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Lance Sparling

Lance Sparling began his business career in 1973 as a sales representative at British Columbia-based Spar Group Inc., a hardware manufacturing and consumer packaging company. Working his way up to company president, Lance grew Spar Group Inc. to a $40 million business with 500 employees and international distribution. During this time, Lance also served as Director of the Canadian Hardware Housewares Manufacturing Association.

After selling Spar Group Inc., the second chapter of Lance’s career saw him co-founding Strategic Insights (later known as ViRTUS) in 1993. The company provided mentoring programs for business presidents and executives, in addition to leadership coaching for businesses and individuals.

Terry Sparling and Lance Sparling, Garage Living Vancouver. Terry Sparling (design consultant) and Lance Sparling (owner).

Alex Schaalo, director of sales at Garage Living Vancouver Alex Schaalo, director of sales and general manager.

A lengthy period researching franchising opportunities that “provided for a family business that can take advantage of our different skill sets” lead Lance to Garage Living. Working in a business that centred around the home services industry was also a key factor in Lance choosing the company.

The Garage Living Vancouver owner says that “the opportunity to introduce this concept was very appealing and the potential got us very excited”. The “us” includes wife Terry and Daughter Alex Schaalo as the General Manager.

Alex was recently interviewed by the Vancouver Sun for this article: The Home Front: Sorting out overlooked spaces at home.



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