Slatwall Accessories

Detroit’s best selection of garage slatwall accessories

Garage Living Detroit carries over 40 kinds of accessories for your slatwall panels. This lets you get the most versatility and functionality out of your slatwall panel system, which means you’ll be maximizing your garage’s storage capabilities. Choose from our selection of slatwall bins, hooks, brackets, baskets, and shelves and use them in a limitless number of configurations.

With our heavy-duty slatwall brackets, you’ll be able to comfortably hang items weighing up to 50 lbs. That’s more than enough to support the weight of most of your garage’s hangable items. To determine the type and quantity of slatwall accessories you’ll need for your garage setup, speak with one of our design experts.

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Garment hook

3" Garment Hook

Hang jackets, helmets, gloves, towels and more.

4 inch double hook

4" Double Hook

Shovels, gardening tools, and sporting equipment hang nicely on this hook.

8 inch double hook

8" Double Hook

Great for hanging shovels, skis, baseball bats, and hockey sticks.

J hook

J Hook

Ideal for shovels, ladders, lawn chairs, extension cords and hoses.

Vertical bike hook

Vertical Bike Hook

Hangs one bike from the front wheel, off the wall.

4 inch loop hook

4" Loop Hook

Perfect for extension cords, hoses, and small ladders.

S Hook

S Hook

Terrific for hanging brooms, shovels, rakes.

Deep utility hook

Deep Utility Hook

Great for hanging small ladders, hoses, and extension cords.

Single hook

Single Hooks (1", 4", 8")

Suitable for small hand tools, brooms.

Horizontal bike frame

Horizontal Bike Hook

Uses two hooks to hang a bike from the frame.

Magnetic tool bar

Magnetic Tool Bar

Perfect for keeping small hand tools organized.

Long tool triple hook

Long Tool Triple Hook

Great for shovels, rakes, brooms, and skis.

Industrial Hook

Industrial Hook

26" hook (2 piece set) for storing lumber, tires, canoes, and kayaks.

Srewdriver holder

Screwdriver Holder

Holds five screwdrivers.

Hockey Hanger

Hockey Hanger

Perfect for hanging a hockey jersey, gloves, and shoulder pads after a game.


Fishing rod rack

Fishing Rod Rack

Can store two fishing rods in an upright position.

Golf rack

Golf Rack

Holds two golf bags with a shelf for shoes beneath.

Ball rack

Ball Rack

Adjustable rack to hold balls of various size.

Small tool rack

Small Tool Rack

For organizing pliers, vise grips, and large screwdrivers.

Tennis rack

Tennis Rack

Holds up to 4 tennis rackets and balls on either side.

Paper towel rack

Paper Towel Rack

Conveniently hangs a paper towel roll that is ready for use.

Garden rack and basket

Garden Rack & Basket

Holds shovels on the side with a bracket for gardening supplies and a removable basket.


Mini Rack

Mini Basket

Perfect for storing aerosol cans, caulking.

Medium Basket

Medium Basket

Great for storing automotive sprays and cleaning supplies.

Shallow Basket

Shallow Basket

Conveniently holds paint cans and larger plastic containers.

Deep Basket

Deep Basket

A deep mesh basket can hold sporting equipment, gardening, cleaning, and automotive supplies.


6 Tilt-Out Storage Bin

6 Tilt-Out Storage Bin

Contains 6 clear plastic bins for storing screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.

9 Tilt-Out Storage Bin

9 Tilt-Out Storage Bin

Contains 9 clear plastic bins for storing screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.

Utility Bin

Utility Bin

Perfect for holding an assortment of small items.

Angled Shoe Shelf

Angled Shoe Shelf

Holds 3 pairs of adult shoes comfortably.

2 foot utility shelf

Small Shelf

2 foot utility shelf.

4 foot utility shelf

Large Shelf

4 foot utility shelf.


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