Driving into this beautiful garage immerses you in the feeling of luxury the moment you arrive. Customization is the ultimate expression of luxury. Discover the custom features that make this garage unique. Get inspired and start planning your very own luxury garage.


Garage Living installed a special custom-built GL Custom Steel cabinetry system with stainless steel doors and drawers.
The custom harbor blue color used in the cabinet system’s trim was inspired by an architectural detail of the resort community where the project is located. Adding a TV to the cabinet system ensures you won’t miss any action from your favorite sporting event.
In addition to the custom color created for this project, other aspects of the cabinetry design were also heavily customized. The beauty of being able to customize and get the small details right is very much the point of difference when working with Garage Living.
Two sizes of chrome handles are used in the cabinet system’s design. The cabinet system’s stainless steel countertop, LED valance lighting, and built-in switches and outlets create a functional workspace if needed.
Lighter colors were used for the garage’s ceiling, slatwall, and flooring. In addition to the usage of stainless steel cabinet doors and drawers, the garage becomes a welcoming space that’s bright and clean.
This unique cabinet design includes custom doors that are built into the slatwall. An electrical panel, central vac system, and the unit’s elevator motor are kept well-hidden.
The three recessed cabinet doors allow easy access to the home’s concealed mechanical systems.
Garage cabinets aren’t just used for storing tools, cleaning supplies, and other items traditionally found in the garage. The two freestanding cabinets to the left house the unit’s security and media electronic devices.
The rack-mounted devices are easily accessible, with the custom cabinet enclosure featuring a “faux base” that allows for the stacked devices to be rolled out. The cabinet design is also customized to ensure proper ventilation of the heat generated by the electronics.
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Grey wall-to-wall PVC slatwall panels allows for versatile hanging storage space anywhere in the three-car garage. The slatwall panels also create a clean, consistent look.
The owner of this new home was looking for a luxury garage that also served as the family’s main entry point into their residence. A new floor coating, wall-to-wall slatwall panels, and custom cabinetry enable the customer’s vision to become fully realized.
The Floortex® floor coating provides not only an aesthetic upgrade for the garage, but also long-lasting protection for the cement floor.
Garage Living’s polyaspartic Floortex® coating in harbor blue was applied to the garage flooring and foundation walls. The flooring colors nicely complement the colors of the owner’s Mercedes.
The GL Custom Steel cabinet system features a stainless steel backsplash and countertop. Backsplashes can be customized, with a wide variety of textures and patterns available.
A stainless steel sink and faucet with a pullout head were incorporated into the cabinet design. The sink is useful when hosting special occasions or for simply washing up after outdoor activities.


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