Garage Living – Benefits of Rhinotex Flooring

Rhino Floortex CoatingRegardless of how well you maintain your garage, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with a build-up of wear and tear. This is especially true when it comes to the garage floor. After all, no matter how strong concrete may be, it’s eventually going to crack and crumble under the weight of your vehicles. So are you going to accept it and live with it your unsightly damaged floor, or are you going to pay to have it repaired, only to have the same thing happen again in a few years’ time?

Luckily, there’s another option: Rhino Floortex TM Coating.

Rhino Floortex Coating not only offers a much more stylish alternative to concrete, but it’s also unrivaled in terms of durability and lifespan. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the many benefits our favourite garage flooring solution:

Smooth and Stylish

Before Rhino Floortex is applied, the garage floor is prepared with industrial diamond grinding equipment and a dustless vacuum system to ensure the strongest bond between the coating and the concrete. All imperfections are filled before the coating is applied, making for the smoothest and most level appearance possible.


Unlike concrete, Rhino Floortex coating is guaranteed to not chip, crack, flake, or peel. It’s also chemical resistant against household products, paint, and grease because let’s be realistic—no matter how careful you might be, spills and accidents do happen. Rhino Floortex is also UV resistant ensuring that your stylish floor won’t fade or become discoloured over time.

Easy to Clean

Concrete and tiles are porous, and can be hard to scrub and sweep when those inevitable accidents occur. On the other hand, Rhino Floortex is completely smooth with a slight sheen making clean-ups a breeze. As well, as we already mentioned—the coating can hold-up to all house-hold chemicals so you need not worry about bringing out the heavy duty cleaning supplies if need be!


Considering the many features of Rhino Floortex Coating, it’s easy to assume it will be a lengthy and tiresome process. On the contrary, Rhino Floortex Coating takes less than a day to complete, and the final coating takes only an hour to cure.


The odds are, that you’re finding this list of benefits a bit too good to be true, and we can’t blame you! We’d suggest that you cast those doubts aside though, since Rhino Floortex Coating is 100% warrantied by Garage Living to ensure that your floor stays looking good forever!


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