A single car garage may have less square footage, but you can still get big-time functionality out of it.

The smart storage systems in this single car garage keep it free from clutter and make parking this luxury vehicle easy. A shiny new floor coating, slatwall, cabinetry, and ceiling utilize complementing color and design choices to maximize the garage’s aesthetic appeal.

This stylish, bright, and organized room allows you to go above and beyond the typical uses for a garage. When you’re having friends over to watch the big game or race, for example, the garage is now a viable hosting space for you.


The color scheme of the garage was directly influenced by the Nardo Grey color of the client’s Audi R8. Considering how perfectly “at-home” the car looks parked in the garage, we’d say the color picks are a home run.

One unique aspect of this makeover involved adding LED lights below the slatwall’s Harbor Blue strip. These interior perimeter lights are activated by the garage door remote control.
With a gorgeous Audi R8 parked inside a beautiful garage, this homeowner won’t need to put much effort into convincing his buddies to come over for a visit.
GL Signature cabinetry in Harbor Blue with full length built-in door handles. The cabinet system’s custom kick plate was scribed to the grade of the garage floor.
You’ll really get that “home sweet home” feeling when you arrive back at such an attractive garage space.
The original garage door from the home builder was pretty standard and its rails were visible through the side windows, which detracted from the home’s curb appeal. Taking advantage of the garage’s ceiling height, a high lift conversion was done that relocated the door rails above the windows.
The cabinet system features a bracket-mounted TV. LED lighting underneath the upper cabinets and TV add extra illumination to the countertop area.
The Floortex® floor coating (Harbor Blue) provides durable flooring protection that also looks beautiful.
A garage that’s this clean and tidy makes it much more welcoming and comfortable to spend time in. Add a TV to the mix and you now have a room that can be used for entertaining, making the garage a true extension of your home’s living space.
A heater was added to the right of the overhead racking to provide more comfort in the garage when the weather gets colder. The thermostat is by the home entry door above the garage door opener.
The Floortex® floor coating in Harbor Blue combines soft blue, indigo blue, white highlights, and various soft grey shades that effectively complement the Audi’s colors.
Heavy-duty overhead storage racks keep the floor clear by creating lots of room for holding numerous bulky storage bins.
Surrounding grey slatwall with Harbor Blue strips provides ample wall storage space and enhances the garage with a more professional, finished look. The window trim and door casing were painted to match the grey slatwall.
The lower wall foundation and steps leading into the home’s main living space have a Floortex® Coated Steps application that exactly matches the floor’s Floortex® coating. This gives the garage interior a more seamless appearance. The open locker-style cabinet provides a hidden, dedicated space for a pressure washer and hose reel.
An opened garage that looks this impressive does as much to enhance curb appeal as any exterior home upgrade.
New pot lights and natural light streaming in through the three side windows and the garage door’s window panes create a bright space, adding extra emphasis to the interior upgrades.
Garage cabinetry hides clutter. Shelving can be configured to store items of various sizes. Storage bins are perfect for sorting smaller items.
BEFORE: Exposed drywall with many unsightly joint compound markings, a dull grey concrete floor, and weathered-looking lower wall foundations made this an unfinished garage that was in serious need of a visual overhaul.
AFTER: The remarkable transformation completely changes the appearance, atmosphere, and functionality of the garage.


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