to give plenty of warning that your garage door is being closed remotely.

MyQ Technology works with new and old garage doors

This garage security solution can work with your existing garage door setup. If you’re planning to update your door’s design with one of the stylish new garage door models available, or just want to upgrade your garage door opener, MyQ Technology will work with them.


The additional benefits of MyQ Technology

There are other benefits to using MyQ Technology besides providing a garage security safety net for our sometimes forgetful selves. Say you’re expecting a package delivery and can’t be at home. Arrange with the delivery driver to call your smartphone, open the garage door so they can leave your package inside the garage, and then close it back up.

With the proper setup, you can also enable MyQ Technology to work with your home lighting. Turn on the lights when you’ll be away from home for longer than expected. You can also remotely turn on the lights for added safety if you’re arriving home at a late hour.

Take advantage of the convenient features that MyQ Technology brings to the top-performing garage door openers at Garage Living. If you’re ready to take better control of your garage’s security, schedule a free consultation with us.

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