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Colson Langley, owner of Garage Living Regina, talks to Alex Brown from CTV Morning Live about garage spring cleaning tips.

Stephanie Langley

Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003. She has since worked in nursing field in multiple locations from northern nursing, to rural nursing and has been currently working in the emergency room in many different roles. She has been a member of the Forensic Nurse Examiners in Regina Saskatchewan since 2010. She has completed her certification in emergency nursing in 2014 along with her Forensic Nursing Certification in 2015.

Stephanie is the proud mother of two boys and a daughter. She and her husband Colson were looking for a new way to help people and discovered Garage Living. Stephanie is the admin face of garage Living Regina, the organizational and time management skills she learned from nursing has been a major asset to the day to day operations of Garage Living Regina. She prides herself on providing the best quality and service to her customers and treating everyone fairly and with respect.

Stephanie Langley Stephanie Langley — Owner, Garage Living Regina.

Colson Langley Colson Langley — Owner, Garage Living Regina.

Colson Langley

Colson has been involved in the Emergency Services since 2000. In his time as working as a first responder it has taken him all over the world and has had the opportunity to help people from every corner of the globe. With this experience Colson has developed many skills from management to client services. Colson has always had a passion for creating beautiful spaces. When wondering what now? Colson and Stephanie discovered Garage Living, the franchise provided the best products and pride in workmanship. He has always conducted himself with honesty integrity and decided that the Garage Living Franchise operated in the same manner.

Colson is responsible for sales, designs, and project management. He is proud to stand by the product and services that Garage Living Regina offers.

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