About Us

Jeff Beck

After studying mechanical engineering at Cincinnati State University, Jeff Beck worked in construction and remodeling for the last 20 years. He has owned businesses in the construction and home care industries. Over that period, Jeff built over 75 homes from the ground up.

Jeff’s interests include cars, sports, cigars, travelling, and doing puzzles with his son. He supports his local community by participating in home building projects for Habitat for Humanity.

David Wolfe

David Wolfe worked as a financial and data analyst after studying finance and economics at the University of Florida. Over the past 18 years, David also worked in the real estate industry after getting his real estate license and he has property management experience as a landlord.

The paths of David and Jeff crossed when Jeff’s remodeling services were recommended to David after he bought a condo to renovate. They became fast friends and started working together in the remodeling industry.

David shares Jeff’s passions for cars, sports, cigars, and travelling. He also enjoys a finely aged bourbon. To help out in his community, David has been working with a homeless shelter to help them move into a building he owns.


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