7 Helpful Garage Organization Ideas You’ll Regret Not Trying

Tidy, organized garages get that way by incorporating the right garage organization ideas into their designs.

Not all garage organization ideas and products are equally effective, however. Some won’t make the best use of your garage’s available storage space.

Others may be adequately functional, but lacking when it comes to providing you with a convenient level of storage versatility.

7 creative garage organization ideas

We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the most helpful garage organization ideas to turn to in order to keep your garage clutter-free, highly functional, and looking its best.

1. Garage organization ideas to maximize storage space

Take a look at how your garage is currently set up to accommodate the items being stored in it. If it’s like most garages, it probably has a significant amount of wasted or underutilized storage space.

One of the cornerstones of good garage organization is to make the most of what you have to work with in your garage space.

That means utilizing your garage walls and overhead space properly in order to maximize how much your garage can store.

A slatwall storage system creates versatile hanging space on your garage walls by using various hanging accessories to keep items neatly stored. Slatwall storage is one of the most effective garage organization ideas available for reclaiming your valuable garage floor space.

In addition to your garage walls, also look to your underused garage ceiling space in order to find plenty of precious storage space. Overhead storage racks are an excellent way to give you more garage storage options.

garage organization ideas slatwall

Everything from tools to sports equipment to a garden hose has its place with a slatwall storage system.

2. Garage organization and storage ideas for vehicles

Are you unable to park in your garage due to excess clutter occupying space where your vehicles should be kept?

You’re not alone. Many home organization studies and surveys show that the garage is typically the most cluttered space in homes. Here are some examples:

  • a 2017 Garage Living poll found that 20% of the 1,500 respondents were unable to park in their garage
  • a U.S. Dept. of Energy study shows that 25% of homeowners with 2-car garages don’t park in them at all
  • an in-depth UCLA study of 32 Los Angeles-area families found that 75% of them didn’t use their garages for parking

Not being able to park in your garage leaves your vehicles less secure. Parking in your driveway also exposes vehicles to exterior elements that can shorten their lifespan. Rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, and tree sap can all take a toll on a vehicle’s body.

One of the more practical garage organization ideas for creating more parking space is to get a car lift. They’re a great alternative to having to undergo a garage expansion.

Car lifts effectively make a 1-car garage a 2-car garage, a 2-car garage a 3-car garage (or a 4-car garage if two lifts are added), and so on.

A car lift simply takes advantage of your garage’s useable vertical space by creating an elevated vehicle parking space that allows for another vehicle to be parked below it.

3. Effective garage organization ideas for garden hoses

Some homes have their outdoor water connections located in the garage. That can be convenient, but it can also add to your garage clutter with garden hoses that aren’t properly stored.

A garden hose that’s left haphazardly unwound on your garage floor contributes to a more disorganized garage space and is also a tripping hazard.

It’s also more likely to get damaged from vehicles driving over it or from having heavy items thrown on top of it.

When it comes to garage organization ideas for properly storing your garden hoses, a wall-mounted hose reel or high quality hose reel cart are the perfect solution.

4. Garage organization ideas for sports equipment

Bikes and other types of sports equipment can account for much of the clutter found on garage floors, especially if you have an active family that enjoys their outdoor activities.

Many of these items can pose some of the most dangerous tripping hazards in the garage, such as soccer balls, footballs, baseball bats, and skateboards.

There are numerous types of slatwall hanging accessories designed to keep your sporting accessories well-organized and more safely stored.

Free up a little garage floor space by hanging your family’s bikes on vertical or horizontal bike hooks.

Hanging accessories specifically designed for hockey, golf, tennis, and fishing equipment are also available, as are adjustable ball racks.

Hanging deep mesh baskets are another practical multi-purpose storage option. They can be used for storing everything from sports equipment to gardening, automotive, and cleaning supplies.

5. Perfect garage organization ideas for seasonal items

Another common garage floor clutter culprit are infrequently used items, especially seasonal items. Examples include:

  • storage bins
  • seasonal tires
  • patio furniture
  • out-of-season sporting equipment

Some of these items won’t be needed for months on end, so it’s a shame to have them needlessly sitting on your garage floor.

More often than not, these items are also bulky and heavy, which only makes them take up more space and become a hassle to navigate around.

Overhead storage racks are an ideal solution to handle your heavy-duty garage storage needs. Just store those bulky items up in the air and out of the way.

Freestanding industrial storage units might be more suited to your needs for less bulky items. And a proper wall-mounted tire storage rack is perfect for your seasonal tire storage requirements.

garage organization ideas overhead rack

Overhead storage racks provide ample storage space for bulky seasonal items.

6. Clever garage organization ideas for tools

With all of the yard tools and hand tools you’ll collect over the years, there’s seemingly never enough garage storage space available in order to keep them all effectively organized.

How much time have you wasted looking for that one particular wrench or garden hand trowel, only to give up and end up buying a replacement? Naturally, you’ll find the lost item months later.

Invest in some better storage systems with some garage organization ideas aimed at keeping all of your tools easy to find.

Slatwall storage is recommended for both yard tools and smaller hand tools that can be stored on easy-to-access hanging racks, holders, and magnetic tool bars.

For larger or more expensive tool collections (possibly as part of a garage workshop), there’s nothing better than a garage cabinet system.

7. Garage organization design ideas

Clearly, appearance plays a huge part in a garage feeling like a clean, organized space. Having things neat and tidy is important, but keeping clutter reduced is only part of the battle.

Don’t overlook the importance of garage organization design as well.

Are all of those organized items stored in a garage with a damaged, dull-looking garage floor? Do your storage systems have an outdated look?

Is your garage still lit by a couple of dim incandescent light bulbs? Perhaps your garage walls are still unfinished even after years of owning your home.

It’s details like these that matter with a garage’s aesthetics. Upgrading these areas will help your efforts to utilize the garage organization ideas listed here make even more of a difference to how your garage looks, feels, and functions.

Consider supplementing your improved garage organization systems with a new garage floor coating and improved energy efficient LED garage lighting to illuminate your space better.

And take advantage of custom garage design options that make it easier to come up with effective and stylish garage color schemes.

The trusted pros for the best garage organization ideas

Our custom garage makeover designs cater to the specific and unique needs of each of our clients. That ensures that when your garage makeover is completed, you’ll have a beautiful space that fits your lifestyle and looks even better than you could have envisioned

Book a free design consultation with us to learn more about how the best garage organization and storage ideas on the market can transform your garage.

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Garage Storage For Kids: 9 Smart Ways to Cut the Clutter

garage storage for kids slatwall

Let’s face it, most kids don’t make keeping their belongings in the garage well-organized a high priority.

Between bikes, sports equipment, playing accessories, and outdoor apparel, mom and dad are as likely to be picking up after their kids in the garage as they are in the rest of the house.

Keeping the garage organized during the summer season when the kids are out of school and more active outdoors is particularly challenging.

Part of that is just kids being kids, but it may also be because your kids’ garage storage needs simply aren’t being addressed.

9 ideas to make garage storage for kids easier

Taming the kids clutter in your garage is as simple as having a strategic plan in place that makes it easier for them to keep your garage tidier.

Using better garage storage systems and smarter storage strategies will result in having a garage where everybody’s belongings can co-exist in an organized manner.

Restore order and functionality to your garage space by trying these nine ideas to make garage storage for kids easier.

1. You have more useable storage space than you think

A lot of homeowners don’t take advantage of all of the useable storage space their garage has to offer. We’re talking about the garage walls and overhead space.

These underutilized areas are loaded with potential storage space for all of that kiddy clutter (and probably some of mom and dad’s) currently taking up residence on your garage floor.

Slatwall storage is one of the most effective ways to keep a garage floor clear and tidy. Using wall-hung PVC slatwall panels, toys, sports equipment, tools, and many other items can be hung on your garage walls, instead of being piled up on your garage floor.

You only have to look up in your garage to find even more additional storage space. Making better use of your garage’s vertical space with overhead storage racks can relieve some of the storage burden on areas closer to your floor.

2. Get rid of items your kids have outgrown

Kids will outgrow just about everything they play with or wear, both literally and figuratively.

It’s natural for their interests and hobbies to shift from one year to the next, meaning things they no longer use will unnecessarily be taking up garage real estate.

Once a year, take the time to go through your kids’ things with them to find what they’ve outgrown and which of their belongings they can part with. A local charity will be grateful for your donation.

garage storage for kids, child putting on rollerblades

Do those old rollerblades still fit? Minimize garage clutter by periodically getting rid of items your kids have outgrown.

3. Designate garage storage zones

Yes, setting up designated storage zones in the garage might seem like an obvious way to keep the space more organized…but have you seen most garages?

Too many of them lack a smart layout and setup that makes it easier to maintain an organized garage space. Take the time to establish dedicated, structured zones in the garage for the entire family’s storage needs.

Set up storage areas just for your kids, perhaps giving them a slatwall panel or two and some shelves that are all theirs. If you have garage cabinetry, let the kids use one of the cabinets for storing some of their things.

Letting your kids have dedicated storage areas can instill a deeper sense of ownership in them about their section of the garage. That should ideally give them more incentive to keep their part of the garage tidy.

4. Group like items together

Like decluttering, the next of our garage storage for kids tips also borrows from the book of organization and storage fundamentals – grouping like items together.

Combined with having designated storage zones, keeping like items stored together will allow you and your kids to easily find any item when needed. There’ll be less time wasted rummaging through your garage looking for a certain item.

Young children will still be developing their memory retention skills, so storing items together can be especially helpful to them.

Here’s a suggestion: keep all of your kids’ “wheeled” belongings stored on one slatwall panel. Items you can hang up include:

  • bikes (vertical or horizontal bike hooks free up floor space)
  • scooters
  • skateboards
  • tricycles and Big Wheel-type toys

5. Create a home for everything

When it comes to making garage storage for kids simpler, creating a home for all of their things is a very effective way to increase the likelihood that items will get put back in the proper place.

If each item has a home, there will be no reason for it to be left anywhere else in the garage. This strategy also makes it easier to keep your kids accountable for how well they’re contributing to the garage’s level of organization.

Toys, sports equipment, pool accessories, bike accessories, sunscreen, and anything else your kids use in the garage can be hung up on the slatwall or stored on an open shelving unit.

Bins, buckets, and baskets can be used for keeping smaller loose items organized on shelves. To corral those loose balls, use deep hanging mesh baskets or adjustable wall-mounted ball racks hung on the slatwall.

Those tripping hazards will be safer stored there than they’ll be if the balls were left scattered across your garage floor.

garage storage for kids, apparel hung on wall

Create a home for everything in the garage, from your kids’ outdoor apparel to their sports equipment.

6. Use labels to help your kids

Another helping hand you can give your kids in order to help them keep the garage clean is to label their things. Labels will help especially young children identify items a bit easier and can be an early literacy development aid.

Using bright colors, pictures, or the child’s name on the labels can also help younger children to identify items easier.

Be mindful of keeping a tidy, consistent look to your labels in order to minimize visual clutter.

Invest in a handheld label maker. It’ll be one of those inexpensive, yet extremely handy devices you’ll use for years to come throughout the entire house.

7. Store items at kid-friendly heights

These garage storage for kids tips and ideas are all about making it as easy as possible for your youngsters to function in the garage. Part of that includes making sure you’re being mindful of using kid-friendly heights for their stored items.

After all, if your kids have to struggle to put something away in a storage home that’s too high, chances are its new home will be on your garage floor.

Using kid-friendly storage heights in the garage is also about keeping them safe so your kids don’t have to struggle to put away or take down something from an unsafe height.

Keep heavier items like bikes as accessible and low to the ground as possible. And remember to adjust storage heights in the garage for your kids’ things as they grow.

8. Prioritize storage based on the season

Efficient garage storage involves making it as effortless as possible to put things away and locate items when you need them.

Prioritizing where things are stored based on the time of year helps to make garage storage for kids and everybody else easier. After all, having your kids’ sleds or snowboards occupying prime, easy-to-access garage storage space during the summer makes no sense.

That’s when garage storage systems like overhead storage racks can be particularly useful.

9. Use versatile storage systems

Choosing garage storage systems that provide flexibility and versatility to accommodate your kids’ changing storage needs can minimize storage headaches.

When you do need to swap out one season’s stored items for things that will be frequently used during the coming season, having storage flexibility ends up being a real time-saver.

One of slatwall’s notable benefits is its versatility and ability to let you easily reconfigure items hung on the slatwall panels. That flexibility also makes it easier to group like items together and make the most of your wall hanging space.

We have the best garage storage for kids solutions

Could your garage use a makeover that includes more kid-friendly storage systems that can keep the space tidier? Garage Living has the best garage storage for kids solutions to fit your needs.

Contact us today by booking a free design consultation.

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11 Perfect Car Lover Gift Ideas To Give This Holiday Season

car lover gift ideas

The car lover in your life may not be the easiest person to shop for. Auto enthusiasts do tend to have very specific taste when it comes to anything related to their vehicles.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of great car lover gift ideas to choose from this holiday season. That gives you some much-needed flexibility to cater more specifically to the particular tastes and preferences of the auto enthusiast you’re buying for.

These 11 car lover gift ideas include items that are practical, fun, informative, stylish, and safety-conscious. True, none of them may be quite as well-received as a new Tesla Model S sitting in the driveway with a bow on top of it on Christmas morning.

Even still, the car guy or car girl in your life will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into your holiday gift-giving this year.

1. Key finder

One of the most frequently misplaced items in homes are car keys. And the cost to replace a lost key fob can get quite expensive. Those prices range from a minimum of about $75 right through to well into the hundreds of dollars for fobs used by higher-end cars.

For the disorganized car lover who’s always misplacing their keys and being late for work or appointments, buy them a key finder. A small Bluetooth tracker is attached to a key ring and linked to a smartphone app. When your keys are lost, simply open the app to pinpoint their location.

They can also be used with backpacks, wallets, purses, and anything else you want to keep track of. Tile is a reputable brand for this type of product, with prices starting in the $25 range for a single tracker. It’s a lot more cost-effective to buy a 4 pack of trackers for around $60, though.

car lover gift ideas key ring

Never lose your keys again with a Tile Bluetooth tracker attached to your key ring.

2. Auto care kit

For the most part, auto enthusiasts are obsessed with keeping their vehicles clean and well-detailed. When you’re looking for car lover gift ideas that help your gearhead pamper their ride, consider an auto care kit.

Man Crates’ Auto Care Crate and the variety of auto care kits available from Meguiar’s include just about everything needed to detail a prized vehicle. A complete auto care kit will be put to to frequent use by any car-loving recipient.

3. Tire pressure gauge

Regardless of whether you drive a luxury vehicle or a rundown beater, every car should have a reliable tire pressure gauge stored in its glove box. Driving on underinflated tires can:

  • damage the tires and cause them to eventually blow out due to overheating
  • limit your car’s handling ability
  • lower your fuel economy

Tires that are overinflated can also cause problems, so it’s suggested you check your tire pressure once a month to ensure they’re filled to the manufacturer’s recommended psi.

Even if your car has a tire pressure monitoring system, it’s smart to use a tire pressure gauge occasionally just to double check for accuracy. And they make great and inexpensive stocking stuffers!

4. Portable tire inflator

When it comes to practical car lover gift ideas, a portable tire inflator/mini air compressor can’t be beat. These handy devices just may be the most invaluable thing stored in your trunk besides your spare tire.

Many tire inflators do more than just fill up your tires and save you the ridiculous costs that gas stations charge nowadays for usage of their air compressors. They also have extra features like high output LED lights to see better at night or flashing hazard lights.

Cordless models can use either the same type of battery used with cordless drills or be plugged into a regular electrical outlet for recharging. A lot of models also plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. Prices for a quality tire inflator start at around $40. The device can also be used for inflating:

  • bike tires
  • soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs
  • air mattresses

5. New garage flooring

The gift of new garage flooring makes perfect sense for anyone who cares about the space they’re parking their beloved cars in. Having a fresh Floortex™ floor coating applied on your floor gives any garage a more modern look.

Floortex™ floor coatings are extremely strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They’re highly resistant to most automotive fluids and household chemicals and spills wipe up easily. The decorative flake surface also nicely obscures dirt and dust.

The decorative flakes used in our flooring application process come in a variety of colors that effectively complement both a car’s colors and a garage interior’s décor.

car lover gift ideas floor

Even a Ferrari looks nicer when it’s parked on an attractive Floortex™ garage floor surface.

6. USB-C car charger

If your gift recipient’s ride is older than a 2015 model, it may have an older-style USB charging port that takes longer to charge new smartphones. Or it may not have a USB charger at all.

Surprise them with an upgraded USB-C charger that plugs into a car cigarette lighter to provide a faster charge. Prices range from about $10 to $25.

7. Car books

When looking for car lover gift ideas that are more on the informative side, there are a plethora of automotive books to choose from. We recommend:

  • Formula 1: All the Races – this meticulously researched book covers the Formula 1 story from its beginnings in 1950 up until the present day
  • The Car Book 2017 – the 37th edition of this comprehensive car buying guide gives you up-to-date information on every new car to help you make an informed buying decision
  • Porsche 911: 50 years – any Porsche lover will appreciate receiving this coffee table book featuring a detailed written and visual look at the evolution of one of the most iconic cars ever
  • Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide – whether you’re looking for a new car or just want to keep up on the latest models, this 200 page buying guide from the trusted magazine is a must-have
  • The Impossible Collection of Cars – this showcase of the past century’s most exceptional cars features lavish packaging that makes this gift extra-special for any car lover

8. Driving gloves

Driving gloves look undeniably cool, but their benefits go beyond just stylish looks. They protect your steering wheel from the dirt and natural oils your bare hands leave behind.

And if your car doesn’t have a heated steering wheel, driving gloves are nice to have in colder weather. Their thin leather design allows for a better grip than most other gloves, while keeping your hands warm.

car lover gift ideas

Improve your driving grip with stylish driving gloves.

9. Realistic driving simulators

If you’re looking for fun car lover gift ideas and the person you’re buying for has a PS4 or Xbox One gaming console, give them an ultra-realistic driving experience.

Gran Turismo Sport (for PS4) and Forza Motorsport 7 (for Xbox One) both just released in October. Each series has an impressive pedigree when it comes to creating games that are specifically geared towards those who appreciate high-end cars (and driving fast in them).

Painstaking attention is paid to the details of the cars in these games and their 4K visuals really enhance the immersive experience. You can even add a driving wheel accessory to make that Porsche handle even better. And contrary to popular belief, video games aren’t exactly a kids’ hobby anymore – the average age of a gamer is actually 35 nowadays.

10. Garage cabinetry

How can you make a car lover’s garage space even more organized and visually appealing? Just add garage storage cabinets to it. Whether someone needs extra storage space for gardening supplies, car tools, or the tools they use for their garage workshop, garage cabinetry is the perfect solution.

Garage Living carries assorted types of cabinet systems in modular and custom-fitted designs to suit any car lover’s needs. Is your auto enthusiast the type that likes to get their hands dirty working on their prized ride? If so, the GL NEOS Elite or GL Hayley cabinet systems will be perfect for them.

Our cabinets offer ample design flexibility so that any car lover can get more functionality and stylish looks from their garage space. Car lover gift ideas that can improve a garage space make even more sense for anyone with a passion for cars. That’s because they’ll spend more time than the average person in this part of the home.

car lover gift ideas cabinets

Any car lover would appreciate a garage cabinet system.

11. Car battery booster

The last of our car lover gift ideas is a car battery booster. Just like finding out you have a flat tire, realizing your car battery is dead can ruin a perfectly good day.

Instead of asking a neighbor or co-worker for a boost, or waiting for the AAA or CAA truck to arrive, fix the problem yourself. You’ll find a wide range of portable car battery boosters available to choose from. Some models are small enough to fit into your glove box, while more heavy-duty chargers can be kept in your car trunk.

You can’t go wrong with any of these car lover gift ideas

These car lover gift ideas will put a smile on the face of any auto enthusiast and brighten their holidays. If you’d like to learn more about giving any of our garage makeover products and services as gifts this holiday season, visit your local Garage Living showroom.

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7 Smart Strategies to Eliminate Your Garage Visual Clutter

Do you ever wonder why even relatively clean and organized areas of your home can still seem like they’re too cluttered?

The reason is probably “visual clutter”. Naturally, regular clutter will make any space look disorganized. Visual clutter, on the other hand, can stem from having poorly thought-out arrangements and locations for your storage and organization systems (or a lack of them).

Bad decisions with your décor can also contribute to visual clutter and garage visual clutter is no different. It can leave a generally off-putting vibe that your garage is just not looking its best.

Why should you eliminate garage visual clutter?

Here are some examples of visual clutter in the home:

  • a fridge front that’s overloaded with photos, memos, notes, and lists
  • having too many photos or pictures hung on your wall (mismatching frames also add to the visual clutter)
  • piles of magazines kept on a coffee table
  • an excess of cleaning supplies or auto fluid containers left on your garage floor

Just as it does in the rest of your home, garage visual clutter adds to your stress level. It also detracts from your enjoyment of the space, in addition to the fact it limits your functionality within it.

Most homeowners use the garage as the main entry and exit point for their home. Therefore, if you have garage visual clutter, it’s almost impossible to avoid. And if you use your garage as a workspace, workout area, or hobby area, garage visual clutter can also limit your productivity during time spent in the space.

Work on eliminating your garage visual clutter to create a more streamlined, aesthetically pleasing garage environment. Use these seven strategies to guide you.

garage visual clutter

A clean, empty garage floor that doesn’t show any sign of visual clutter.

1. Get your garage floor cleared

Your garage floor can be a clutter magnet, so getting it cleared and keeping it that way will have a huge impact on minimizing or eliminating garage visual clutter.

Remember, your garage’s most important purpose is for parking vehicles. Floor clutter only makes that more difficult, in addition to detracting from your garage’s appearance.

A clear garage floor also allows you to enter and exit vehicles easier and foot traffic can travel without any obstructions or tripping hazards. To get things off your floor, look to your garage’s underused wall and vertical space to create more storage room.

Slatwall panels allow everything from bikes to power cords to garden tools to sports equipment to be hung on your walls, as opposed to being left on your floor.

Our various specialty storage racks include tire racks and heavy-duty overhead storage racks. These are great for storing the bulkier and heavier items in your garage that can take up a lot of valuable floor space.

Many of these bulkier items are for seasonal use or are infrequently used, so it makes even more sense to store them elsewhere so they’re not always in your way.

2. Eliminate conflicting design elements

Conflicting patterns and colors in your garage can contribute to garage visual clutter. With the addition of slatwall panels, your garage interior will have a more finished, organized appearance that’s easier on the eyes.

That sleek and clean look can be achieved even if you have light switches, conduit pipe, receptacles, and other wall obstructions. These can all be accounted for by our installers when they’re cutting the panels. Color-matched screws and trim for ends, corners, and any gaps between panels make up the finishing touches that help create the consistent look.

You’ll also minimize garage visual clutter by choosing colors for your garage upgrades that effectively complement each other. Your garage’s interior visuals can really pop when the right colors of both garage cabinets and slatwall are matched with the perfect flooring color.

3. Create a singular focal point

One way to reduce garage visual clutter is to create a singular focal point within the space. This means that when you enter your garage, your eyes should be drawn to one main wall.

Garage cabinetry can be a great anchor to help you achieve this goal. Garage Living carries a variety of cabinet styles and colors to match your design tastes and establish a showpiece focal point in your garage.

For example, the GL NEOS Elite cabinet system has a thoroughly modern look that features a seamless wall-to-wall presentation. The sleek, stylish look of the cabinets will instantly become the focus of your attention and functions as an effective countermeasure against the ugliness of visual clutter.

visual clutter hidden supplies

Hiding your supplies behind storage cabinet doors maintains an organized appearance within your garage space.

4. Keep supplies and other belongings hidden

Along with improving your garage’s look, there are obvious functional benefits to adding garage cabinetry. First, they’ll help you keep many of your belongings better organized.

They also enable you to keep supplies and other belongings hidden and out of sight, which reduces your garage visual clutter. Tall cabinets, upper cabinetry, lower cabinetry, and drawers work wonders to obscure many of the items kept in your garage.

By having the ability to store items behind doors and in cabinet drawers, you’ll no longer have a constant reminder of everything your garage contains. That makes for a neater, more inviting-looking space.

5. Keep similar items together to reduce garage visual clutter

It’s always a good organizing practice to keep similar items stored together, whether you’re cleaning up a bedroom, a home office, or a garage. One reason to do this is to make it easy to find specific items without wasting much time.

The other reason to group like items together is because it simply looks neater and creates a more cohesive look. Think of how displays in stores are designed. The consistent, uniform look of many similar or identical products on display can be a real eye-catcher.

Some larger items in your garage can’t be hidden behind cabinetry doors, but you can still store them in a neatly organized manner on your slatwall.

There are many types of slatwall accessory hooks, shelves, racks, baskets, and bins available for hanging your belongings. That means you can configure your slatwall’s storage layout just about any way you’d like. Keep items like rakes, tools, or a multitude of other things grouped together, easy to find, and looking satisfyingly orderly.

garage visual clutter slatwall

Group similar items together on slatwall panels to avoid garage visual clutter.

6. Use legible, consistent-looking labels

Using labels in your garage is a good idea, as it helps to locate infrequently used items quicker. One of the best examples of this would be bins of holiday decorations, which are ideal for storing in an overhead rack.

Perhaps your garage cabinetry, like the GL Custom Steel cabinet system, has an option to include utility drawers with organizing bins. They’re very useful for keeping small screws, nails, and other small bits of hardware organized, with the help of labels.

When making labels to identify your things, take the time to create labels that are legible and consistent-looking. If you’re using a marker, print neatly, make the writing easy to read from a distance, and stick with the same color.

If you’re able to, use a handheld label maker or print your labels on the computer. They’ll look nicer and create the desired consistent, uniform appearance that doesn’t produce garage visual clutter.

7. Don’t forget the visual clutter of parking in your driveway

You might not have considered it, but parking your vehicles all the time in your driveway is another type of visual clutter for your home’s exterior. That negatively impacts your home’s curb appeal.

And when you consider that our vehicles sit parked 95% of the time, that’s even more reason to take the time to make space in your garage for parking vehicles.

Create a more inviting space by eliminating garage visual clutter

Eliminating your garage visual clutter will transform your space into a more inviting area of your home that you won’t dread entering any longer. Every time you return home, you’ll appreciate having a clean, clutter-free garage that’s more manageable.

Garage Living can bring your dream garage to life and also show you some ideas and solutions that will even improve upon your original vision. Book your free design consultation with us today and take that first exciting step towards creating your dream garage space.

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7 Solutions to Make Home Garage Parking Easier and Safer

home entryway garage 2

Safe and easy home garage parking can be a daily challenge for many vehicle owners for a number of reasons.

The most obvious reason home garage parking might be difficult is because your garage space is smaller than you’d like. A 1-car garage space combined with you owning a larger vehicle (like an SUV or minivan) can make for a tight parking fit.

Even if you have an average-sized vehicle, other variables such as clutter, poor lighting, and the space’s layout can create home garage parking problems. Examples of the latter might be a support beam or a central vac system with a canister that juts out and impedes on your garage parking space.

And finding enough space to park all of your vehicles indoors can be a problem even if you have a 2-car, 3-car, or even larger garage space. If you’re not taking the time to occasionally declutter your garage, parking problems are inevitable.

Potential problems with home garage parking

Not having enough room for garage parking leads to these potential problems:

  • paint and body damage to vehicles
  • the inconvenience that comes with difficulties entering and exiting vehicles
  • you can’t reap the many benefits of garage parking
  • the stress of trying to park your vehicles inside safely

Home garage parking can be stressful, but there are several ways to fix the problems relevant to your own parking situation. Start by making use of these seven useful tips and implementing a few of the recommendations to make home garage parking easier.

1. Make your garage bigger

When considering ways to make home garage parking easier, one of your first ideas might be to expand the size of your garage. It’s a natural conclusion to make, but a solution that does have some drawbacks.

The recommended minimum size for a 1-car garage is around 12′ wide by 24′ deep (12′ x 24′). That can be expanded to dimensions of approximately 14′ x 22′ and 16′ x 24′ to accommodate larger vehicles and room for storage.

For 2-car garages, the minimum recommended size would be approximately 22′ x 24′. A size of 24′ x 24′ would be considered ideal and provide you with extra flexibility. As always, you should go with with more space than you think you’ll need.

Yes, hiring a garage builder to expand your garage’s size may provide you with more parking space. There are a few reasons, however, why some alternative solutions will soon become more appealing:

  • the high cost of a garage expansion
  • the inconvenience of not having use of your garage for an extended period of time
  • the mess a garage expansion will cause
  • the hassle and expense of obtaining building permits

2. Create more space in your garage

If your garage floor is cluttered and barely leaving you enough space to pull a vehicle inside, it makes more sense to deal with the clutter than to start knocking down any walls.

Many garages don’t fully utilize their wall and vertical space for storage. There are a few effective garage storage and organization solutions that can take advantage of these underused areas.

A slatwall organization system adds PVC slatwall panels with hanging accessories to your walls, which lets you keep your floor clear of clutter.

Overhead storage racks also aid you in keeping your floor clear, thereby making home garage parking easier. Less garage floor clutter means less obstacles to worry about when parking.

A garage cabinet system can also be installed to add extra storage room and they’re a great storage solution if your garage can accommodate it. Storage cabinetry may or may not be ideal for your garage if the space is too confined, although keep in mind that our GL Signature cabinet system comes with a shallow depth option for smaller garages.

organized 1-car home garage parking

A 1-car garage is much easier to park in when it’s well-organized.

3. Use DIY home garage parking aids

Probably the biggest challenge of home garage parking is knowing how far into the garage your vehicle should be pulled. The other main worry is knowing how far over to one side of your garage your vehicle is. Here are some of the DIY parking aids that homeowners have tried:

  • a suspended tennis ball on a string hung from the ceiling (when it touches your windshield, you’re in far enough)
  • attaching a paint brush or broom head to the driver side wall (when your mirror touches the bristles, you’ll know you’re over too far on that side)
  • adding bright reflective tape on your garage walls to line up with a set point on your vehicle
  • using a wood block on your floor as a stopping indicator
  • using old sofa cushions or fastening thick carpeting or foam pads to walls

While it’s true these cheap home garage parking aids can work to varying degrees, there are two reasons they might not provide the satisfaction you’re looking for.

First and foremost, these low-tech parking aids look lousy. Who wants an ugly fuzzy tennis ball hanging from their garage ceiling or old carpeting stuck to their walls? These DIY ideas will only detract from your garage’s aesthetics. That’s not ideal, especially if you’ve invested in a garage makeover that includes a fresh new garage floor coating.

The second reason to think twice about DIY home garage parking aids are they tend to not be reliable. That dangling tennis ball can slip off the string or get knocked out of place. And wood blocks can break or slide if they’re not properly anchored.

4. Use proper home garage parking aids

If DIY parking aids aren’t to your liking, there are quite a few other options available online and in stores. One of the most popular choices are wireless car cameras that can make parking easier. These are known by a variety of names, including parking cameras, backup cameras, reversing cameras, and rearview cameras.

Wireless parking sensors are another option worth considering. A sensor built into a license plate frame communicates with a smartphone app to send audio, visual, and vibration alerts when your vehicle is too close to another object.

Another high-tech home garage parking aid that’s been growing in popularity are laser parking aids. These handy units are mounted in your garage and have an adjustable laser beam that guides you to park safely.

If you’re a Tesla owner, you’ll have access to a number of high-tech parking aids. The Tesla Model S comes with parking sensors, rearview cameras, and an automatic folding side mirrors feature. Some models also have a “Summon” mode that can automatically park the car in your garage for you.

On the more low-tech end of commercially available parking aids are indicators that are put on your garage floor. These come in different types, such as a mat or bump/stopper that indicate when you’re in the right parking spot. The downside of these aids are that they can move if they’re not fastened to your floor.

5. Add better lighting and wall bumpers

One way to make home garage parking less of a headache is to improve the lighting in your garage. Garages commonly have outdated lighting which consists of one or two 60 watt incandescent bulbs that don’t provide much illumination.

It’s amazing how much of difference improved lighting makes in any space. And considering garage parking leaves you with little room for error, upgraded lighting is worth considering.

Our 4 foot LED garage light fixture provides high quality and uniform lighting, which can help make parking a little easier. Its unbreakable lens and durable housing make it ideal for a damp location like a garage. The energy efficient 71 watt light has the same light output as 10-60 watt incandescent bulbs, while using 90% less energy.

Another smart choice to protect your vehicle doors in small garages are wall bumpers, which are mounted on your garage walls or slatwall panels. These PVC bumpers will save your doors from the dings, dents, and scratches that can occur when entering or exiting vehicles in a confined garage space.

home garage parking lighting fixture

Upgraded garage lighting can make parking easier.

home garage parking gray wall bumper

Wall bumpers protect your vehicle’s doors from damage.

6. Practice parking more or change the way you park

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you may be having problems parking in your garage because you’re just not familiar enough with the space and how your vehicle fits within it.

Another factor that may be causing you to feel uncertain when parking is that you’re driving a new vehicle that’s significantly larger than your previous vehicle. Simple practice can help make things easier. Get a family member to act as a parking guide outside the vehicle to help you acclimatize to your surroundings.

You might also consider backing into your garage instead of pulling forward into it, as most drivers do. You may have more things stored on one side of the garage than the other and a simple reverse of what side you exit or enter your vehicle from might help.

Reversing into your garage has a couple of benefits. First, it obviously makes it easier and quicker to leave your garage. Secondly, it’s safer to pull out of your garage driving forward, which might be a consideration if you have small kids or pets.

One of the great benefits of home garage parking is that your vehicles will warm up quicker on cold days. Just remember not to overdo it with the warming up if you’re reverse parking in your garage.

Make sure your garage door is open to let your exhaust fumes escape and limit the warm up to a few minutes. If you’re making this a regular practice, you should also ensure the connecting wall between your garage and heated living area is properly sealed. This includes having weatherstripping and a threshold on the door that accesses your garage from the rest of your home.

7. Add a car lift for more home garage parking space

Any of the above home garage parking tips should be helpful to you, as can our last parking solution. A 4 post car lift can double your garage’s parking space. That can turn a 1-car garage effectively into a 2-car garage or just create a little more space in your larger garage.

The car lift allows a vehicle to be stored above another vehicle that’s parked on the ground. If you have a 2-car garage and are finding it difficult to park two vehicles inside of it, a car lift can allow you to do this and perhaps also create a space for a workshop.

Our 4 post car lifts are safe and easy to use and can store vehicles weighing 8,000 – 9,000 lbs. They can also be used for storing motorcycles and out-of-season items, as well as being useful for doing maintenance on your vehicles.

Conquer your home garage parking problems

There’s no reason to contend with the stress of home garage parking and risk any damage to the body of your vehicles, which leads to expensive repairs. The solutions listed here will help you conquer your home garage parking problems.

Garage Living has extensive experience in transforming garage spaces to make them clutter-free, more visually appealing, and much more functional. Find out what great things we can do with your garage space by scheduling a free design consultation with us today.

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