7 Garage Exterior Design Ideas Guaranteed To Boost Your Curb Appeal

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“Curb appeal” is a term that’s typically associated with the visual appeal of property to a prospective buyer. However, curb appeal should be something you consistently strive to upgrade and maintain, regardless of whether or not you’re planning on selling your home.

There are numerous ways to keep your curb appeal high. Keeping your home’s landscaping, siding, roof, windows, driveway, walkways, eavestroughs, lighting, porch, and front door well-maintained are some of the most obvious ways to achieve this.

As important as these all are, one of the most impactful ways to upgrade and maintain curb appeal is to keep high standards for your garage exterior design.

Why curb appeal matters

So much importance is placed on curb appeal from realtors because it creates a person’s first impression of your property when they view it from the street or curb. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Your home’s exterior appearance (and specifically your garage exterior design) conveys a message to passersby, neighbours, and guests. Whether or not there’s a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn shouldn’t be the sole reason you’re paying attention to projecting a positive impression of your residence to the rest of your neighbourhood.

How garage exterior design is critical to curb appeal

When you consider that garage doors can account for as much as one third of the front exterior of a home, the importance of garage exterior design in relation to curb appeal becomes even more apparent. A smartly chosen garage door that effectively complements and enhances your home’s exterior décor is a guaranteed way to boost your curb appeal.

And when it does come time to sell, you’ll also benefit from the fact that new garage doors deliver one of the best returns on investment for home improvement projects. With that in mind, let’s start with garage door ideas that can help improve your garage’s exterior appearance.

1. Upgrade your garage exterior design with a traditional garage door look

For a traditional garage door look, steel and wood doors are ideal choices to make your garage exterior design really stand out. These traditional style garage doors provide a timeless look for your home’s exterior and nowadays are highly customizable to beautifully complement most architectural designs. The range of colour choices available also allows you to match or complement your home’s notable exterior features, such as siding, shutters, and your front door.

For a more rustic garage exterior design look, wood garage doors come in a variety of wood species to satisfy your preferences. And if you’re drawn to the warm look of wood but deterred by the maintenance they can require, there’s another option. Durable steel garage doors can have realistic-looking faux wood composite overlays added to their design, giving you a traditional, high quality wood garage door look without the maintenance.

garage exterior design wood doors

The timeless and refined look of wood garage doors, which are nicely offset by colourful flowers in urn planters.

2. Carriage house doors add a classic look to your garage exterior design

If you’re partial to a more classic look for your garage exterior design, carriage house garage doors are your best choice. These distinct steel, wood, and fibreglass garage doors add a retro, yet stylish aesthetic to your home’s exterior.

And while these garage doors may have an old-fashioned barn door-style look, they come with the advantages of modern design features. Improved durability, quieter operation, better reliability, and loads of options (including raised or recessed panel customization) marry the old with the new to fulfill your classic-looking garage exterior design needs.

3. Enhance your garage exterior design with the right windows and custom hardware

An important component of traditional and carriage house garage door customization also includes giving you the opportunity to accentuate your doors by adding windows to them. Adding more detail to your garage doors by selecting from a wide range of window styles and layout patterns can add an extra measure of appeal to a garage’s exterior look.

Even the smaller details with your garage door can make the difference between it contributing to a mediocre or eye-catching garage exterior design. Customizing your garage doors even further with the right custom hardware (like latches and pull handles) can further enhance their appearance.

4. A modern garage door look can turn heads

If traditional isn’t your style, go modern instead. A striking full view aluminum garage door designed with clean lines has a very simple, yet attention-grabbing appearance. When paired with your home’s modern architecture, corrosion-resistant full view aluminum garage doors combined with glass panels make a bold statement that shows off a stylish and tasteful garage exterior design look.

garage exterior design full view

Modern architecture complemented by stylish full view aluminum garage doors.

5. Showcase your garage exterior design with tasteful lighting

The right type of lighting can give a major boost to curb appeal and the appearance of your garage’s exterior. There are many lighting options available to help bring out the best in your garage exterior design look, including floodlights, wall-mounted lighting, recessed lighting, and solar lighting.

Placement of the lighting will obviously be key. When planning how your garage lighting will be set up, keep in mind how it will look from further away. Also remember that along with showing off your garage exterior and making it easier to navigate in the garage entrance area, you also want the lighting to function as a security deterrent against thieves.

6. Clean up your garage’s exterior appearance with aluminum capping

Any garage exterior looks better with aluminum capping added to the wooden doorframe. Wrapping your doorframe with capping projects a cleaner, more finished look for the exterior of your garage.

You’ll also save hours of future work because aluminum capping removes the need for scraping, staining, and painting your wooden doorframe every few years. Another benefit of capping is that it can improve your home’s energy efficiency by decreasing drafts that occur around garage door frames.   

garage exterior design capping

Aluminum capping adds a more finished look to a garage doorframe.

7. Don’t forget your garage exterior when landscaping

When landscaping, don’t forget that your garage exterior can benefit from the addition of foliage to enhance its appearance. Tastefully placed hanging baskets, wall planters, urn planters, or a trellis around a garage exterior with well-manicured foliage can further enhance your home’s appearance and make it look even more welcoming.

Upgrade your garage exterior design to improve your home’s overall exterior look

Overlooking your garage exterior design will negatively impact the overall look your home and, by extension, your curb appeal.

Investing in your garage exterior’s appearance can result in a home that stands apart from all others in your neighbourhood. You’ll also reap the future benefits that come with the boost to your home’s resale value that garage upgrades provide.

Find out more about how we can help with improvements to your garage exterior design by scheduling your free consultation with us today.

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9 Reasons Why A Full View Aluminum Garage Door Turns Heads

aluminum garage door 2

There are plenty of great choices in Garage Living’s extensive collection of garage doors. Our high quality steel, fibreglass, and wood garage doors are all worth considering when the time to replace your garage door arrives.

If you’re really looking to add that extra degree of flourish to your home’s exterior appearance, nothing beats a full view aluminum garage door, however.

Here are nine reasons a full view aluminum garage door should be at or near the top of your list of garage door replacement choices.

1. A full view aluminum garage door has a unique look and boosts curb appeal

Aluminum might not sound like the type of garage door material that can create a striking look capable of turning the heads of passersby. In fact, when the raw industrial appearance of the aluminum garage door frame is combined with the clean and stylish look of glass panels, you get a very unique-looking garage door.

Remember that up to one third of your home’s front exterior can be taken up by your garage doors. You’ll really accentuate that important home space by choosing full view aluminum garage doors. They’ll immediately set your home apart aesthetically from the houses of your neighbours and nicely boost your curb appeal and home value.

2. Complement your home’s contemporary look with a full view aluminum garage door

If your home’s architecture has a modern and contemporary look, a full view aluminum garage door is the perfect choice to complement it and add high visual appeal. Even if your home has a more traditional look, an aluminum door will add a lot to its appearance.

The high degree of customization features with aluminum garage doors make it easier to match and complement the exterior decor of your house. For example, you can coordinate the look of your garage door to match the look of your front door.

aluminum garage door 1

3. There are many aluminum garage door frame options to choose from

The aluminum frame of your garage door presents many design options to choose from. There are numerous glazing options available.

You can also have the aluminum on your garage door powder coated in just about any colour of your choosing. Powder coating gives the surface it’s applied to a much more resilient finish than traditional paint coatings.

4. Customize your aluminum garage door

One of the big selling points with aluminum garage doors are the wide array of options when it comes to adding window and glass panels. You can choose panels and windows that let less or more light into your garage.

You can also decide where you’d like the panels and windows to be located on the garage door (horizontally, vertically, a combination of both, or other unconventional layouts). Here are other examples of the available custom features you can add:

  • tempered glass panels for extra durability
  • insulated glass panels for improved energy efficiency
  • acrylic and solid aluminum panels
  • clear glass for more light transfer to garage interior
  • tinted, frosted, and translucent glass panels that allow light to enter the garage, yet still maintain your privacy
  • decorative window and panel designs with textures

5. Enjoy the benefits of natural lighting while working in the garage

If you spend a lot of time working out or just working in the garage, you might enjoy having natural light illuminating your space. However, you may be reluctant to keep your garage door open due to bad weather or concerns of privacy and the high noise levels your work creates. Your garage may also lack any windows.

With a full view aluminum garage door, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light in your garage, even when the door is closed. Add larger clear glass windows for maximum light penetration. You can also improve the lighting in your garage by upgrading to one of our high quality LED garage lighting fixtures.

6. Add garage door insulation to improve energy efficiency

Adding insulation to any garage door will have a positive effect on the energy efficiency of your home. It’s strongly recommended for aluminum garage doors because aluminum has higher conductive properties than steel. Having panels and windows on an aluminum garage door can also make it more difficult to keep cold and heat in and out of your garage. As such, look at the aforementioned insulated glass panel option.

It’s also worth noting that insulation improves the strength of any garage door. One of the admitted drawbacks of aluminum doors is that the lighter nature of aluminum does make it prone to denting. You’ll want the kinds to find an area other than your driveway for playing ball hockey.

7. A full view aluminum garage door is lightweight

The lightweight nature of an aluminum garage door does require a little more care to be taken around it, but there are also benefits to this. A lighter garage door puts less strain on the door system’s torsion springs and your electric garage door opener.

Another plus is that it’s easier to manually open a lighter garage door if the power should go out.

8. Aluminum garage doors require virtually no maintenance

The full view aluminum garage door frame is made from resilient anodized aluminum. This, combined with the powder coated finish, will ensure your door doesn’t experience problems with rust or corrosion.

For homeowners living in coastal areas, that’s something to consider. Along with the long-lasting durability an aluminum garage door provides, you’ll also enjoy the fact that they require virtually no maintenance.

aluminum garage door 3

9. An aluminum garage door is more enviro-friendly

For those that are a little more conscious of the environmental footprint they create, consider that the aluminum contained in an aluminum garage door can be fully recycled when the door’s lifespan has ended.

Learn more about full view aluminum garage doors by visiting our showroom

You can learn more about what a head-turning full view aluminum garage door adds to your home by visiting a Garage Living showroom.

Schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts today. They’ll work with you to enhance your garage’s interior and exterior to help boost your curb appeal.

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Why Overlooking Garage Curb Appeal Hurts Your Home’s Exterior Look

“Curb appeal” is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as “the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street”. Garage curb appeal is especially important because your garage door is the most noticeable feature of your home’s exterior.

When it comes to improving curb appeal, the garage tends to get overlooked. Sure, your home’s walkway, driveway, roofing, and landscaping need a refresh every several years, but your garage is no different. Remember that ignoring your garage curb appeal affects your home’s overall curb appeal. With this in mind, let’s look at some ways that your garage curb appeal can be improved.

A stylish and attractive garage door is essential for curb appeal

As much as 30% of a house’s exterior can be taken up by garage doors. A smartly chosen garage door can have just as much of a positive impact on curb appeal as a poorly chosen garage door (or an old and faded door) impacts negatively on your home’s appearance. It simply doesn’t make much sense to spend a sizable amount of time and money on your property’s exterior appearance, while ignoring how up to one third of that exterior looks.

2 car garage curb appeal

Lots of garage door design choices broadens the opportunity to enhance your curb appeal

Consumers have a huge selection of garage door styles and custom options to choose from nowadays. The range of design possibilities with the steel, wood, fibreglass, and full view aluminum garage doors available for homes today means that finding the door that makes the most impactful difference to your curb appeal is easier than it’s ever been before.

An ultra-modern full view aluminum garage door with glass panels will beautifully complement your home’s contemporary architecture. If the classic look is more to your liking, a carriage house garage door works nicely, as will one of the many appealing styles from our wood door collection.

Two more reasons to ensure your garage door is up-to-date

In addition to the dominant exterior aesthetics they provide, garage doors are an important element of any home for two more reasons:

  • Garage doors are one of the most frequently used doors in homes. Therefore, they need to be in good working order to be able to handle the frequent use they’ll get.
  • Garage doors are an access point to your home, so you need your door to be secure from potential thieves. Having a sturdy and reliable garage door for your home should be considered an essential. A MyQ Technology garage security system allows you to ensure your garage is secure, even when you’re not home.

Garage doors provide a very high return on your investment

Improving your garage curb appeal by upgrading your garage door represents a sound investment on your part. In fact, adding a new garage door to your home provides one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home improvement projects. As much as 90% of your costs for a new garage door can be recouped. Obviously, this is highly beneficial when it comes time for you to sell your house.

steel door garage curb appeal

Aluminum capping also boosts your garage curb appeal

Another way to boost garage curb appeal is to have aluminum capping added around your garage door. Aluminum capping, which involves covering up your wooden doorframe with aluminum sheeting, has several benefits:

  • it gives your home exterior a clean, finished look and attractively complements a new garage door
  • aluminum capping is highly durable and requires no maintenance
  • you’ll no longer need to perform maintenance involving scraping, staining, and painting your wooden garage doorframe every few years
  • aluminum capping can also improve your home’s energy efficiency

Garage curb appeal matters when it comes to selling your home

A garage with strong curb appeal is something you’ll undoubtedly appreciate and take great pride in while living in your home. Furthermore, when you’re ready to move, garage curb appeal can have a significant impact on the house’s sale. First impressions are important and prospective buyers are much more likely to have a positive initial reaction to a home possessing strong garage curb appeal.

If your garage’s exterior appearance is hurting your home’s curb appeal, Garage Living has solutions to help.

Schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts and you’ll be taking your first step in the right direction to improve your garage curb appeal.

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7 Great Reasons To Add Aluminum Capping Around Your Garage Door

There are many benefits to owning your own house. For example, more space, pride of ownership, tax breaks, and greater privacy make homeownership an attractive proposition.

One aspect of owning a house that’s not so appealing is the maintenance it requires, especially exterior maintenance. Adding aluminum capping around your garage door will make this one less area of exterior home maintenance you’ll need to worry about.

What is aluminum capping?

Aluminum capping is also referred to as “aluminum cladding” and “aluminum wrapping”. Capping is the process of applying cut and formed aluminum sheeting over exterior wood trim. It’s used regularly on the wooden window frame and doorframe areas of houses and buildings.

The concept of capping is fairly straightforward, but the process of installing it can be particularly tricky. The aluminum sheeting needs to be perfectly formed to your house’s contours. This is done using a brake, a machine that bends sheet metal.

Poor installation of aluminum capping can make your home’s exterior look uneven and consequently detract from its appearance. Therefore, capping is a job best left to a company with professional experience in this area, such as Garage Living.

Since you now have a better familiarity with aluminum capping, here are seven great reasons to consider adding capping to your garage’s exterior.

aluminum capping closeup

1. Aluminum capping requires virtually no maintenance

You could call capping for your garage door entrance a “low-maintenance” home improvement solution. “No maintenance” is actually a more accurate description. As a result of covering up your wooden doorframe, there’ll be no further need for time-consuming maintenance on it every few years. That means no more messy weekends spent stripping, sanding, restaining, or repainting your old and peeling garage doorframe.

In addition to eliminating future wood maintenance, the surface of the capping is also very easy to clean. Therefore, a very quick yearly cleaning with a soft cloth, clean water with a mild detergent, and a hose is all you’ll need to do.

2. Your house exterior looks cleaner with aluminum capping

Aluminum capping improves your house’s exterior aesthetics by giving it a cleaner, more seamless appearance. This is especially important because the garage door is the most noticeable exterior feature on your house. Consequently, an old wooden garage doorframe with chips, cracks, and peeling paint will undoubtedly receive attention you don’t want.

3. Your garage’s wooden doorframe will last longer

Because your garage’s wooden doorframe is no longer in direct contact with the elements, the wood’s lifespan will be longer. The aluminum sheeting coupled with a sealant protects against moisture, which slows down the wood’s rotting process. This moisture protection also minimizes the chances of mould issues.

4. Aluminum capping complements your new garage door and exterior decor

In addition to the 12 colours of aluminum capping available, our professionals use industrial grade caulking during the installation process that can be colour-matched to your house’s exterior decor. This allows you to truly create a cohesive and appealing look for the exterior of your home.

Aluminum capping is particularly effective when paired with one of our new steel, fiberglass, wood, or full view aluminum garage doors.


5. Durable aluminum capping won’t rust and fade

You won’t need to even consider replacing your aluminum capping for a long, long time. That’s because aluminum is one of the most durable building materials around. Its resilient nature means that rusting and fading over time will not be an issue.

6. Enjoy better energy efficiency

When aluminum capping is installed on your garage doorframe, it creates a weather-resistant barrier between your garage’s interior and exterior. As a result, drafts will decrease and you’ll experience better energy efficiency in your home. This can be particularly valuable if your garage uses heating during the winter or has an extra room located above it.

7. Aluminum capping boosts your home’s curb appeal and value

Choosing to add aluminum capping to your home also has two more benefits. The improved appearance of your house will boost its curb appeal. In addition to this, exterior capping will raise your home’s value.

With so many sound reasons for adding aluminum capping to your garage’s doorframe, why wait any longer? Schedule your free consultation with a member of Garage Living’s design team to discuss adding aluminum capping to your home.

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Garage Door Materials: How To Make The Right Choice For Your Home

Replacing your garage door delivers one of the best returns on investment for home remodel and renovation projects. That’s according to Remodeling Magazine’s long-running annual Cost vs Value report, which estimates the costs and value retention of home renovation projects. In fact, while their 2013 report listed a 75% return on investment for garage door replacements, that number jumped up to 91.5% on their 2016 report.

Clearly, recouping such a high percentage of costs should make replacing your old garage door an even more attractive proposition. Garage doors are also important because they’re a heavily used home entrance and exit and can make up as much as 30% of your home’s front exterior.

If you’re looking to replace your garage door, there’s more options than ever to choose from. Where do you start? Familiarize yourself with the various types of garage door materials to help make an educated choice when you’re ready to buy.

Steel garage door with a wood finish.

Garage door materials and what you need to consider

The most common garage door material types are steel, wood, fibreglass, and aluminum frame with glass panels, also known as full view aluminum. When comparing garage door materials, many factors will dictate what type of material you’ll choose, including:

  • how long you want the garage door to last
  • style preference
  • maintenance preference
  • insulation options required
  • how your garage door choice matches with the exterior architecture of your house

It’s possible that some garage door materials may not come with the specific design features you want. If that’s the case, Garage Living’s experts can certainly present you with many other options to choose from to help you arrive at a garage door choice you’ll be thrilled with. How much time are you willing to spend on future maintenance on your garage doors, such as painting or staining? Wood doors will obviously require more attention than steel doors.

Garage doors have come a long way

Garage door construction has advanced rapidly in the past 10-15 years. The modern-day garage door offers far more benefits than the garage doors of yesteryear. All of the following improvements to garage doors help boost your home’s curb appeal and value:

  • improved strength and rigidity
  • better energy-saving insulation features
  • far more design and style options
  • less maintenance required
  • longer-lasting


Steel garage doors are popular for many reasons

There are many reasons why steel is one of the most popular garage door materials, not the least of which is affordability. While steel can dent, it’s also the most durable material because it won’t delaminate, crack, or warp. Today’s steel garage doors are also far less prone to rusting and needing maintenance, such as repainting. Richards-Wilcox steel garage doors from Garage Living come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Steel garage doors offer outstanding design flexibility that allow you to really draw attention to your home’s exterior. If you like the look of wood but don’t care for the necessary upkeep wood doors require, a faux wood overlay on your steel garage door is a great option. Carriage house style garage doors project a classic wood look, while providing the durability of steel.

Enjoy the ability to choose from numerous colours and add raised, recessed, and flush panel textures, or appealing window treatments to your steel garage doors. As far as garage door materials go, steel is also excellent when it comes to insulation options, which typically come in polystyrene or polyurethane form.

Enjoy the classic appeal of wood

If authenticity and a traditional look are what you want for your garage exterior, wood is the way to go. After all, wood is the original garage door material. Wood garage doors come in a variety of finishes and colours, along with a wide range of panel and window styles.

Cedar is a popular wood species and well-suited to the fluctuating temperatures of the Canadian climate. Another of the wood garage door materials you can choose is mahogany. It may cost a little more, but it’s hard to beat mahogany’s sophisticated and warm look.

Choosing wood will require more attention and maintenance on your behalf. Changing climates will make the wood contract and expand, so you’ll have to stain or paint it occasionally. While there may be a small amount of extra work involved, you’ll find the effort well worth it for the inviting and earthy look that only authentic wood garage doors can deliver.


For a truly bold statement, consider full view aluminum garage doors

The raw industrial look of aluminum framing combined with glass panels results in the modern look that only comes from full view aluminum garage doors. A fitting complement to your home’s modern architecture, full view aluminum doors make a bold statement and will remain stylish for years to come.

The aluminum on these garage doors can be painted almost any colour you choose, plus there’s additional glazing options. Many glass options are available, such as your choice of clear, tinted, and translucent panels. Full view aluminum garage doors are also very lightweight and durable. Care does need to be taken with them, though, considering the obviously fragile nature of glass and the fact aluminum can dent.

Don’t rule out fibreglass garage doors

The last of the garage door materials to consider is fibreglass. Like steel garage doors, fibreglass doors come in faux wood designs to give you the rustic look of wood. Fibreglass doors give you plenty of durability because they’re less affected by environmental stress. They’re also lightweight, low-maintenance, and won’t rust. One of their drawbacks is that fibreglass doesn’t have very strong insulating properties.

Fibreglass garage doors can be a practical option if you want to refresh the exterior look of your home when you decide to put it on the market. Remember, the garage door is a focal point for any home’s exterior. Impress prospective buyers with the sharp looks that a quality fibreglass garage door can provide.

Now that you’re armed with a little more knowledge about garage door materials, schedule your free consultation with us today. Together, we’ll find the right garage door choice for your home.

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