Car Lift For Home Garage

The Best 4 Post Car Lifts in Jacksonville

The experts at Garage Living of Jacksonville can help you take advantage of your garage’s underutilized vertical space by installing a useful 4 post car lift. Expand your home’s parking space without undergoing an expensive renovation or storing extra vehicles in costly off-site storage units.

Garage Living of Jacksonville offers 3 models for various vehicle sizes. Features include:

  • 8,000 – 9,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • powder coat finish available in black only
  • ALI Certified (American Lift Institute) and safe for residential use
  • 4 drip trays included
  • steel approach ramps included

Will a car lift fit in my garage?

Every garage is different and 3 factors will determine whether a car lift will fit:

  • garage door placement
  • ceiling height
  • floor space

The placement of your garage door will determine if you need a high lift conversion. This modification will open your garage door at a higher level if it’s currently opening too low for a car lift. You have enough floor space if you’re able to park your car inside your garage. Lastly, you’ll need your garage ceiling to be a minimum height of approximately 10 feet.

In most cases, the experts at Garage Living of Jacksonville will be able to tell you over the phone if a car lift is able to fit inside your garage.

Download our car lift brochure (PDF: 2 MB)

Silver Porsche on 4 post car lift inside residential garage
Silver Porsche on a car lift in the lower position
White Porsche on a car lift
Black Lamborghini on a car lift in the lower position
Two Mercedes Benz vehicles on a car lift
Blue mini on car lift in Garage Living showroom
Red corvette on car lift in garage
Car lift in showroom


View PDF Chart

Lifting Capacity 8,000 lbs 8,000 lbs 9,000 lbs
Lifting Height 72" 86" 84"
Overall Length
(with approach ramps)
207 1/2" 222 1/4" 225 1/2"
Overall Length
(without approach ramps)
176" 190" 193"
Overall Width
(with motor)
103 1/2" 103 1/2" 131"
Approach Ramps 36 3/4" 36 3/4" 36 1/4"
Runway Width 18 1/2" 18 1/2" 19 1/2"
Runway Length 165 1/2" 180" 184 1/2"
Runway Thickness 4 1/2" 5" 4 3/4"
Drive Through Width
(outside of tire to outside of tire)
80 1/2" 80 1/2" 97"
Clearance Under Runways 68" 81" 79 1/4"
Clearance Between Runways 37 3/4" 37 3/4" 39"
Clearance Between Columns 94" 94" 109 1/2"
Height of Columns 83" 97" 97"
Shipping Weight 1,820 lbs 1,920 lbs 2,350 lbs
Power Unit 110 Volt, 1 hp 110 Volt, 1 hp 110 Volt, 1 hp


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