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Conway Reimer Conway Reimer — Owner, Garage Living of Houston.

Conway Reimer

Garage Living of Houston is owned and operated by Conway and Jennifer Reimer.

While Conway and Jennifer are not native Texans, they absolutely call it home. They made their final corporate move in 2013, choosing to settle into the Texas way of life and allowing their two sons – Hayden and Henry – a chance to establish roots within the community. Prior to this move, Conway and Jennifer followed Conway’s career as a senior leader within a Fortune 100 company, crisscrossing the US and racking up nine corporate moves and the need to purchase a new home once every two years. This also meant ten opportunities for garage makeovers. Conway and Jennifer know firsthand the importance of maximizing the garage experience.

Conway was educated and trained as an Architect, completing several design-build projects post college. He also previously owned and operated a high-end audio showroom. Jennifer has a similar entrepreneurial make-up, having been a leader within a family-owned chain of grocery stores. She also has experience across the supply chain, leading sales and marketing efforts from manufacturer through the end-user customer. Jennifer and Conway have owned performance vehicles, motorcycles and racing karts. Jennifer balances this with a love of photography, while Conway designs and builds furniture.

Garage Living has proven to be the perfect fit for Conway and Jennifer, harnessing their passions and experience. They truly love the challenge of designing and making over the garage into something that represents their client’s aesthetic. Their goal is to make the garage into the second most import room in the house (next to the kitchen, of course). Jennifer and Conway welcome the opportunity to serve the Texas communities.



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