Garage doors connect you to the great outdoors

Houzz posted a great article titled, “Design Workshop: The Case for Big Overhead Doors,” and we couldn’t agree more with what Residential Architect Eric Reinholdt had to say. In this article, Reinholdt expresses in both words and images just why homeowners should consider installing a garage door in their home.

In general, an overhead door provides a way to connect with the outdoors and helps the outside world become a part of your home life. “While originally intended for purely utilitarian spaces, some garage doors have adopted such a level of finish and style, you wouldn’t want to park a car anywhere near them,” Reinholdt states.

To bring the great outdoor indoors we recommend Garage Living Aluminum and Glass garage doors. The raw look of aluminum is perfect for a modern style. This industrial material is durable allowing you to enjoy your unique setup for years to come. Glass panels, whether clear or frosted, facilitate the outdoor connection surrounding your space in ambient light.

Here are several inspirational take-a ways for new garage doors:

Wow Factor

With updated garage doors, your home will have that “wow” factor neighbors envy. Additionally, you can enjoy the nice weather from the comforts of your couch simply by leaving the door open for an afternoon.


For climate challenges, and using a space year-round, Garage Living has converted garages with insulated garage doors, weather stripping and heaters. Spaces have transformed into fitness rooms, workshops and home offices.

Window Decor

A modern garage door with paneled sections can resemble a large window

High Ceilings

Leverage a high ceiling in your home with a Garage Living high lift door conversions.

Garage Living can perform a high lift conversion. Essentially, this is a modification to the garage door’s operating components to open at a higher level within the interior space.


If you require privacy, use solid panels to completely obscure your interior when closed.

Garage Living’s doors are perfectly suited for storing cars, the high quality and durable nature of the materials we use make them a clever choice no matter what use or style you prefer. From rustic to modern, Garage Living garage doors can complement and enhance your home.

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