5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Garage Cabinets

If floor clutter is limiting your garage’s functionality, one of the most effective solutions to get your space organized is by adding garage cabinets.

But there are so many brands and types of garage cabinets available. For starters, you’ll need to know that they come in these two types:

  • Custom-fit – the cabinets can be built to custom depths, widths, and heights and more specialty options are available
  • Modular – a cabinet system built from pre-made standalone units that are mixed and matched

How do you make the right choice to fit your needs? There are a few important factors to consider when deciding what type of garage cabinets you should buy.

Before taking the next step and speaking with a trusted garage professional about your storage cabinet choices, get familiar with the basic facts about garage cabinets and what you should look for. Consider these five important factors to help you make the best decision.

garage cabinets custom steel

1. What’s your budget for buying garage cabinets?

Obviously, you’ll need to work within your available budget to determine what type and quality of garage cabinets you’ll buy. Just remember that age-old saying – “you get what you pay for”.

Buying an inexpensive garage cabinet system from a big box store may be quite tempting if your budget is limited. Just be aware that many of these cabinet systems compromise significantly on the quality of the cabinets’ construction materials. Typically, they’ll be made from plastic or inferior quality steel to achieve that cheap price.

Cheaper garage cabinets can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to functionality and durability. Do you really want to be replacing your garage cabinet system in just a few years when it starts falling apart? At that point, you’ll know that it pays to spend a little more to get a higher quality product that lasts longer.

Expanding your budget for new garage cabinetry will open up a wider range of higher quality options. The construction materials and craftsmanship will be at a higher grade and they’ll likely look better (don’t underestimate the value of garage cabinet aesthetics).

Cheaper garage cabinet systems also don’t offer the chance for customization. You’ll have limited choices for colors, styles, and extra custom features, like adding a countertop to the top of your base cabinets to create a workbench.

2. Garage cabinet usage

Knowing how your garage cabinets will be used within your space will be a major factor in what type of cabinet system you end up buying.

For example, take a homeowner who’s looking for a general purpose cabinet system that’s primarily needed for extra storage space. Higher-end garage cabinets, such as our custom-fit GL Custom Steel cabinets, probably aren’t the right fit for their needs.

Perhaps either the modular GL Signature or GL Premium cabinet systems will work better for them. They still deliver exceptional quality, but do come with fewer custom options.

The amount of space you have to work with will also be a factor when making your cabinet choice. If your garage layout has unconventional angles or wall obstructions, a custom-fit system will be easier to fit within the space.

And if your garage space is limited, something like the shallow depth option available with the GL Signature line might be ideal. This can allow you to comfortably get in and out of your vehicles with enough space.

Are you looking to create a garage space that lets you park vehicles and use it as a heavy-duty workshop? In that case, something like the more rugged GL Hayley or GL NEOS Elite cabinet systems are a more practical choice.

garage cabinets Hayley

Rugged GL Hayley cabinets are ideal for a task-oriented garage space.

3. What’s being stored in your garage cabinets?

What you’ll be storing in your garage cabinets will also play a role in your buying decision. Certain items are more suited to being stored in a specific type of cabinet, so you’ll need to choose accordingly.

For example, choosing a cabinet system that gives you an option for locks on the doors and drawers might be wise if:

  • you want to keep expensive hand and power tools secure
  • your garage has a lot of sharp tools you want to keep your kids safe from
  • there are a lot of chemicals and hazardous materials kept in your garage

The weight of items you’re storing also needs to be taken into consideration. If you’re storing heavy power tools or car parts, a flimsy cabinet system made from plastic just won’t cut it. You’ll need something sturdier, like a garage cabinet system made from 18-gauge or even stronger 16-gauge steel.

Maybe you plan to use your garage cabinets for storing longer items, such as a coveralls, or you want to keep your large collection of cleaning supplies all in one cabinet. If so, your cabinet system design will include one or more tall locker cabinets.

For those who have a lot of tools to store, an ample number of tool drawers to keep everything organized will be a priority for their cabinet system. Bins for storing all those easy-to-lose screws, nuts, and bolts would also be a smart addition.

4. How important are construction materials, durability, and looks to you?

The types of materials used in your cabinet system’s construction will be the biggest factor that determines how long it lasts. Construction materials and craftsmanship will also affect how your cabinet system functions. For instance, how smoothly do the cabinet doors and drawers open and close?

Don’t skimp on the quality of materials that were used to build your cabinets. Steel is your best option, but be wary of where that steel is from. Foreign-made steel is commonly heavily recycled, rusts quicker, and isn’t as resilient as the higher quality North American-manufactured steel Garage Living uses in all of our garage cabinets.

The harsh demands of a garage environment should also be taken into consideration with your garage cabinets. This includes changes in temperature, moisture, and everyday wear and tear.

To prolong the life of your cabinetry, look for models with a powder coated finish. Powder coating involves the application of multiple coatings of a dry powder to the surface of the cabinets. This helps protect against scuffs, scratches, and rust.

If you’re seeking a high-end look for your garage to complement your luxury vehicles and that sleek new Floortex™ floor coating, the look of your cabinets will no doubt be important to you.

The showroom-quality looks of a GL Custom Steel or GL NEOS Elite cabinet system fit this specific need. They elevate the aesthetics of your garage and transform it into stylish, comfortable extension of your home.

garage cabinets

The GL NEOS Elite cabinet system provides showroom quality looks.

5. Customization with your garage cabinets

If creating a personalized garage space ranks high on your list of priorities when it comes to a garage makeover, custom cabinets are a must. The ability to customize your garage cabinets gives you significant flexibility to truly create a dream cabinet system.

Custom-fit cabinetry also makes the most of your available space. Underutilized corners can become more useful with the addition of custom cabinetry. If you have a free wall in your garage that’s unfinished, have a seamless wall-to-wall cabinet system designed. That can take care of your storage needs and provide a more finished look for your garage interior.

Custom cabinetry can also be designed to best accommodate the manner in which you’ll be using your garage cabinets. If you’re a hobbyist, the upper and lower cabinets around your heavily used countertop area can be designed to store your most frequently used tools and items. That way, they’re always conveniently close at hand.

Here are just a few of the specialty options that can be included with custom garage cabinets:

  • numerous color options
  • sink units
  • power bars with USB charging ports
  • backsplash
  • pot lighting and valance lighting
  • TV cabinet enclosure
  • utility drawers with organizing bins
  • a dedicated space for hiding garbage and recycling bins

Learn more about how garage cabinets will improve your space

When used with our other effective garage storage and organizations solutions like slatwall panels and specialty storage racks, you’ll be thrilled with how much easier it is to keep your garage organized with a high quality cabinet system.

Schedule a free in-home consultation with us so one of our design experts can evaluate your garage space and guide you through the process of choosing the right garage cabinets.

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Why Custom Garage Cabinets Should Be Part Of Your Garage Makeover

A well-designed garage makeover project focuses on making the garage beautiful and functional. Your garage space should be an extension of your home’s architecture, design, décor, and lifestyle.

For a number of reasons, custom garage cabinets should be an essential component of your garage makeover project. With a fusion of passion, innovation, creativity, and expertise, Garage Living’s metal cabinets offer superior craftsmanship, materials, options, and looks to satisfy any homeowner’s wish to create a personalized custom garage space.

Custom garage cabinets are designed to perfectly fit your garage space

There are commonly two types of garage storage cabinets:

  • Modular – individual prebuilt/prefabricated cabinet units that don’t allow for custom sizing
  • Custom-fit – offers more design flexibility because the cabinet units can be custom-built to a specific height, width, and depth

A custom-fit garage cabinet system gives Garage Living’s designers extensive flexibility to customize the cabinets to our clients’ exact garage space requirements. This custom-fit precision makes optimal use of your garage’s space.

Choose from a wide range of specialty options for your custom garage cabinets

There are a wide variety of specialty options available to make your custom garage cabinets more functional and visually appealing. Here are some of the specialty options that can be added to our custom garage cabinets:

  • sink units
  • power bars with USB charging ports
  • utility drawers with organizing bins
  • backsplash
  • valance lighting and pot lighting
  • TV cabinet enclosure
  • numerous colour options

Add more storage space with custom garage cabinets and stay organized

One of the obvious benefits of garage cabinets is that they make it much easier to keep your garage organized. Along with garage organization solutions like slatwall and specialty storage racks, cabinets add extra storage space that’s maximized. Your tools and other belongings will be kept organized and choosing the drawer lock option will keep them secure.

Custom garage cabinets provide a high-end garage look and workspace functionality

For a high-end look and the ability to use your garage as a productive workspace, custom garage cabinets are your best option. We have three lines of custom garage cabinet systems available:

1. GL Custom Steel cabinets

The GL Custom Steel precision line of storage cabinets represents our best choice for design flexibility, showroom quality looks, and overall high-end garage storage. These cabinets are ideal for the for discerning homeowner looking to complement their luxury vehicles with an appropriately high-end surrounding in their garage interior.

And GL Custom Steel cabinets can do more than just look spectacular and let you add specialty options like a TV cabinet enclosure and glass door inserts. These cabinets are also well-suited to homeowners who wish to use their garage as a workspace.

GL Custom Steel custom garage cabinets

2. GL NEOS Elite cabinets

The GL NEOS Elite system stands out with its minimalist high-tech look and seamless wall-to-wall design. Like the GL Custom Steel system, the cabinet colours of the GL NEOS Elite system can be used to complement your vehicle colour, which is a frequent request of Garage Living clients.

GL NEOS Elite cabinets are also well-suited to a task-oriented garage space like an automotive workshop. They feature durable double wall cabinet doors and shells, heavy-duty drawers for storing heavier tools, and lots of custom options to address your work needs.

GL NEOS custom garage cabinets

3. GL Hayley cabinets

Whereas our other cabinet lines keep their construction elements hidden (like screws, bolts, and rivets), the GL Hayley system aims for a different aesthetic. The visible hardware components on the custom-fit GL Hayley system creates a unique industrial look.

This rugged look is befitting for a garage storage system that’s ideal for a task-oriented garage space. Don’t confuse “rugged” with visually unappealing, however – the GL Hayley cabinet system is a stunner.

GL Hayley custom garage cabinets

Ensure your custom garage cabinets use high quality construction materials

Don’t overlook the importance of the materials your custom garage cabinets are made from. All of Garage Living’s modular and custom metal garage cabinets are constructed from sturdy, high quality American and Canadian 16-gauge and 18-gauge steel. “Gauge” refers to the steel thickness – the lower the number, the thicker the steel.

Cheaper garage storage cabinets from big box stores commonly use an inferior quality of foreign steel that’s flimsy, overly recycled, and more likely to rust quickly. Our custom garage cabinets are also powder coated. This is a process where multiple coatings of a dry powder are applied to the cabinet surface. Powder coating gives your cabinets a more resilient finish than traditional paint coatings, which extends their life.

Look for superior craftsmanship in your custom garage cabinets

Along with first-rate construction materials and speciality options, higher-end custom garage cabinets also have a superior level of craftsmanship. From the smartly designed layout of the cabinet systems to their smooth, easy-to-open drawers and doors, you’ll immediately notice the difference compared to much cheaper cabinets.

Visit your local Garage Living showroom to see and touch the high quality of our custom garage cabinets for yourself.

Garage cabinets for all your storage needs

We also have additional lines of modular cabinets to serve your garage storage needs. Choose from our popular GL Signature and GL Premium cabinet systems, which still offer high quality craftsmanship and construction materials, along with several specialty options. GL Custom Melamine cabinets are also available exclusively at out Toronto location.

Transform your garage space for years to come

Garage Living specializes in designing custom garage cabinet solutions of the highest quality that will transform your garage space for years to come. Get started by scheduling your free in-home consultation today.

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Transform Your Space With These 3 Simple Garage Makeover Tips

Transforming your garage from a drab, cluttered, and poorly functioning space to a bright, clean, and highly functional area of your home is easier than you think. Use these three simple garage makeover tips and your garage will soon be fulfilling the potential it’s always had.

1. Give your garage a great base with a Floortex™ floor coating

Upgrading your garage floor with an application of Floortex™ floor coating can transform the entire look, feel, and functionality of your garage. After all, the floor is the largest single surface in your garage and it serves as the foundation for the entire space. 

A Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating creates an attractive base and it’s available in 15 colours. That makes it easy to choose a colour that complements the rest of your garage interior. We can have it applied in as little as one day and in just about any temperature setting. You can’t say the same about epoxy floor coatings. Their application involves a much lengthier process that also requires very specific temperature conditions, which can be disruptive to your daily routine.

Here’s some additional benefits of choosing a Floortex™ floor coating:

  • provides excellent resistance to most household chemicals, including oil, gas, and salt, as well as tire rubber
  • hides dirt and dust well and is very easy to maintain
  • has a UV stable topcoat that preserves the floor’s glossy finish
  • textured surface which provides more traction than traditional epoxy coatings
  • provides exceptional abrasion and impact resistance

Beautiful garage makeover

2. Get smart garage organization solutions for reducing clutter

Garages should be able to function as a multi-purpose space that serves as a work area and storage area for tools, other belongings, and vehicles. Many garages fail to function to their true potential in these areas due to poor storage and organization systems that fail to keep clutter at a minimum.

One of the garage makeover tips that will solve this problem is to simply choose smart and effective garage organization solutions. We have many to choose from, including:

  • Garage cabinets – choose from our wide variety of storage cabinet lines for the system that works for your needs and budget. All of our garage cabinetry is made from high quality materials that are built to last.
  • Slatwall storage – adding a slatwall panel system to your garage maximizes its storage space, making it one of your best weapons against clutter. Use more than 40 slatwall hanging accessories for plenty of versatility.
  • Specialty storage racks – our heavy duty storage solutions take care of just about anything else in your garage that can’t be hung on your slatwall. We have overhead racks, tire racks, shelving units, and much more.

garage makeover tips slatwall

3. Boost your curb appeal with a new garage door

Good garage makeover tips should help you improve the functionality and looks of your garage. Adding a new garage door accomplishes both of these things and is one of the most impactful ways to boost your curb appeal. That’s because garage doors can account for as much as one third of a home’s front exterior.

Technological advances have made today’s garage doors much more durable and energy efficient. It’s also easier than ever to choose a style and design that both aligns with your aesthetic preferences and complements your exterior decor. Steel garage doors are our most popular choice for homeowners. They offer great durability, require little maintenance, and come with plenty of design options.

Our wood garage door collection offers plenty of choices for those seeking a warmer, more traditional look for their garage exterior. In contrast, full view aluminum garage doors provide a bolder, more modern appearance with their raw industrial look featuring glass panels. Durable and low-maintenance fibreglass garage doors are another sensible option to consider.

garage makeover tips doors

These garage makeover tips are proven to transform any garage space

These garage makeover tips work wonders for any garage space. We have thousands of garage remodel projects and satisfied customers throughout North America that prove it. To begin your garage transformation, schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our design experts.

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5 Smart Garage Cabinet Ideas That Make It Easy To Stay Organized

Staying organized in the garage becomes much easier when you have smart storage and organization solutions to help. There are several ways to accomplish this, such as with a garage cabinet system.

When choosing the right garage cabinet system, don’t underestimate the critical importance of high quality materials in their construction. Your garage is subjected to fluctuating temperatures, higher levels of moisture, dirt, and sometimes chemicals. You’ll also be handling tools and heavy items around your cabinets, in addition to opening and closing drawers countless times. These factors illustrate why you shouldn’t compromise on quality and craftsmanship.

For durable, long-lasting garage cabinet systems, Garage Living has you covered with various cabinet styles and designs for your storage needs. Any of the following garage cabinet ideas will keep your tools organized and safe, while also upgrading its aesthetic appeal.

1. GL Signature cabinets

For those on a tighter budget, the GL Signature line is one of our garage cabinet ideas worth considering. The GL Signature line is a modular configuration. This means that it consists of pre-made standalone units that are assembled to create a highly functional storage system that also looks great. Choose from different styles, such as upper and base cabinets, locker cabinets with adjustable shelves, cabinets with drawers, and cabinets with both drawers and doors.

All GL Signature components are made with sturdy 18 gauge welded steel construction that’s powder coated to ensure a long life. You’ll instantly recognize the fine craftsmanship that’s gone into these cabinets when you open the drawers (made with 100 lb ball bearing sliders) and single wall doors (powerful magnetic latches, available with locks, keep them securely closed). A maple butcher block countertop provides a very durable work surface. Five specialty options are also available.

garage cabinet ideas gl signature

2. GL Premium cabinets

The GL Premium line of modular garage cabinets offer a little more design flexibility and a few differences from the GL Signature line. That durable powder coated 18 gauge steel construction comes with even sturdier double walls and doors, along with the choice of a maple butcher block or stainless steel countertop. This model comes with 125 lb ball bearing drawer sliders and European soft-close door hinges. Both models, along with the GL Custom Steel line, come with stainless steel handles.

All of our garage cabinet systems have adjustable feet that help protect your investment from ground moisture. They also assist with balancing your cabinets on uneven garage floors. If you garage floor is in bad shape, our Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating is your best solution. These specialty options are available for both the GL Signature and GL Premium cabinetry lines:

  • closet rod
  • backsplash
  • sink unit
  • valance lighting
  • power bars

garage cabinet ideas gl premium

3. GL Custom Steel cabinets

Custom cabinet systems like the GL Custom Steel line let us design a cabinet storage system that can be tailored exactly to your unique garage space. The fully welded 18 gauge steel and aluminum construction features double walls and doors and gives you 14 colour options for powder coating. That’s more than any of our other steel cabinet lines, making it easier to complement the rest of your garage’s decor. The powder coating on our cabinets helps prevent corrosion and also adds protection against scratches and dents.

The GL Custom Steel line comes with heavy-duty 150 lb ball bearing drawer sliders and your choice of maple butcher block, stainless steel, or galvanized steel countertop. The outstanding design flexibility of the GL Custom Steel cabinet line extends to the large number of specialty options available:

  • closet rod
  • backsplash
  • sink unit
  • valance lighting
  • power bars
  • TV integration
  • parts bin organizers
  • specialty cabinets
  • glass door inserts

garage cabinet ideas gl custom steel

4. GL NEOS Elite cabinets

Simply put, the GL NEOS line is the highest quality garage cabinet system you’ll find on the market. This premium line of cabinets boasts stronger 16 gauge steel construction, precision 250 lb ball bearing drawer sliders for heavy-duty use, inset anodized aluminum handles, three countertop options, and eight specialty options, among many other features.

The sleek, modern design of the GL NEOS cabinet line transforms the looks of any garage space with a seamless wall-to-wall fit. If you’re looking for the right high-end cabinet system to enrich the look of your garage’s interior and complement where you park your luxury vehicle (in addition to giving you great storage and organization flexibility), look no further than the GL NEOS Elite model.

garage cabinet ideas gl neos elite

5. GL Custom Melamine cabinets

The GL Custom Melamine modular cabinet system is exclusively available to our Toronto location. This cabinet system from Northern Contours is available in melamine or high gloss thermofoil construction, with 27 different colour options available. For a truly unique look to your garage cabinet system, the GL Custom Melamine line is certainly worth your consideration.

Features also include 75 lb ball bearing drawer sliders, double wall doors and cabinets, stainless steel or maple butcher block countertops, and the five following specialty options:

  • closet rod
  • backsplash
  • sink unit
  • valance lighting
  • power bars

garage cabinet ideas gl melamine

Garage cabinet ideas to improve your space’s looks and functionality

Any of these garage cabinet ideas will make your garage space look and function much better. To find out more about how any of these cabinet systems will improve your garage space, schedule your free consultation with one of our design professionals today.

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The Underground Garage Makeover

Creating high-end garage spaces is one of Garage Living’s specialties, as a recent project for one of their clients in southern Ontario demonstrates. The project involved the unique challenge of performing a  makeover in a garage located below a traditional above ground garage. By adding custom-fit garage cabinets, a polyaspartic floor coating, and several other intriguing design concepts, the full aesthetic and functional potential of this garage space becomes fully realized.

Black matte GL Custom Steel cabinetry, a Floortex™ floor coating (Charcoal), and a 2016 Lamborghini Huracán Spyder.

Black matte GL Custom Steel cabinetry, a Floortex™ floor coating (Charcoal), and a 2016 Lamborghini Huracán Spyder.

A new garage floor coating for beauty and durability

The garage floor was transformed with a polyaspartic floor coating, which provides a sleek and durable surface that’s very easy to maintain. Sealed with a top coat that won’t lose its lustre or peel and blister over time, the new garage floor is highly resistant to chemicals, and environmentally friendly. The charcoal colour chosen involves a blend of silver, black, and white decorative flakes, resulting in a beautiful surface that also hides dust and dirt well.

Why baseboard in the garage makes sense

The polyaspartic floor coating is extremely resilient and designed to withstand the types of abrasions and impacts that can take a toll on lesser quality garage surfaces, such as some epoxy-coated floors. The baseboard coating used enhances the garage’s aesthetics by creating a seamless finish between the floors and walls. Another benefit of adding baseboard in the garage is that by sealing the joints between the floors and the walls, your garage is better protected from outside entry by water, insects, and rodents.

Steel storage cabinets improve your garage’s aesthetics and functionality

The GL Custom Steel line of custom-fit garage cabinets provides ample and efficient storage space for tools and supplies. This helps keep the garage organized and functional. These cabinets are constructed with 18 gauge steel for a higher level of durability and longevity, while also delivering a stylish touch to the garage space. For the cabinet system’s countertops, stainless steel was chosen by the client (galvanized steel and maple butcher block options are also available).

GL Custom Steel cabinetry with a stainless steel countertop and diamond plate backsplash.

GL Custom Steel cabinetry with a stainless steel countertop and diamond plate backsplash.

A black matte cabinet finish for a modern look

The powder coated black matte finish for the cabinets has become a popular choice for consumers nowadays, who are attracted to its subdued, more inviting look. The black matte finish was the most popular colour for Apple’s recently launched iPhone 7 and it’s also become a highly coveted finish with luxury vehicles.

iPhone 7 matte black finish

iPhone 7 with a matte black finish.

The aluminum polished diamond plate backsplash used on the cabinets and parts of the garage walls instills an extra measure of flair to the overall design, along with adding protection benefits. LED valance lighting is also incorporated into the cabinet system’s design.


Large storage lockers hide bulky items and keep the garage looking neat and tidy.

All of these elements involved in Garage Living’s makeover of this underground garage create a modern-looking space. The darker colour scheme works beautifully, creating a soothing environment that perfectly complements the high-end taste and chosen colour of the client’s luxury sports car. The experts at Garage Living can achieve similar transformative results with your very own garage space, so book your free consultation with one of our designers today.

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