Garage Living Is Baeumler Approved

Joining an elite list of companies in the industry, Garage Living’s installation of floors, cabinetry, organizers, and doors are now recognized by the Baeumler Approved Program.

Baeumler Approved and Garage Living.

What does it mean to be Baeumler Approved?

The Baeumler Approved Program holds its members to a high professional standard of honesty, integrity and quality service. Garage Living is pleased that it meets these standards. That’s great news for Garage Living clients.

How high are the standards?

Not only are the companies the Baeumler Approved Program represents carefully vetted, their history of service is verified, applicants are also subject to an extensive screening process:

  • Clients are contacted for direct, honest feedback regarding the quality of work, level of service, pricing, follow up and communications.
  • Collaborating Trades are contacted to ensure safety compliance, quality of work and communication was demonstrated on the job site.
  • Baeumler Approved members must verify they have active liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000.
  • Baeumler Approved members must verify they have active Worker’s Compensation coverage.
  • Baeumler Approved members must provide evidence of professional certifications where required.
  • Code of Conduct

Garage Living further assures its clients will get the best customer service because it adheres to the Baeumler Approved Program’s strict Code of Conduct. Respect, courtesy, fairness, consideration, safety, and cleanliness are all part of the Garage Living promise to its clients.

Accountability is important

Clients sharing feedback on the Baeumler Approved website. This keeps Garage Living and its staff accountable. For Garage Living, keeping clients satisfied is a privilege.

Baeumler Approved

The Baeumler Approved logo is a nation-wide symbol representing Bryan’s assurance and recognition that its companies like, Garage Living are trustworthy and have high standards.

Garage Living’s installation and selection of floors, cabinetry and organizers is exclusively represented in the Baeumler Approved Program.  If your garage is ready for a Baeumler Approved upgrade then contact us for a free quote.

Garage Living Baeumler Approved Contractor Profile


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