9 Exciting 2017 BC Classic Car Shows To Take In This Summer

Over the next few months, auto buffs will find many 2017 BC classic car shows taking place throughout the province. Classic car shows make for a fun weekend for the whole family, as you get the chance to indulge in your passion for vintage vehicles, while also supporting the charitable causes many classic car shows support.

2017 BC classic car shows

Must-see 2017 BC classic car shows

Here are nine 2017 BC classic car shows that will be worth attending for auto enthusiasts this summer:

1. Westcoast Motorcycle Ride To Live Classic Vehicle Show & Shine (Abbotsford, May 28th): Over 200 classic vehicles will be on display during this event, which also features a motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer BC.

2. Old Car Sunday In The Park (Mission, June 18th): Celebrate Father’s Day this year at this classic car and truck event at Fraser River Heritage Parks.

3. The Sun Valley Cruise-In (Vernon, July 15th and 16th): Enjoy a cruise in the scenic Okanagan region before taking in the many classic vehicles that will be on display at this two day event.

4. Fraser Valley Classic Car Show (Chilliwack, July 16th): Vintage vehicle buffs will want to make this one of the 2017 BC classic car shows they don’t miss this summer!

5. Bowen Island Classic Motor Show (Bowen Island, July 22nd): One hour from downtown Vancouver is scenic Bowen Island, which is home to this event featuring a showcase of classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and “anything else unique and different”.

6. Kars Under The K (Keremeos, August 6th): Hundreds of antique and vintage vehicles are promised for the 16th edition of this family-friendly event, which takes place in the southern BC village of Keremeos.

7. Lake Country Customs & Classics Car Show (Lake Country, August 19th and 20th): A wide range of custom and classic vehicles will be available for viewing at this event, now in its eighth year.

8. Grand Forks Park In The Park (Grand Forks, August 20th): The fifth year of Park In The Park will showcase the best of British Columbia’s classic cars, motorcycles, and trucks on display for your viewing pleasure.

9. Vancouver Island Motor Gathering (Cowichan, August 27th): This big event should be among the 2017 BC classic car shows you’re making plans to attend this summer. The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will have a wide array of unique classic and modern cars and motorcycles on display.

Instead of off-site classic car storage, use a car lift

After all of these 2017 BC classic car shows have come and gone, you might be looking for an alternative solution to costly off-site storage for your own classic car or truck. A practical year-round storage method for any of your vehicles is a 4 post car lift.

2017 BC classic car shows car lift

And if you’re the hands-on type with your prized classic car or truck’s maintenance, a car lift can also make it easier to perform maintenance underneath the vehicle.

Fully optimize the interior look of your garage by complementing your classic car’s colours with our high quality garage storage cabinets. Schedule your free in-home consultation if you’d like to improve the functionality and appearance of your garage space.

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2017 Alberta Classic Car Shows: 9 Events Not To Miss This Summer

Numerous 2017 Alberta classic car shows will be taking throughout the province over the next few months. Along with providing an opportunity to appreciate a wide variety of classic cars and trucks up close, most classic car shows also raise funds for charities and the local community.

2017 Alberta classic car shows

Must-see 2017 Alberta classic car shows

Here are nine 2017 Alberta classic car shows auto enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this summer:

1. Autorama Show & Shine (St. Albert, May 28th): This year marks the 25th anniversary for the Autorama Show & Shine, which promises a wide variety of classic cars and trucks on display from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

2. History Road: The Ultimate Car Show (Wetaskiwin, June 10th and 11th): The Reynolds-Alberta Museum hosts what’s promised as “a spectacular display of more than 700 cars, trucks, and motorcycles spanning more than a century of automotive history.”

3. The Alberta All British Field Meet (Edmonton, June 10th): For car lovers partial to a more European flavour, this event will include showings of exclusively British cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

4. Fort City Car Show (Fort McMurray, June 18th): This Father’s Day event features fun for the entire family and plenty of unique vehicles on display.

5. Edmonton Street Rod Show & Shine (Edmonton, June 24th): This long-running show returns for its 33rd year showcasing special interest cars, bikes, and trucks, along with live music and much more. This is one of the 2017 Alberta classic car shows that should be circled on your calendar!

6. Street Machine Weekend (Lethbridge, July 7th-9th): This busy event returns for its 39th year of vintage car showcases, races, and entertainment throughout the weekend for the entire family.

7. Rock’N August (St. Albert, August 8th-12th): There will be no shortage of things to do for car lovers during this five day event, which is highlighted by Saturday’s Show And Shine of classic autos.

8. Airdrie Summer Classic (Airdrie, August 12th): Hosted in Airdrie’s Nose Creek Park, this classic car show will find proceeds being raised for several worthy charities.

9. River City Classics Show And Shine (Calgary, September 24th): While it may not technically be a summer show (fall begins on the 22nd this year), this long-running event is one of the 2017 Alberta classic car shows not to be missed. Past years have seen over 1,100 vehicles set up on display.

Store your classic car or truck on a car lift

If you’ll be attending any of the 2017 Alberta classic car shows listed here then you might just have your own classic car or truck. A great year-round storage method for your prized vehicle is a 4 post car lift. Installing a car lift in your garage gives you space to park an extra vehicle and is a cost-efficient alternative to off-site classic car storage.

2017 Alberta classic car shows car lift

Your classic car or truck can remain close at hand. And if you’re hands-on with your classic’s maintenance, a car lift also gives you the chance to more easily perform maintenance underneath the vehicle.

We also have garage storage cabinets that can be customized to match the colour of your classic vehicle, which creates a dynamic interior look for your garage. If you’re looking to improve the functionality and appearance of your garage space, Garage Living provides free in-home consultations. You can schedule yours right here.

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Top 7 Garage Safety Hazards That You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

When it comes to potentially hazardous areas in houses, garages are one of the most overlooked and ignored spots by homeowners.

So why are garage safety hazards not given the attention they’re due? It may be because many homeowners consider the garage more of a “separate” area of the home that doesn’t require the same level of organization and cleanliness found in the traditional interior of the house.

But it’s important to remember that the garage is a vital part of your home. It’s a space that’s heavily used and an area that’s conducive to safety hazards if proper care isn’t taken. As such, the garage is as deserving of your attention as any other area of your house.

Know how to identify common garage safety hazards

Any one of the most common garage safety hazards listed below can be found throughout your neighbourhood and perhaps in your very own garage. Keeping your garage safe isn’t difficult, however. Stop ignoring these top seven common garage safety hazards and take steps to improve the level of safety for your garage and entire home.

1. Faulty wiring

One of the most common garage safety hazards is faulty wiring. The U.S. Fire Administration identified electrical malfunctions as the leading cause of garage fires. Garage fires are particularly dangerous because they typically go undetected for longer periods. They also spread quickly because they’re fuelled by flammable materials and garage clutter.

Older homes are more prone to electrical problems and you should speak to an electrician if you have concerns about your garage’s electrical system (such as an outlet sparking every time you use it). Older electrical wiring can also deteriorate over especially long periods due to environmental factors or other reasons, such as rodents chewing through wiring.

2. Other general electrical issues

Along with faulty wiring, a number of additional electrical issues can be garage safety hazards:

  • electrical circuits that are old and faulty
  • overloaded electrical outlets
  • improper usage of extension cords (avoid using extension cords on a permanent basis, make sure you’re using the right extension cord for the task, and throw out any frayed or worn extension cords)
  • light bulbs that are the wrong wattage, which can overload wiring

3. Garage clutter

Garage clutter doesn’t just prevent you from parking in your garage and maximizing the space’s usefulness, it’s also a safety hazard. Stacks of clutter and junk piled high in the garage may not be stable and will also, as mentioned, fuel any fire.

Clutter management in the garage is much easier if you choose some effective garage organization solutions. You can keep your garage clean and clutter-free with storage cabinets, slatwall, and specialty storage racks.

garage safety hazards before after

4. Improper storage of combustible liquids

Gas, oil, lighter fluid, lawn care products, and paints are just a few of the many hazardous solvents typically stored in the garage. Improper storage of these liquids can cause fire risks, either from ignition caused by surface contact with a leaking combustible liquid or with flammable vapours.

Store your combustible liquids in containers that are clearly marked or colour coded, tightly closed, and durable (plastic soda bottles don’t count for the latter). Never mix combustible liquids. Make sure you store them away from any heat sources, including heaters, appliances, and direct sunlight. If possible, store your combustible liquids in a shed that has good ventilation. Properly dispose of combustible liquids you no longer need.

Another one of the garage safety hazards that’s amazingly common is improper propane tank storage. If you’re putting away your barbecue for the season and storing it in the garage, leave the propane tank outside. Propane tanks are resilient and should never be stored indoors.

5. Improper storage of other hazardous materials

The garage is also where other hazardous materials are found, such as fertilizers, cleaning products, and oily rags. Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s storage instructions.

One way to keep hazardous materials out of reach from your children is to add storage cabinets to your garage. Some of our garage storage cabinet systems come with options for locks. Storage cabinets also give you more storage space in the garage, as well as adding an aesthetic upgrade to its appearance.

6. Tripping and slipping hazards

Neglecting the condition of your garage floor and what’s stored on it can create tripping and slipping hazards. An old garage floor that’s uneven, missing chunks of cement, or filled with clutter can lead to tripping hazards. Oil or gasoline leaks from vehicles that haven’t been cleaned up are slipping risks, not to mention potentially flammable. Melted snow and ice can also can also be slipping hazards.

A Floortex™ floor coating is one solution that can help. Floortex™ floor coating provides a smooth, attractive surface for your garage. It’s highly resistant to oil, gas, and most household chemicals and allows for spills to be easily cleaned up. And Floortex™ floor coating also has a textured surface, which give you better traction than traditional epoxy floor coatings.

7. General carelessness

Last on our list of the most common garage safety hazards is general carelessness. This can come from a number of methods:

  • barbecuing in the garage when the weather is bad (it happens more often than you’d think)
  • carelessness when using your garage as a workshop
  • failing to properly extinguish cigarettes or cigars (did you know that extinguishing your smoke in an old flower pot or planter can potentially be hazardous?)

Awareness is your best safeguard against these garage safety hazards

Now that you’re aware of the most common garage safety hazards, you can take steps to ensure you’re being responsible with your garage’s safety. You should also consider installing a smoke and heat detector in your garage. And having a readily accessible fire extinguisher for the garage is also wise (make sure it’s suited to cold weather storage if you live in such a climate).

For help with making your garage a safer environment, Garage Living can help. Schedule your free in-home consultation to further discuss your numerous options for improving your garage space.

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2017 Ontario Classic Car Shows: 13 Must-see Events This Summer

Summers traditionally provide auto enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to indulge in their passion and appreciation for classic cars and trucks.

This year is no different, with a full slate of 2017 Ontario classic car shows taking place over the next several months. Some of them will be held in the Greater Toronto Area. Others will require a bit more of a drive to reach, which provides a great excuse to make a weekend trip with the family.

Most of these classic car shows raise funds for charities and the local community, so you’ll be helping them out with your support while you’re getting the chance to appreciate a wide range of auto classics.

2017 Ontario classic car shows

Must-see 2017 Ontario classic car shows

Here are 13 2017 Ontario classic car shows that will be worth attending for auto enthusiasts this summer:

1. RetroFest 2017 (Chatham, May 26th and 27th): View the classic cars on display in downtown Chatham, which is located approximately three hours from Toronto. This event also features live music and activities for the kids.

2. Fleetwood Country Cruize-in (London, June 3rd and 4th): This year’s edition celebrates 50 years of Camaros, Cougars, and Firebirds. Many other classic cars and hot rods will be displayed, along with live music and guest appearances from the cast of TV’s The Dukes of Hazzard.

3. Gravenhurst Car Show (Gravenhurst, June 17th): Northern Ontario’s largest car show occurs on the scenic shores of Gravenhurst’s Gull Lake, a couple of hours north of Toronto. With over 600 classic, collectible, and rare vehicles expected, the 24th edition of this event is one of the 2017 Ontario car shows not to be missed!

4. Shelburne Street Festival (Shelburne, June 17th): A 90 minute drive north of the city brings you to Shelburne, which has been hosting this festival every Saturday on Father’s Day weekend for years. Events include a classic car show, motorcycle show, live music, an open air market, and family activities.

5. The Yorkville Exotic Car Show (Toronto, June 18th): Toronto’s upscale Bloor-Yorkville area hosts the 7th edition of this show. Some of the world’s greatest sports cars will be on display, ranging from classics right up to the most desirable high performance vehicles of today.

6. Burlington Downtown Car Show (Burlington, July 8th): Muscle cars, classic cars, cruisers, and exotic sports cars will compete for your attention at this show in downtown Burlington. Enjoy live music and local vendors, with proceeds supporting the Burlington Lions Club.

7. Classics And Rods Review Show (Mississauga, July 9th): The Mississauga Classic Car Club puts on their annual show, which takes place this year at the city’s Hershey Centre. The diverse range of vintage vehicles on display every year at this event makes it one the 2017 Ontario classic car shows to circle on your calendar.

8. Havelock Recreation & Performance Motor Show (Havelock, July 14-16): Havelock is located two hours northwest of Toronto and is home to the jam-packed “Havelock RPM”. Along with the many classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles on display, you can camp and enjoy live music and boxing matches.

9. Creemore Valley Classics Car Show (Creemore, July 15th): Over the past decade, this event has grown from having 78 classic cars on display to what promises to be many hundreds more vintage car, truck, and motorcycle on display this year. Creemore is located 40 minutes west of Barrie.

10. Wheels On The Danforth (Toronto, August 19th): Two car shows are featured at the eighth edition of this family-friendly event. During the day, classic cars, hot rods, and motorcycles will be on display and the nighttime will showcase local tuner cars.

11. Autofest Oshawa (Oshawa, August 26th and 27th): Now in its 24th year, Autofest Oshawa gives auto buffs the chance to view modern and vintage muscle cars and a wide array of classic cars at Oshawa’s Lakeview Park.

12. Markham Auto Classic (Markham, September 10th):  Head to Markham’s Main Street for this long-running event that promises the chance to view more than 250 classic cars, street machines, trucks, and motorcycles.

13. Antique Classic & Custom Car Show (Huntsville, September 16th): Wrap up your tour of 2017 Ontario classic car shows by attending this event that features 300 classic cars and trucks, motorcycles, hot rods, tuners, and more.

A car lift is a cost-efficient storage solution for classic cars

If you’ll be attending some of these 2017 Ontario classic car shows then you might just have your own classic car or truck. A great year-round storage method for your vehicle is a 4 post car lift. Installing a car lift in your garage gives you space to park an extra vehicle and is a cost-efficient alternative to off-site classic car storage.

2017 Ontario classic car shows car lift

Your prized classic car or truck can remain close at hand. And if you’re hands-on with your classic’s maintenance, a car lift also gives you the chance to more easily perform maintenance underneath the vehicle.

We also have garage storage cabinets that can be customized to match the colour of your classic vehicle, which creates a dynamic interior look for your garage. If you’re looking to improve the functionality and appearance of your garage space, Garage Living provides free in-home consultations, which you can schedule here.

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Why Adding A 4 Post Car Lift Makes More Sense Than A Major Garage Renovation

Simple logic dictates that a one-car garage will allow you to park a single vehicle inside of it and a two-car garage will make space for two vehicles, right? Not exactly.

There’s a way to actually double your garage’s parking space without needing to undergo a major garage renovation – add a 4 post car lift. Homeowners are increasingly discovering the practicality of this smart garage vehicle storage solution.

How does a 4 post car lift work?

For those unfamiliar with how a 4 post car lift works, they’re used to elevate one of your parked vehicles using a hydraulic system. This optimizes your garage’s underutilized vertical space and allows you to park a second vehicle underneath.

Garage Living carries three types of 4 post car lifts that can store vehicles weighing between 8,000-9,000 lbs. Those weight capacities will accommodate everything from a small sports car up to a large SUV or pickup truck.

4 post car lift

Why a 4 post car lift is your best option for adding garage parking space

Adding a 4 post car lift instead of undergoing a major garage renovation to create more parking space makes sense for a couple of important reasons:

  • having to knock down garage walls to make the space larger will be much more costly than the expense of adding a car lift
  • in most cases, we can install a car lift in about half a day, whereas an extensive garage renovation will be messy and may take weeks (which poses a major inconvenience to your daily routine)

Along with these reasons, keep reading to learn more about the additional advantages to owning a car lift.

The multi-purpose storage uses of a 4 post car lift

A car lift can be used for storing more than just cars or trucks. If your overhead storage racks are full, here are just a few of the bulky seasonal items you can store on your 4 post car lift:

  • snowmobiles
  • snow blowers
  • lawn mowers
  • camping equipment
  • boating equipment
  • motorcycles
  • bicycles
  • patio equipment

Depending on what non-car or truck items you plan to store on your car lift, an attachment may be required.

Car lifts help the DIY mechanic

If you’re the handy type who prefers doing your own vehicle maintenance and repairs, a 4 post car lift can be quite useful. The ability to comfortably stand or sit underneath your car or truck while working on them is easier than dealing with the confined space you’ll have using a jack and mechanic’s creeper.

Be wary of some foreign-made 4 post car lifts that may be cheaper than North American-made models. The quality of construction materials and safety standards on Canadian and American-made car lifts are higher. Look for an ALI certification to ensure the safe operation of any car lift.

4 post car lift 2

A 4 post car lift protects your investments

Being able to park in your garage instead of leaving your vehicles in the driveway protects your investments from theft and vandalism. You also won’t need to worry about exterior factors like weather, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Car lifts are a cost-efficient alternative to off-site vehicle storage

The costs of storing your classic car or seasonal vehicle in an off-site storage unit every year will eventually add up. Adding a 4 post car lift to your garage is more convenient and cost-efficient.

Within just a few years, the cost of the car lift will be less than what you would have spent on storage unit costs and you’ll actually have something tangible to show for your expenses. You’ll also get many more years of use out of the car lift.

You can learn more about the benefits of adding a 4 post car lift to your garage by scheduling a free in-home consultation with a member of our design team.

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