Floor coating process

5-step application process

5 step coating process for Rhino Floortex garage floors

New Flooring In Less Than A Day

In just one day, your flooring project can be completed by Garage Living of Washington DC. Our crew arrives on-site at approximately 8:30 a.m. and meets with the customer. After explaining our process and answering any questions, we’ll begin transforming their garage floor. Every type of equipment and material the job requires is included on our mobile workshop trucks, which helps our professionals maintain their efficiency. The Floortex™ floor coating application process is explained by the Garage Living 5 Steps.

Step 1 – Diamond grind the floor surface

Proper preparation is the most important part of the application process. Garage Living of Washington DC’s state-of-the-art Werkmaster™ diamond grinders and dustless self-contained vacuum systems will ensure that an unbreakable mechanical bond to the substrate is achieved on every floor we’re coating. Our crew will evaluate the density of the floor’s concrete to determine which type of diamond blades will be needed for grinding the floor. The concrete’s pores open after the diamond grinding has profiled the substrate. Next, the edges are ground down by a dolly-mounted hand grinder. The coating can be applied on any vertical surface, such as cinder blocks, wood baseboards, foundation walls, and steps.

Step 2 – Repairing Cracks And Chips

It’s natural for concrete pads to have hairline cracks appear. Our solution for this is to open up the cracks using a diamond cutting wheel, with a follow-up application of polyurea joint filler. Our crew grinds the excess down after allowing the filler to cure for 10-15 minutes. Now the cracks are invisible and the garage floor is completely smooth. This readies the surface for the next step, which is the base coat.

Step 3 – Pigmented adhesive base coat

The base coat is a 2-component mix that includes the pigment which matches the pre-blended vinyl chips chosen by the customer. All vertical surfaces have the base coat applied by our crew using a rolling process, followed by the entire surface of the floor then being coated.

Step 4 – Decorative Floortex™ flakes

Three times the amount of Floortex™ flakes are spread on the floor by the Garage Living of Washington DC crew, which ensures 100% coverage. The coating is left to cure for 60 minutes and then we use a flat metal-edge tool to scrape the floor. This leaves a smooth and even surface by eliminating any standing flakes.

Step 5 – Clear, durable Floortex™ top coat

The final step of the process involves a top coat application with a squeegee to achieve a finish that’s thick and even. This application is then back rolled, which ensures the consistency of the finish. After 8 hours, the top coat will have cured and foot traffic can resume in the garage. 24 hours is required for vehicle traffic to resume.


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