7 Proven Garage Improvement Strategies to Utilize in 2018

With the New Year’s celebrations and holiday season for many of us now over, our attention turns to the traditional New Year’s resolution.

A lot of us view New Year’s resolutions as a pain. Others welcome the opportunity and challenge to better themselves by using the new year as a motivator for personal growth and improvement.

Getting in shape, eating better, learning a new skill, and volunteering more are all popular New Year’s resolutions. Getting your home organized is another big one. So why not start with the garage? It’s commonly the most disorganized room in homes.

Garage improvement strategies that are proven to work

Why focus on your garage over other disorganized areas of your home? Well, your garage takes up a sizeable portion of your home’s overall square footage. Therefore, you’re unable to get as much value from your garage space if you’re not using it to its full potential.

Your garage should be used for parking vehicles, not storing clutter. Consider that the majority of homeowners now use the garage as the primary entry and exit point to their house. Why not clear the clutter so you can park inside easier? You also wouldn’t have to look at stacks of junk you’ll never use on a daily basis.

Don’t settle for the status quo of having a garage that lacks visual appeal and is too messy to function properly. It should be viewed as an extension of your living space that’s as comfortable, useful, and aesthetically pleasing as any other part of your home.

These seven proven garage improvement strategies can help you keep your 2018 New Year’s resolution of finally getting your garage in order.

garage improvement strategies makeover

Getting your cluttered garage in order is easier when you use these garage improvement strategies.

1. Declutter first

Decluttering, the first of our garage improvement strategies, is simple, but can be time-consuming. Clearing out all that unnecessary junk will make it easier to evaluate your garage space and determine what type of storage systems and improvements it will really need.

Garage clutter doesn’t just clog up your floor and limit the space’s functionality, it also:

  • attracts dust and limits airflow (which lowers the air quality in the room)
  • poses a fire hazard
  • attracts pests (like mice and insects) who like to create nests in anything with paper or fabric

Once you’ve tossed, donated, or sold whichever items comprised all of your clutter, you’ll have a clearer sense of what you own. Now we have to find somewhere to store all of it besides the garage floor!

2. Maximize your garage storage space

It’s almost impossible to store items like garden tools and sports equipment on your garage floor and not have the space look disorganized. Loose items on your garage floor are also a tripping hazard.

Without a proper garage organization system in place (or a few of them), finding items when you need them also becomes difficult. But where’s the best place to put those garage organization systems so they’re the most effective?

The solution is to turn to areas of your garage with underused storage space – the walls and overhead.

Adding slatwall panels to your garage walls will open your storage possibilities for anything in your garage that’s hangable. Items like power cords, tools, bikes, and ladders can be hung with all sorts of versatile slatwall accessories, which helps you maintain an organized garage space.

For heavier items, overhead storage racks that utilize your garage’s vertical space are the way to go. Whether you’re storing tires, large storage bins, out-of-season items, or anything else that’s bulky, look for heavy-duty racks that can safely support a lot of weight.

Garage cabinetry is another solution for creating more storage space in the garage. Be sure to do your homework, however. Choose a well-made cabinet system that’s built to last and fits your needs, like GL Custom Steel cabinets.

garage improvement strategies overhead rack

Add overhead storage racks to your garage’s underused vertical space to keep bulky items off your garage floor.

3. Upgrade the garage floor

If you decide to follow just one of these garage improvement strategies, make it a floor upgrade. An attractive garage floor has a bigger impact on the space than you might think.

This type of upgrade is done by applying a floor coating to protect the concrete and provide a clean, consistent look for your garage floor. We recommend Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coatings, which are superior to epoxy floor coatings.

A polyaspartic floor coating offers much better durability and resistance to impacts and abrasions than epoxy coatings. It’s also more resistant to automotive fluids, salt stains, household chemicals, and tire markings. It goes without saying that all of those attributes are incredibly beneficial in a garage space.

Floor coatings that use decorative flakes in their application process, as Floortex™ does, also add a stylish aesthetic to a garage.

4. Boost your curb appeal

Our garage improvement strategies have focussed on your garage interior so far. What about the exterior? Considering the significant profile your garage doors have on your home’s exterior, it makes sense to evaluate them, too.

Older garage doors that are warped, cracked, or have a faded paint job significantly detract from your curb appeal. They also lack the much better insulation features and overall build quality of modern garage doors.

It’s never been easier to customize your garage doors to complement your home’s exterior décor than it is nowadays. Whether you want a classic look with steel or wood garage doors, or the modern aesthetic of full view aluminum garage doors are more to your liking, there’s a door choice to be found that will boost your curb appeal.

5. Push the limits of your garage’s functionality

Any of the above garage improvement strategies will make a huge difference with how your garage looks and functions. You can push things even further, however.

If you don’t have a garage door opener, or your current opener has seen better days, now’s the time to upgrade. Modern garage door openers are quieter and more reliable than the models of the past. Many models also have nifty, convenient features like MyQ Technology that lets you monitor and control your garage door from anywhere via a smartphone.

Another way to make your garage more useful is to increase the amount of space you have to park. There’s plenty of great reasons for parking inside a garage and a car lift enables you to do so.

garage improvement strategies fitness garage

Combine your getting-in-shape and garage improvement New Year’s resolutions by creating a garage fitness space that incorporates slatwall storage.

6. Create a multi-purpose garage space

Expanding on the idea of enhancing your garage’s functionality, you can also create a multi-purpose space that lets you use the garage for more than parking and storage.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, getting in shape has to be one of the most commonly broken ones. Everyone knows someone (or is someone) who wasted money on a barely used gym membership.

For most of us, exercising is a chore. Having to drive to a gym to do it just gives you one more reason not to go. Take care of two New Year’s resolutions at once by creating a garage fitness room as part of 2018’s garage improvement strategies.

You can work out conveniently on your own schedule…and won’t need to wonder if those sweaty exercise machines have been properly cleaned.

Other multi-purpose uses for your garage are to use it for crafting or as a workshop. The garage gives you some privacy and lets you tinker away to your heart’s content. Garage cabinetry can be incorporated into your workshop design to help you get the most out of it.

7. Maintain your transformed garage space

Once your garage space has been transformed, you need to make an effort to maintain it. Yes, keeping it organized will be easier with some of suggested storage and organization systems in these garage improvement strategies.

But you’ll reap the biggest benefits from the garage improvements you’ve made by still decluttering and cleaning regularly. Every two or three months should suffice for your garage cleaning needs. A more thorough cleaning (including washing your garage floor) should be done at least once a year.

Be the envy of your neighbors with these garage improvements

Getting your garage in order is an attainable, worthwhile New Year’s resolution to make. Follow these garage improvement strategies and lean on the trusted professionals at Garage Living to accomplish your New Year’s organization goals.

Find out more about how we can help with your garage improvement project. Our experts can suggest additional ways to upgrade your garage space, such as improving your garage lighting.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation to get on the right track to a more organized and visually appealing garage space in 2018.

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How Garage Living Works: The 3 Steps In Our Garage Makeover Process

If you’re ready to give your garage interior and exterior a customized upgrade, you’ll want to consult a trusted professional. From start to finish, no one understands the garage makeover process quite like Garage Living.

When you’re looking to get your garage organized, upgrade your flooring, or choose any of the number of other garage improvement solutions we offer, Garage Living has a respected track record.

Garage Living has established itself as one of North America’s premier garage makeover companies, with thousands of successful makeovers under our belt. We specialize in makeovers big and small, including high-end garage makeovers.

A successful beginning-to-end garage makeover process doesn’t just require the customer to be satisfied with the project’s finished results. It also includes the customer’s satisfaction in their experience working with us.

On both fronts, Garage Living prides itself on the high marks our customers consistently give us, which results in many customer referrals.

How our garage makeover process works

Garage Living’s process of creating dream garages for our customers involves three main steps:

1. Initial free consultation

The first step in our garage makeover process, the design consultation, is extremely important, as it gives us a framework moving forward. The free consultation can take place in the comfort of your home or in your local Garage Living showroom.

One of our design experts will discuss with you what upgrades you’re looking to make with your garage space. Does your damaged garage floor need a new floor coating? Are you looking for an effective garage storage solution that keeps your space organized, like slatwall panels or specialty storage racks?

However you’re looking to improve your garage, one of our design experts will show you the best products and services we offer to fit your needs. They can also suggest ways to upgrade your garage space that you might not even have considered. We’ll also guide you through the wide range of custom options available for many of our products.

One of the key parts of the consultation process will involve a design consultant evaluating your garage space and taking measurements. This will give them a better sense of how the planned upgrades will fit, function, and look in your garage.

The consultation process will also include discussing the project’s timeline. Do you need the work completed by a certain date or is there a specific time window that does or doesn’t work for you? All of these logistics will be worked out.

garage makeover process consultation

2. Design phase

The consultation ensures the design consultant is clear on what your project goals are and what kind of garage space they have to work with. Now it’s time to bring your dream garage to life with the second step in our garage makeover process – the designing phase of the project.

Based on your chosen products, designs, and customization preferences, our highly trained team of designers will create scale drawings of your garage using our CAD software. This computer-aided design tool lets us create 3-D images of your garage space with the incorporated additions.

The CAD software helps up plan the space and also allows us to show you what the end result looks like before we start any work on-site. If there’s something you’d like to tweak or change, perhaps with your custom garage cabinetry, we can work with you to enhance the blueprint’s design.

Garage Living knows that a strong level of communication with our clients is a key element to our great customer service. Therefore, you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the entire garage redesign process. We welcome any questions, concerns, and input you might have.

garage makeover process design

3. Installation

Once you’ve viewed the final design and approved it, it’s time for the last step in our garage makeover process – the installation.

We’ll schedule an installation time that’s most convenient for you. Prior to the scheduled day, you’ll get a call from one of our representatives so we can answer any questions that are still on your mind.

On the day of the garage makeover, our professional installers will show up at the scheduled time to begin your garage’s transformation process. Every high quality product included in your garage redesign will be installed according to the blueprint’s exact specifications.

Our courteous, highly trained installers are very respectful of the trust you’ve placed with us to work in your home. Once the job has been completed, you can rest assured that any mess from the work area will be cleaned up.

If there are any issues with any aspect of the project’s installation, we’ll happily address it with you on-site or over the phone.

garage makeover process installation

Learn more about our garage makeover process

This is our garage makeover process and everyone at Garage Living strives to deliver a friendly, helpful, and satisfying experience to every customer we work with.

Would you like to transform your cluttered garage into a clean, functional, and highly organized space? To do so, take your first step in our garage makeover process by scheduling your free in-home design consultation today.

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5 Garage Paint Ideas for Bringing out the Best in Your Home’s Look

Any home renovation or makeover relies on the right paint colours to achieve the best results in your design changes.

Garage paint colours are no different. By utilizing smart garage paint ideas, you’ll make the upgrades to your garage’s interior and exterior really stand out, thereby enhancing the overall look of your home.

An inviting home appearance boosts your curb appeal, along with the resale value of your house.

But which garage paint ideas help you achieve the kind of head-turning aesthetics you covet? Here are five garage paint ideas to guide you.

garage paint ideas

Lighter colours in your garage will reflect light better.

1. Ensure your garage paint ideas complement each other

The scale of a garage makeover can vary. Maybe it involves a simple garage door replacement or perhaps you’re looking for a complete reinvention of your garage space.

The latter can include adding slatwall panels, a new floor, garage storage cabinets, a new garage door, and storage racks.

You’ll want to choose paint colours that lets these welcome new additions to your garage really complement each other visually.

That’s no small amount of colour combinations to consider, just within your garage interior. Of course, you also need to consider how these new garage colours will complement your home’s exterior colours.

2. Get creative with your garage paint ideas

If you’re really looking to establish a unique and cohesive look for your garage interior, there’s ways to get even more creative. One of them is to pick garage colours that complement the colours of one or more of your vehicles.

You can even use pops of colour to make your space more inviting in the following ways:

  • inject some personality by adding a bold colour to your garage cabinetry
  • add a brighter paint shade to your garage’s interior door leading into your home
  • use some of the colours from the accents in your garage floor coating to help tie the room together

3. Garage paint ideas for your walls and ceiling

Garage wall and ceiling colours can have a big effect your space’s lighting conditions. That’s an important factor to consider in an area where you’ll be parking vehicles, regularly searching for items, or using tools.

A lighter garage wall paint colour reflects light better. Keep in mind, however, that a lighter shade will also make dirt and grime more evident.

If a lighter shade is preferred, a semi-gloss paint is a wise choice. Semi-gloss paint makes dirt less evident and is better for cleaning without showing any wear.

Neutral colours like grey, beige, or tan will be easier to clean and maintain than a white shade. They also offer more design flexibility.

If you’re having slatwall panels installed in your garage (available in six colours), they’re not just a great way to keep clutter off your garage floor, they can also be cleaned very easily.

4. Choosing the right garage floor colour

Painting a garage floor with a masonry, epoxy, or latex paint is one low-cost option for refreshing your floor’s look. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t provide much of a long-term flooring solution for your garage.

Depending on the level of your garage’s foot and vehicle traffic, garage floor paint may need to be reapplied in just a couple of years due to chipping and wear.

Investing in a more durable and visually appealing solution like a Floortex™ floor coating makes more sense. With colours that range from the lighter Pebble Beach Grey to the bolder appearance of Orbit, you can pick whatever fits with your décor’s needs.

Any Floortex™ floor coating colour you pick will be easy to maintain, though. The garage floor coating’s textured look from the decorative flakes sprinkled during the application process is very effective at hiding dirt and dust.

Another flooring option for your garage are PVC floor tiles. These non-adhesive interlocking tiles install easily and offer more than enough colour and design combinations to complement your other garage paint ideas.

garage paint ideas garage doors

5. Garage paint ideas for your garage doors

Whether you’re adding new garage doors or painting your existing garage doors, choosing the right colours for them is important. That’s because garage doors can account for as much as one third of a home’s front facade.

There are differing opinions on the ideal colour schemes for a house’s exterior, but here are some generally agreed-upon guidelines to follow when choosing a garage door paint colour:

  • your front door should be your home’s focal point, so pick a garage door colour that doesn’t take attention away from it
  • avoid loud primary colours
  • choose a garage door colour that takes into consideration your home’s other exterior features (including siding, brick, roof, shutters, windows, etc.)

Garage paint ideas to bring out your home’s best look

Applying some of these garage paint ideas to your garage makeover will bring out the best in your home’s look.

A member of our design team can visit your home to evaluate which garage paint ideas and upgrades will work best in your space. Get the process started by scheduling your free in-home design consultation.

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7 Garage Exterior Design Ideas Guaranteed To Boost Your Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is a term that’s typically associated with the visual appeal of property to a prospective buyer. However, curb appeal should be something you consistently strive to upgrade and maintain, regardless of whether or not you’re planning on selling your home.

There are numerous ways to keep your curb appeal high. Keeping your home’s landscaping, siding, roof, windows, driveway, walkways, eavestroughs, lighting, porch, and front door well-maintained are some of the most obvious ways to achieve this. As important as these all are, one of the most impactful ways to upgrade and maintain curb appeal is to keep high standards for your garage exterior design.

Why curb appeal matters

So much importance is placed on curb appeal from realtors because it creates a person’s first impression of your property when they view it from the street or curb. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Your home’s exterior appearance (and specifically your garage exterior design) conveys a message to passersby, neighbours, and guests. Whether or not there’s a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn shouldn’t be the sole reason you’re paying attention to projecting a positive impression of your residence to the rest of your neighbourhood.

How garage exterior design is critical to curb appeal

When you consider that garage doors can account for as much as one third of the front exterior of a home, the importance of garage exterior design in relation to curb appeal becomes even more apparent. A smartly chosen garage door that effectively complements and enhances your home’s exterior décor is a guaranteed way to boost your curb appeal.

And when it does come time to sell, you’ll also benefit from the fact that new garage doors deliver one of the best returns on investment for home improvement projects. With that in mind, let’s start with garage door ideas that can help improve your garage’s exterior appearance.

1. Upgrade your garage exterior design with a traditional garage door look

For a traditional garage door look, steel and wood doors are ideal choices to make your garage exterior design really stand out. These traditional style garage doors provide a timeless look for your home’s exterior and nowadays are highly customizable to beautifully complement most architectural designs. The range of colour choices available also allows you to match or complement your home’s notable exterior features, such as siding, shutters, and your front door.

For a more rustic garage exterior design look, wood garage doors come in a variety of wood species to satisfy your preferences. And if you’re drawn to the warm look of wood but deterred by the maintenance they can require, there’s another option. Durable steel garage doors can have realistic-looking faux wood composite overlays added to their design, giving you a traditional, high quality wood garage door look without the maintenance.

garage exterior design wood doors

The timeless and refined look of wood garage doors, which are nicely offset by colourful flowers in urn planters.

2. Carriage house doors add a classic look to your garage exterior design

If you’re partial to a more classic look for your garage exterior design, carriage house garage doors are your best choice. These distinct steel, wood, and fibreglass garage doors add a retro, yet stylish aesthetic to your home’s exterior.

And while these garage doors may have an old-fashioned barn door-style look, they come with the advantages of modern design features. Improved durability, quieter operation, better reliability, and loads of options (including raised or recessed panel customization) marry the old with the new to fulfill your classic-looking garage exterior design needs.

3. Enhance your garage exterior design with the right windows and custom hardware

An important component of traditional and carriage house garage door customization also includes giving you the opportunity to accentuate your doors by adding windows to them. Adding more detail to your garage doors by selecting from a wide range of window styles and layout patterns can add an extra measure of appeal to a garage’s exterior look.

Even the smaller details with your garage door can make the difference between it contributing to a mediocre or eye-catching garage exterior design. Customizing your garage doors even further with the right custom hardware (like latches and pull handles) can further enhance their appearance.

4. A modern garage door look can turn heads

If traditional isn’t your style, go modern instead. A striking full view aluminum garage door designed with clean lines has a very simple, yet attention-grabbing appearance. When paired with your home’s modern architecture, corrosion-resistant full view aluminum garage doors combined with glass panels make a bold statement that shows off a stylish and tasteful garage exterior design look.

garage exterior design full view

Modern architecture complemented by stylish full view aluminum garage doors.

5. Showcase your garage exterior design with tasteful lighting

The right type of lighting can give a major boost to curb appeal and the appearance of your garage’s exterior. There are many lighting options available to help bring out the best in your garage exterior design look, including floodlights, wall-mounted lighting, recessed lighting, and solar lighting.

Placement of the lighting will obviously be key. When planning how your garage lighting will be set up, keep in mind how it will look from further away. Also remember that along with showing off your garage exterior and making it easier to navigate in the garage entrance area, you also want the lighting to function as a security deterrent against thieves.

6. Clean up your garage’s exterior appearance with aluminum capping

Any garage exterior looks better with aluminum capping added to the wooden doorframe. Wrapping your doorframe with capping projects a cleaner, more finished look for the exterior of your garage.

You’ll also save hours of future work because aluminum capping removes the need for scraping, staining, and painting your wooden doorframe every few years. Another benefit of capping is that it can improve your home’s energy efficiency by decreasing drafts that occur around garage doorframes.   

garage exterior design capping

Aluminum capping adds a more finished look to a garage doorframe.

7. Don’t forget your garage exterior when landscaping

When landscaping, don’t forget that your garage exterior can benefit from the addition of foliage to enhance its appearance. Tastefully placed hanging baskets, wall planters, urn planters, or a trellis around a garage exterior with well-manicured foliage can further enhance your home’s appearance and make it look even more welcoming.

Upgrade your garage exterior design to improve your home’s overall exterior look

Overlooking your garage exterior design will negatively impact the overall look your home and, by extension, your curb appeal. Investing in your garage exterior’s appearance can result in a home that stands apart from all others in your neighbourhood. You’ll also reap the future benefits that come with the boost to your home’s resale value that garage upgrades provide.

Find out more about how we can help with improvements to your garage exterior design by scheduling your free in-home consultation today.

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7 Garage-related Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Are Hard To Buy For

Certain Father’s Day gift ideas can convey a rather “going through the motions” approach to gift-giving on what’s supposed to be dad’s special day.

We’re talking unimaginative gift ideas like socks, a tie, a gym membership, or the dreaded gag gift. A quick online search will show you that these are among the most common Father’s Day gift ideas. They’re also some of the least appreciated gifts that dads say they want to receive.

Father’s Day gift ideas that are unique and very practical

Sure, dads generally are hard to buy for. This Father’s Day, surprise and delight dad by choosing some of these unique and practical Father’s Day gift ideas for the garage. They’ll show you put a little more thought into this year’s gift and also make dad’s life easier for years to come.

1. A garage floor transformation

For dads who enjoy spending lots of time in the garage, a dull-looking concrete garage floor that’s damaged and uneven doesn’t exactly contribute much to his comfort level in this space. You can significantly transform the feel and appearance of your garage by having a polyaspartic Floortex™ floor coating applied.

The Garage Living 5-step Floortex™ application process produces an attractive textured surface that’s smooth, clean, and easy to maintain. A high quality foundation underneath dad’s feet while he’s spending hours in the garage doing vehicle maintenance, using a garage workshop, or working out will be greatly appreciated. And your new garage floor project can be completed in as little as one day.

2. Garage storage cabinets for dad’s tools

If dad’s tool collection has grown and he’s lacking an adequate organization system for storing them, it can make it difficult to find the right tool when he needs it. That’s why garage storage cabinets are so useful. With lockable tool drawers and the ability to customize the cabinets according to dad’s needs, storage cabinets make it much easier for dad to keep his garage space organized.

And along with the extra storage space, cabinets also add a lot to the interior look of a garage. Does dad own a high-end car that he loves? You can nicely enhance the vehicle’s surrounding environment by adding custom storage cabinets that complement its colour (our GL Custom Steel and GL NEOS Elite cabinet systems are particularly well-suited for this purpose).

Father’s Day gift ideas cabinets

3. A garage workshop

When it comes to thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas, it’s always nice when dad’s hobbies and pastimes are taken into consideration. If your dad or husband are the tinkering type, what could be better than a garage workshop? A garage workshop gives dad a private space that lets him indulge in his hobbies (and won’t disturb the rest of the family).

Our storage cabinets are ideal for creating a highly functional garage workspace by adding a countertop work surface and, as mentioned, lots of room for storing tools. Our rugged GL Hayley cabinet system is ideal for a multi-functional garage space. An infrared heater can be added so dad can use his workshop even when the temperature drops. And for smaller garages, we can add a space-saving foldaway workbench.

4. A high quality hose and hose reel

If you own a house, you have lawns, shrubs, flower beds, and vegetable gardens that all need the attention of a hose during the spring and summer. Not enough dads invest in a quality hose or hose reel, however. Cheap hoses will crack and start leaking after just a couple of years. And inexpensive hose reels will also reveal their poor design and cheap construction materials far too soon, with wheels falling off and mechanical components breaking down.

Invest in a high quality garden hose and hose reel instead of replacing these items every two or three years. Garage Living carries the highest quality hoses and hose reels on the market. Dad will appreciate having reliable, well-made equipment to use when it comes to doing his watering chores.

5. A more organized garage so dad can park inside

One of the smartest Father’s Day gift ideas to consider is adding slatwall panels with hanging accessories. This system lets dad store his lawn tools, ladders, power cords, and any other items that can be hung up. If dad likes to golf or fish, we have a fishing rod rack and golf rack that are perfect for storing his angling and golf equipment on the slatwall panels. Garage Living also carries specialty storage racks for more heavy-duty storage requirements.

By using your garage walls and overhead space for storage purposes, your garage floor will be organized and clutter-free. That frees up floor space so mom and dad can park their vehicles inside the garage once again, which is supposed to be one of the main functions of a garage, right?

Father’s Day gift ideas golf rack

6. Extra parking space to store dad’s prized vehicle

Does dad own a classic car or truck that he, understandably, wants stored inside? If so, that can come at the expense of a garage parking space for one of your vehicles that gets driven on a more regular basis. Create an extra parking spot in your garage by adding a 4 post car lift.

A 4 post car lift takes advantage of your garage’s unused vertical space, which allows for a vehicle to be stored above another vehicle. Dad can store his classic vehicle up in the air during the months when he won’t be driving it, leaving room for an everyday-use vehicle to also be parked in the garage. Car lifts can also be used for storing motorcycles and items like lawnmowers and snowblowers, which helps keep your garage floor uncluttered. 

7. Better garage lighting

Many garages still use only a one or two incandescent bulbs as a lighting source. Adding an energy efficient, long-lasting LED light fixture can greatly improve the lighting quality in the garage. Better lighting makes it easier for dad when he’s looking for a certain tool or working on a task, in addition to improving the atmosphere.

Upgrading a garage’s lighting is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to improve this space. It’s also a must-have feature if you’ve chosen to add any of the previously mentioned Father’s Day gift ideas. Dad’s dream garage needs to be seen in the best light possible!

Visit our showroom for inspiring Father’s Day gift ideas

You can visit your local Garage Living showroom to have a look at these practical Father’s Day gift ideas up close. A member of our design team is available to visit your home to discuss your garage project – simply schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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