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June Is Garage Door Safety Month: 12 Tips for a Safer Home

June Is Garage Door Safety Month: 12 Tips for a Safer Home

Garage Door Safety Month occurs every June. The initiative to raise awareness about garage door safety is spearheaded by the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association and the International Door Association.

7 Garage Exterior Design Ideas Guaranteed To Boost Your Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is a term that’s typically associated with the visual appeal of property to a prospective buyer. However, curb appeal should be something you consistently strive to upgrade and maintain, regardless of whether or not you’re planning on selling your home.

9 Reasons Why A Full View Aluminum Garage Door Turns Heads

Why Overlooking Garage Curb Appeal Hurts Your Home’s Exterior Look

“Curb appeal” is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as “the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street”. Garage curb appeal is especially important because your garage door is the most noticeable feature of your home’s exterior.

7 Great Reasons To Add Aluminum Capping Around Your Garage Door

There are many benefits to owning your own house. For example, more space, pride of ownership, tax breaks, and greater privacy make homeownership an attractive proposition.

Garage Door Materials: How To Make The Right Choice For Your Home

Replacing your garage door delivers one of the best returns on investment for home remodel and renovation projects. That’s according to Remodeling Magazine’s long-running annual Cost vs Value report, which estimates the costs and value retention of home renovation projects. In fact, while their 2013 report listed a 75% return on investment for garage door replacements, that number jumped up to 91.5% on their 2016 report.

MyQ Technology: A Convenient Garage Security System to Rely On

How many times after leaving home have you returned to ensure your garage door was closed? Even worse is having that unsettling “did I close the garage door?” feeling while you’re at work or another faraway destination, where you’re unable to check on the door’s status.

Enjoy More Choices For Garage Doors Than Ever Before

Your garage door is a more vital component to your home than you may give it credit for. Garage doors are a major part of your home’s aesthetics and they play an active role in our everyday lives.

Garage doors connect you to the great outdoors

Houzz posted a great article titled, “Design Workshop: The Case for Big Overhead Doors,” and we couldn’t agree more with what Residential Architect Eric Reinholdt had to say. In this article, Reinholdt expresses in both words and images just why homeowners should consider installing a garage door in their home.

Garage Door Tips To Improve Your Curb Appeal

Since the 1980s, home builders have been looking for various ways to offer large homes at affordable prices.


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