Announcing Garage Living of Denver

Garage Living is excited to announce our newest franchise location in Denver, Colorado.

Garage Living of Denver joins our ever-growing network of franchisees in the U.S. and Canada specializing in high-end garage makeovers. The franchisees of Garage Living of Denver are Binh Truong and his wife, Tu Kim Le.

The couple initially became interested in Garage Living while attending the Franchise Expo West-Denver in October 2016. Aaron Cash (Garage Living Franchise Systems President) and Steve Wilkins (Vice President of Franchise Development) met the couple at the expo.

They explained to Binh and Tu the incredible opportunity available to them by joining a premium home improvement franchise.

Garage Living of Denver owner binh truong

Binh Truong — Owner, Garage Living of Denver.

The call of duty

Binh and Tu were immediately intrigued at the prospect of joining a company catering to the garage organization and storage market, one of the fastest growing home improvement categories. The rapidly growing Denver market also presents lots of opportunities for home improvement companies.

The couple’s plans to explore the business opportunity further would be delayed, however, for a noble reason.

Immediately following the meeting, Binh, who had enlisted in the Colorado National Guard with the support of his family after being drawn to serve his country, was deployed for a year-long tour. Binh’s deployment saw him actively involved in operations fighting ISIS in the Middle East providing satellite communications support.

Planning for the future

The timing of Binh’s deployment was especially challenging, considering Tu was shortly due to give birth to their fourth child. While Binh was overseas, Tu continued raising their four children in Denver and working in her current role as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of her own franchise business, sporting goods company Reusch USA.

Despite the distance separating them, Tu and Binh also planned their next adventure after his service was completed. The couple reconnected with Wilkins, with the development process including Skype calls from remote locations.

Upon Binh’s return home last September, the development process moved along and Binh and Tu eventually joined the Garage Living family.

Garage Living’s first Veteran franchisee

Binh and Tu see Garage Living of Denver as not just a business opportunity, but an opportunity to support returning Veterans with great jobs. Binh, who takes considerable pride in his military service, plans to hire soldiers formerly under his command and run Garage Living of Denver as a business “owned and operated by Vets”.

Binh’s background working in car sales and home improvement contracting, in addition to his love of cars, are a perfect fit for Garage Living of Denver’s mission of creating spectacular garage spaces.

Tu’s impressive business acumen will be a major asset in helping Binh and other Veterans with Garage Living of Denver’s day-to-day operations. Previously, Tu has worked as a senior accountant for two Denver-area companies and as an accountant for the city and county of Denver, as well as the Denver International Airport.

Garage Living of Denver owner Tu Kim Le

Tu Kim Le — Owner, Garage Living of Denver.

Welcome to the Garage Living family

We are extremely pleased to be welcoming Binh and Tu to the Garage Living family.

“The passion, work ethic, sacrifice, and commitment to success that they both have demonstrated in their careers, military service, and family life make them ideal franchise partners and we are very excited to get started”, says Cash.

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Q & A: The Home Entryway Garage Makeover

home entryway garage 1

Considering the garage has become the main entry and exit point to the home for an increasing number of people, it’s no wonder improved garage spaces have become more coveted.

For this reason, we thought the term “home entryway garage makeovers” seemed rather appropriate.

Stephen, from Oakville, Ontario (located 30 minutes outside of Toronto) and his wife are among the homeowners who saw the benefits of upgrading such a frequently used area of their house.

The couple also wanted to have a more high-class look to complement the stylish aesthetics of their luxury cars.

A look at one client’s home entryway garage makeover

The home entryway garage makeover by Garage Living for Stephen included the following upgrades:

  • Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating
  • PVC slatwall panels with hook and bike rack accessories
  • GL Premium cabinetry with a stainless steel countertop
  • wall-mounted tire racks and LED garage lighting fixtures
  • an aluminum wall-mounted hose reel and polyurethane garden hose

Stephen was thrilled with his garage makeover and kindly sat down with us to share his experience working with Garage Living.

Before we get to the interview, take a look at this short time-lapse video that shows the efficient transformation of Stephen’s 3-car garage in just a couple of days over the span of a week:

What did your garage look like before the makeover project started? Was it an older garage or just unfinished?

Our house was rebuilt five years ago. It’s a big garage that was drywalled and had a raw concrete floor that had some settling cracks.

What was the impetus to get the garage done? Were you just tired of it and had been thinking about getting it done for a long time?

The cracks in the floor were bothering me and I wanted to get that cleaned up. I have a Mercedes and a Maserati, so every time I drove in there it just didn’t seem like an appropriate home for them.

How long did it take for you to decide you needed to do something about it and start looking around for a company?

We had a list of priorities. We didn’t build the house, we bought it after the gentleman that built it got relocated back to the U.S. There was a lot of work to do on the inside to bring it up to what we wanted. We wanted to get the interior finished first.

Once all that got done, it was time to get the garage taken care of. The garage was on the list, but further down the list. I wanted it to look finished and look like it was a part of the house.

We always drive into the garage and then enter the house about 90% of the time. Every time I drove in, it didn’t feel like a completed part of the project.

How much research did you do beforehand to figure out what to do with the garage and who to talk to?

When I first talked to my wife, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like. I take the cars to Denny’s Car Wash down the road. One of the car magazines (Autostrada Forum Magazine) there had a Garage Living ad on the back of it, so I noticed that. That was kind of the impetus to get me to start researching it.

Then I phoned a few other companies, including just concrete restoration companies. I had to decide if I was just going to do the floor or do the whole thing and we decided we were going to do the whole thing.

Based on the various companies that I interviewed and got quotes from, Garage Living by far stood out as the most competent. Just the overall value proposition was strong.

So you initially wanted to do the floor, but it sort of grew into this bigger project?

No, I just wasn’t sure which direction I was going to go and if it was worth spending the money on or not. It’s kind of like finishing your basement or putting in a pool – do we do it because it’ll increase the value of the home? Does it not?

We decided that if we ever did sell the house, it would add significant value to the house for anybody with a nice car who also appreciates something like driving into a nice garage. The garage would seem like an integral part of the home.

So you’re looking at it as an investment, too…you’re looking long-term as well.

Yes, we’re looking at it primarily for us to enjoy the garage and then second, I just figured it would make the house a good overall package.

After that, did you go to the website and do your research?

Yes, I looked at a few different websites, including theirs, and called and got Daniel Albo (one of the Garage Living owners).

I had a few companies come out to give me ideas and I didn’t give them any budget. I just wanted to see, with no budget, what would they come up with and what were their ideas and what would they do?

The overall process with Garage Living was by far much more professional. They were more knowledgeable and what Daniel said made a whole lot more sense. With everybody else, I think they were trying to sell it within a certain budget, even though there was no given budget.

Garage Living came up with an excellent design and the way they were treating the garage floor seemed like a much better process. They wanted to come out beyond the garage doors and down the lip. One of the other companies was only coming to the interior of the garage door, which doesn’t look right to me.

home entryway garage 2

This luxurious space nicely complements the client’s Maserati and Mercedes.

When you were doing your research and looking at quotes, how did Garage Living’s website compare to others you looked at?

The website left you with a very professional impression. There are some nice pictures on there of the products and I just thought it was user-friendly. The website was kind of a “landing spot” and the biggest thing was more the process of the quotation.

That included them being out here, the way they showed the materials, talked about what was going to be done, took the measurements, and got back to us very quickly with regard to initial concepts and designs. It was very professionally managed.

In your online review, you said that the overall design Garage Living came up with was no comparison to the other companies.

I thought that the quality of the materials was far better and the overall design was good. It was more the quality of the materials that were going into it, Garage Living’s professionalism, and the context of how Daniel presented the pitch for the project and how he explained the materials. Then we went out to the showroom before making the final decision.

How much of the showroom experience helped you make a decision?

For someone who needs that to make a decision, the showroom is definitely impressive. The decision was made prior to the showroom, basically, just from the content on the website and from the overall impression from interacting with Garage Living, versus the other companies we had quote on the project.

So going into the showroom was more just to look at things like the finishing details and accessories?

We were deciding between the baseline cabinets versus the intermediate or midrange cabinets. We wanted to see them, to decide if it was worth the additional money to go with the midrange, as opposed to the baseline cabinets.

The showroom was nice just to see the tangible quality of the cabinets and the scope of what Garage Living deals with. It just gave you that final touch of confidence in the context of dealing with Daniel and with the company, period.  

How did you figure out whether to go with a baseline or a more premium cabinet model?

It was just the quality of them and the look. When we looked at what the difference was between the two as far as the scope of the project was concerned, we decided to go with the midline cabinets (GL Premium).

Was how you were going to use the cabinetry, like as a possible work area, a factor at all?

No, it’s more aesthetic. The drawers are still empty in a lot of cases. It doesn’t get used that way, it’s more just for the overall look whenever we drive in.

So basically looks, minimal storage, and to keep it tidy?


Now you have all this garage storage you never had before. How was it managing the garage storage before?

Before, everything was all over the place. There were just metal shelves from Costco being used with everything stacked on them. It was one of those things where when you move in, the garage is the last thing to get organized and cleaned up.

There was a lot of stuff that needed to be purged and gotten rid of. We used the garage to park cars in, but it by no means made you feel good when you drove in.

Your garage makeover also included a couple of tire racks, which I assume is for your winter tires?

That was also one of the reasons I went to the showroom, was just to see what the tire racks like. I called around to get quotes on storing our winter tires. I always just stored them stacked on the garage floor and also on a Canadian Tire wall rack.

We wondered if they were really worth the money to store tires on or should we just store them at the garage where we get them changed over? When I called around, I found that basically, the racks will pay for themselves within a couple of years, in comparison to having the tires stored at the garage itself.

Was price a deciding factor in your decision to choose Garage Living? 

Garage Living wasn’t the cheapest quote, but I just felt the overall value proposition was better. I felt the project was going to get done properly and in a timely fashion.

It sounds like compared to the other companies, you just had more confidence in Daniel and Garage Living.

Yes. Any questions I asked they were able to answer – and not in a, for lack of a better word, a BS way.

Daniel didn’t come across like a sales guy just pushing something. Garage Living came across like they cared about the install, cared about the quality of the materials, and were very knowledgeable and very professional.

Some of the other companies just seemed like they wanted to get in and out with the quickest solution possible and were just trying to push something on you. All one guy did was undermine and knock other companies. To me, he lost before he even started. He just didn’t have a professional presentation, either.

Was there anything about the other companies that impressed you or made you consider going with them?

No. I was shopping for the best project overall and something I thought was fairly priced for the quality of the workmanship, materials, etcetera.

Your Google review mentioned that you were impressed with the scheduling and overall professionalism of Garage Living. Did that surprise you?

Yes, it actually did. Coming from the trades and having done countless renovations and construction-related projects, finding good tradespeople is one of the biggest challenges. It’s difficult to find people that show up on time and people who, if they’re not going to be there on time, will at least call.

It’s more you’re wasting your time waiting around for people that don’t show up and then you call them and all you hear are excuses. Daniel set the tone for that and every person that we interacted with at Garage Living after Daniel followed through and exceeded expectations.

They were here on the very day they said they’d be here and we had booked months in advance. It took exactly a week, which is what Daniel said it would take. And from start to finish, the workers were really polite, respectful, and very professional. They did everything they said they were going to do and beyond.

There’s always a lot of stress involved for anyone who’s dealt with the trades. That wasn’t an issue with your project?

Nothing. It was zero stress. It was a pleasure dealing with people that take pride in what they do, as opposed to it just being piece work and wanting to get in and out as quickly as possible. They moved plugs around…even if it was six inches, they moved it. Garage Living did a very, very good job overall. If I did move, I would call them immediately to do my next garage.

Did you have to make any compromises with what you initially thought the garage would look like and what you had in mind?

We actually spent more than what we were originally planning on spending and are very happy that we did so. We didn’t really have a budget in mind. When you start any project, you kind of have a hunch as to what you think it’s going to cost or how much you think you’re willing to spend, and with this one it was similar.

home entryway garage 3

GL Premium cabinets with silver doors and gray trim configured with tall storage lockers, overhead cabinets, and a stainless steel countertop.

So it wasn’t a big surprise with what the project cost?


What, if anything, could Garage Living have done differently if you had to do this all over again?

I don’t think there’s one thing that they could have done differently to improve the experience.

As I said, the overall experience exceeded expectations and the design was excellent. Even for the photo shoot, they were very respectful of the property and thankful that we allowed them to do it. We were more than happy to have them spend the day and do the photo shoot and the time-lapse video.

If the makeover process hadn’t been such a flawless experience, we would have paid the invoice and that’d be the end of it. But we were happy to have them showcase such a good job and proud that the finished product came out the way it did.

Do you show it off to friends or visitors that come over?

Yes, in fact, I was speaking at a conference the other day and I was showing a few of our customers the pictures of the garage and they were like, “Wow!”.

One of them has a Porsche 911, so we were talking about garages and I said, “Oh, I got a new home for my Maserati”. They asked if I minded telling them how much it was and I told them and they said, “Oh, that’s really reasonable for something like that. I thought it would be more”. They were actually surprised, based on the pictures. In fact, I gave her Daniel’s contact information.

So overall, you’d say your life’s better having the garage completed and you feel better about pulling into the garage now? 

Yes, it bugs me right now that the floor is dirty and needs to be cleaned, but you don’t want to be getting the hose out and making a skating rink in there, so we kind of brush it off. But as soon as the weather turns good, I’ll get the hose out and squeegee it and clean it up.

In the past with your concrete floor, would you just sweep it out in the spring? Do you find this garage floor easier to maintain?

I would shovel the snow out before, whereas now it’s much easier to maintain and keep clean. It looks good, it looks finished whenever you drive in. A week or so ago it was one of those mild, slushy days. When I came home, I got the squeegee down that Garage Living left us at the end of the project and squeegeed the floor, which helped to clean it up.

Was there anything else you wanted to add?

I would say if anybody’s considering doing anything with their garage, regardless of how big or small, that I would call Garage Living. Have them come out to give you some ideas as to what they can do. I think regardless of whether it’s just the floor or a full project like we did, it’ll get done right.

Regardless of how much they’re wanting to spend, the money they spend with Garage Living is a good investment because it gets done properly. I think of it more now as an extension of the home, as opposed to just a garage that’s connected to the house where you park your cars in a space that just didn’t seem like a fitting home for the cars.

So your home’s main entryway space is just nicer now.

I would say 90% of the time we drive into the garage and come into the home through the garage, so it’s an extension of that finished space now.

It feels much better and it’s much tidier. Everything’s got a place with the way Garage Living designed it and the way things are organized. And it’s got that flexibility so if your slatwall storage needs change, you can go back to the showroom and get some ideas as to what other kinds of hooks and accessories you can get.

As we organized things, we found a spot for the hoses on the wall. They’re not normally there in the summertime, but in the wintertime, they’re just spare hoses that we use for various things on the property. Everything’s got its place.

View the Home Entryway Garage gallery to see more photos from Stephen’s garage makeover.

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Luxury Garages: Feeling Luxury the Moment You Arrive Home

Luxury 3 car garage with blue MaseratiOwning a luxury home means surrounding yourself with the finer things in life.

The latest sophisticated home tech, a wine cellar, home theatre, an opulent kitchen, and a grand entryway are just a few must-have features affluent many homeowners desire.

A lavish home isn’t fully living up to its high design and amenities standards if its garage space is lacking, however.

Luxury garages: the natural next home renovation step

The New York Times recently called garage makeovers “the next frontier in remodelling”. And years ago, Garage Living recognized the increasing need for serving a high-end clientele who wanted showroom-worthy garage spaces.

Luxury garages are the natural next renovation step to take for owners of expensive homes who want to fully complete their property’s upscale appearance.

After all, what better way is there to complement the refined, polished attributes of their luxurious home and premium vehicles than with a swanky garage space?

The Garage Living experience

Any unfinished garage represents an abundance of design potential. It takes a trusted garage professional like Garage Living, however, to truly realize that potential by applying their considerable expertise and inspired creativity towards a makeover project.

The integral components of the “Garage Living experience” that result in beautiful luxury garages includes:

  • a unique understanding of our upscale clientele’s discerning needs
  • elite products
  • a proven track record with thousands of completed makeovers
  • inventive garage designs
  • professional installation using state-of-the art equipment
  • superior customer service

High standards are paramount

From the initial in-home design consultation right through to the project installation by skilled professionals, high standards are always paramount at Garage Living.

No project’s detail is too small to be obsessed over. Regular communication with the client throughout the makeover process is considered vital. Simply put, creating luxury garages and striving for the highest standards possible go hand in hand.

Garage Living takes a lot of pride in the garages we transform, whether they’re makeover projects that are large or small. We believe that’s reflected in the impressive finished results of our garage makeovers and the thousands of customers who are glad that they worked with us.

Feel luxury the moment you arrive home

Garage Living has tapped into an increasingly growing viewpoint that garages should no longer be treated as an afterthought when it comes to home design.

The garage is every bit as deserving as bathrooms or kitchens when it comes to creating a home space with premium aesthetics, supreme comfort, and a high level of functionality.

Considering so many homeowners now use the garage as their home’s main entry and exit point, its role has never been more appreciated and valued.

Garage Living wants our clientele to truly feel luxury the moment they arrive home in their transformed garage.

luxury garages underground

This underground luxury garage features GL Custom Steel cabinetry and a Floortex™ floor coating that beautifully complements the client’s Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

High-end storage solutions for luxury garages

A key element in the design of luxury garages is using effective and visually appealing garage organization and storage solutions.

Custom-fit storage cabinetry like the GL Custom Steel and GL NEOS Elite systems give the space a stylish, high-end appearance, in keeping with the rest of a luxury home’s clean aesthetic.

Slatwall storage and specialty storage racks also help to preserve a luxury garage’s pristine visuals. These storage systems project a thoroughly modern look and make it easier for homeowners to keep their space clean and tidy.

Beautiful garage flooring

Beautiful luxury garages start from the floor up. That’s why Garage Living makes sure to only use Floortex™, the best garage floor coating on the market.

A premium Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating instantly changes the look and feel of any garage. For a garage to truly be described as “luxury”, a first-rate flooring surface is an absolute essential.

Understanding our clients’ unique needs

Garage Living feels it sets itself apart from its competitors by having a unique understanding of the discerning needs of our upscale clientele. We’ve worked with famous musicians, actors, architects, and business executives.

The top-to-bottom garage customization projects we undertake can encompass a wide range of unique and challenging requirements from our clients.

A common request from our clientele is for us to create luxury garages that provide the ultimate complement for their luxury cars. Our garage designs can be tailored to complement any car’s color scheme and create stunning surroundings that make a high-end vehicle look that much more impressive.

The creative minds at Garage Living are up for any makeover challenge. Here are just a few of the other unique garage projects we’ve completed:

  • a high-end residential underground garage makeover
  • fitness-themed garages
  • a “his and her” garage that caters to a couple’s individual needs
  • a garage for a well-appointed cottage

Luxury garages befitting of dream homes

Garage Living takes great pride in creating luxury garages that are truly befitting of our clients’ dream homes.

Does the idea of completing your home’s immaculate look with a luxury garage sound enticing? If so, book a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts to find out what we can do to beautify your garage space.

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The 3 Steps in Garage Living’s Garage Makeover Process

If you’re ready to give your garage interior and exterior a customized upgrade, you’ll want to consult a trusted professional. From start to finish, no one understands the garage makeover process quite like Garage Living.

When you’re looking to get your garage organized, upgrade your flooring, or choose any of the number of other garage improvement solutions we offer, Garage Living has a respected track record.

Garage Living has established itself as one of North America’s premier garage makeover companies, with thousands of successful makeovers under our belt. We specialize in makeovers big and small, including high-end garage makeovers.

A successful beginning-to-end garage makeover process doesn’t just require the customer to be satisfied with the project’s finished results. It also includes the customer’s satisfaction in their experience working with us.

On both fronts, Garage Living prides itself on the high marks our customers consistently give us, which results in many customer referrals.

How our garage makeover process works

Garage Living’s process of creating dream garages for our customers involves three main steps:

1. Initial free consultation

The first step in our garage makeover process, the design consultation, is extremely important, as it gives us a framework moving forward. The free consultation can take place in the comfort of your home or in your local Garage Living showroom.

One of our design experts will discuss with you what upgrades you’re looking to make with your garage space. Does your damaged garage floor need a new floor coating? Are you looking for an effective garage storage solution that keeps your space organized, like slatwall panels or specialty storage racks?

However you’re looking to improve your garage, one of our design experts will show you the best products and services we offer to fit your needs. They can also suggest ways to upgrade your garage space that you might not even have considered. We’ll also guide you through the wide range of custom options available for many of our products.

One of the key parts of the consultation process will involve a design consultant evaluating your garage space and taking measurements. This will give them a better sense of how the planned upgrades will fit, function, and look in your garage.

The consultation process will also include discussing the project’s timeline. Do you need the work completed by a certain date or is there a specific time window that does or doesn’t work for you? All of these logistics will be worked out.

garage makeover process consultation

2. Design phase

The consultation ensures the design consultant is clear on what your project goals are and what kind of garage space they have to work with. Now it’s time to bring your dream garage to life with the second step in our garage makeover process – the designing phase of the project.

Based on your chosen products, designs, and customization preferences, our highly trained team of designers will create scale drawings of your garage using our CAD software. This computer-aided design tool lets us create 3-D images of your garage space with the incorporated additions.

The CAD software helps up plan the space and also allows us to show you what the end result looks like before we start any work on-site. If there’s something you’d like to tweak or change, perhaps with your custom garage cabinetry, we can work with you to enhance the blueprint’s design.

Garage Living knows that a strong level of communication with our clients is a key element to our great customer service. Therefore, you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the entire garage redesign process. We welcome any questions, concerns, and input you might have.

garage makeover process design

3. Installation

Once you’ve viewed the final design and approved it, it’s time for the last step in our garage makeover process – the installation.

We’ll schedule an installation time that’s most convenient for you. Prior to the scheduled day, you’ll get a call from one of our representatives so we can answer any questions that are still on your mind.

On the day of the garage makeover, our professional installers will show up at the scheduled time to begin your garage’s transformation process. Every high quality product included in your garage redesign will be installed according to the blueprint’s exact specifications.

Our courteous, highly trained installers are very respectful of the trust you’ve placed with us to work in your home. Once the job has been completed, you can rest assured that any mess from the work area will be cleaned up.

If there are any issues with any aspect of the project’s installation, we’ll happily address it with you on-site or over the phone.

garage makeover process installation

Learn more about our garage makeover process

This is our garage makeover process and everyone at Garage Living strives to deliver a friendly, helpful, and satisfying experience to every customer we work with.

Would you like to transform your cluttered garage into a clean, functional, and highly organized space? To do so, take your first step in our garage makeover process by scheduling your free in-home design consultation today.

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Why Your Garage Makeover Contractor Should Be Baeumler Approved

There are many important decisions that go along with committing to a major home improvement project like a garage makeover.

For homeowners, one of their biggest concerns will be which contractor they can trust to handle the project. Personal references can be invaluable, as can the many online resources available.

The Baeumler Approved contractor referral program is one such important resource.

Baeumler Approved

What is the Baeumler Approved program?

The Baeumler Approved program was launched in 2012 in Canada by celebrity home improvement guru Bryan Baeumler and his business partner, Stuart Riley.

Baeumler’s high profile in the media exposed him to many people asking him for his expert advice when it came to choosing a reliable contractor or tradesperson for a home renovation.

While other online resources were available to provide feedback on contractors, none of them had the highly respected Baeumler name attached to them.

As the handyman explains on the Baeumler Approved site, “We help you take the first steps in selecting who you will trust to help you improve.”

But before getting deeper into the Baeumler Approved program and why its seal of approval is important when choosing a contractor, let’s get a quick primer on the man behind it.

Who is Bryan Baeumler?

The better question might be who isn’t Bryan Baeumler? This is a man who certainly doesn’t rest on his laurels.

It’s hard to imagine the high profile Baeumler has escaped many people’s attention, but here’s a list of some of his accomplishments and endeavors:

  • the host of numerous popular TV shows including Disaster DIY, Leave It to Bryan, House of Bryan, and Bryan Inc. on HGTV in the U.S. and HGTV Canada
  • CEO and President of Baeumler Quality Construction, a full-service construction, and renovation company
  • the bestselling author of 2015’s Measure Twice, a DIY handbook
  • heads the Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids charitable organization

Baeumler has always loved working with his hands. In fact, he started his own handyman business when he was just 14, completing odd jobs for his neighbours.

And despite earning a Political Science and Business dual degree that was steering him down a career path in law, the call of the trades proved too strong for Baeumler to ignore.

How are Baeumler Approved members chosen?

Let’s face it, there are more than a few contractors out there who demonstrate poor ethics, work quality, and reliability. That’s why the Baeumler Approved program was created.

When choosing which contractors will be eligible to become Baeumler Approved, the screening process looks at the following criteria:

  • are previous clients satisfied with the quality of work and communication from the contractor?
  • do companies that have collaborated with the contractor speak positively about their work practices?
  • does the contractor have a reputable online history of testimonials and referrals?
  • can the contractor provide evidence of required professional certifications?
  • does the contractor have the necessary worker’s compensation coverage, along with a minimum of $1,000,000 of active liability insurance coverage?

If a contractor meets the strict vetting guidelines established by Baeumler Approved, they’re added to the list of approved contractors.

How Baeumler Approved helps consumers

The Baeumler Approved designation certainly needs to be earned by any contractor. And, importantly, this high level of reliability and workmanship also needs to be maintained.

Baeumler Approved members are required to sign and follow the program’s Code of Conduct. These guidelines reflect the high standards Baeumler has towards customer satisfaction, work quality, and safety.

Baeumler Approved contractors who fail to comply with the Code of Conduct can be removed from the program’s network. This level of accountability demonstrates the program’s commitment toward Baeumler Approved being relied on as a go-to source for reputable contractor recommendations for consumers.

It should be noted that Baeumler Approved is only a recommendation resource. The program does not assume any liability for work done by one of their member contractors.

How does Baeumler Approved differ from online review sites?

There are many review sites available that let consumers leave feedback about companies, with Yelp and Google being two of the most popular ones.

These sites are one helpful way for consumers to get a sense of who they want to do business with. A recent BrightLocal survey found that 88% of consumers trust these reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

The Baeumler Approved doesn’t quite follow the same model. It simply acts as a recommended list of contractors who have established a history of trustworthiness and quality work.

Garage Living’s association with the Baeumler Approved program

Since our start in 2005, Garage Living has done many thousands of makeover projects that have helped homeowners turn their garages into an extension of their living space.

Garage Living has established itself as a company known for its first-rate work, integrity, and superior products like our cabinetry, garage flooring, and wall storage system.

One example of our commitment to great customer service is the written warranty we present to customers after a Floortex™ floor coating application. This gives our customers the assurance that we stand fully behind our products and services.

Our reputation allowed us to become a Baeumler Approved member in 2013 and we continue to be proud of our association with the trusted Baeumler brand.

Baeumler Approved 2

Aaron Cash, managing partner of Garage Living, and Bryan Baeumler.

Our garage makeover project on Bryan’s house

And Garage Living’s association with Bryan extends beyond the Baeumler Approved program. We also worked on a unique garage makeover at Bryan’s country home that was part of his House of Bryan show on HGTV Canada.

The project involved designing two connected “his and hers” garages. One garage space was tailored to Bryan’s wants and needs and the other garage space was tailored to the requirements of Bryan’s wife, Sarah, and their four kids.

Baeumler Approved 3

Garage Living worked on a “his and hers” garage design at Bryan’s home.

You can view many more pictures from the project here.

Enjoy peace of mind when choosing a Baeumler Approved contractor

The strict quality and integrity standards the Baeumler Approved program requires helps homeowners take some of the risk out of what can be a stressful process when it comes to choosing a reputable contractor.

And Garage Living isn’t just a Baeumler Approved member – Bryan’s also entrusted us with working on his own home.

Are you looking for a trusted garage professional for your upcoming garage makeover project? If so, schedule your free-in home consultation with a member of our design team today.

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