Top 5 Garage Floor Design Trends


Long gone are the days when a garage was considered a dingy addition to one’s home. Now, garages can look polished and put-together – you just have to have the right flooring. These five garage floor design trends, for example, can help you design a space as attractive as it is functional.


1. Textured look

You don’t want your garage floors to actually be textured. This would make the surface very hard to clean. But a textured appearance can add visual interest and hide the appearance of dirt.

Custom Steel

2. Neutral colors

Natural shades like charcoal and khaki are versatile, ensuring they’ll match any car you buy in the future. Consider a shade of silver or brown for your garage. You can also select a color based on your garage’s cabinetry.


3. Sleek styles

The rough look of concrete is out, and sleeker, more polished flooring is in. Give your garage a sophisticated touch with a floor coating that gleams.

Tile Flooring (2)

4. Tile designs

If your style is contemporary, try interlocking tiles. Large black and white tiles are a great way to give your garage an interesting look. There are also additional colours to select from.


5. Eco-friendly coatings

Going green is a trend in all areas of design. Search for a floor coating that is environmentally friendly, such as Floortex™ Floor Coating, to design a stylish garage the safe way.

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Garage Floor Project

One surefire way make your garage a more welcoming environment is to upgrade the flooring you’ll step on every day. Across North America, more and more garage owners are seeing the benefits of covering their existing concrete floor with a surface that’s easy to clean, resistant to damage and more pleasing to the eye.

Interlocking floor tiles are a quick, efficient way to accomplish this task.

Garage Living Floor Tile

Garage Living PVC interlocking tiles which snap together in a breeze. Pearl silver tile with a metallic look is shown here in the centre area with a slate coloured boarder. This product easily installs without adhesives or mortar. The flooring features an anti-tripping transition strip.

For the most durable, comprehensive floor coverage, many garage owners are opting instead for a comprehensive floor coating.

Garage Living Rhino Floortex CoatingGarage Living Rhino Linings Polyaspartic Coatings can complete your garage floor in as little as one day.

If you are researching this type of floor coating solution, you know it is possible to attempt this project yourself. However, before you roll up your sleeves and prepare to tackle your garage floor yourself, here are four reasons you’re better off to contract with a seasoned professional

1. Great preparation. At Garage Living we prepare every floor with our industrial diamond grinding equipment and dustless self-contained vacuum system. This removes the cracks, pits and chips from your floor, which are likely to remain in a DIY project. This paves the way for a smooth final product.

2. Even application. A trained professional will ensure your garage floor coating is applied evenly, including the decorative chips that really make today’s coated garage floors stand out. Your installer will also remove any excess chips before applying a seamless UV stable top coat to give your floor that long-lasting, beautiful colour.

3. Quality products. When it comes to garage flooring options, you get what you pay for. Inexpensive DIY alternatives will chip, crack or spread unevenly, but Garage Living only uses Rhino Linings, made from the highest-grade materials that are guaranteed not to flake, peel or blister, so you know your garage floor was created to last.

4. A warranty you can count on. If your DIY project falters, where will you turn? Hiring a professional removes the concern of operator error on your part because you’ll have a written warranty, ensuring quality work and giving you peace of mind.