8 Reasons To Embrace Garage Organization And Improvement In 2017

If your garage is overrun by clutter and badly in need of a makeover, make 2017 the year to reclaim and improve this valuable home space. There’s no better time than the fresh start of a new year to embrace the garage organization and improvement solutions available from Garage Living. Here are eight reasons our products and services will make your garage look better and increase its functionality.

1. Free up floor space and use your garage for parking again

It’s a common problem that homeowners are unable to use their garages as a space for parking their vehicles. The main reason this occurs is due to excess clutter on the garage floor. We have several solutions to address this and return your garage parking space to you:

  • Garage wall storage: versatile PVC slatwall panels take advantage of unused garage wall space, providing areas for hanging items with our more than 40 types of accessories. They also give your garage a more finished look.
  • Garage cabinetry: choose from five lines of our modular and custom-fit garage cabinetry systems. There’s a wide range of custom options available to suit your budget, as well as your functional and aesthetic preferences.
  • Specialty storage racks: heavy-duty overhead storage racks, tire racks, industrial shelving, and firewood racks are just some of the specialty storage rack solutions we offer.

garage organization and improvement slatwall

2. Get organized and stay organized

By adding one or more of the above garage organization and improvement solutions, you’ll notice immediate benefits that extend beyond just having more floor space. With the right storage systems, all of your belongings will have a proper home and be much easier to find. Dedicated homes for your tools and accessories also greatly reduce the likelihood of garage clutter accumulating in the future.

3. Your garage floor will look much nicer with a new coating

Garage floors need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. If your garage’s concrete floor is cracked, crumbling, and a general eyesore, a Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating is the best solution on the market.

A Floortex™ coating transforms your garage floor into an attractive and very durable surface, with a glossy finish that won’t fade or yellow over time. It’s also highly resistant to most household chemicals, such as gas and oil. And just because it’s frigid outside doesn’t mean a Floortex™ floor coating can’t be applied. Unlike epoxy garage floor coatings, a Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating can be applied year-round.

4. An upgraded garage door enhances curb appeal

No one feature of your home’s exterior stands out more than your garage door. Ask yourself – is your garage door enhancing or detracting from your curb appeal? If it’s the latter, then it’s definitely time to think about an upgrade. We have a wide range of steel, wood, fibreglass, and full view aluminum garage door styles available to improve your home’s exterior aesthetics.

garage organization and improvement door

5. Modern garage door openers are quieter and come with convenient features

If your garage door is in need of an upgrade, also consider the functionality of your garage door opener. An old, malfunctioning opener poses a safety risk, in addition to being an inconvenience. Compared to older models, modern garage door openers are more energy efficient, reliable, and quieter. Furthermore, they come with modern features like MyQ technology, which allows you to monitor and access your garage door when you’re away from home.

6. Create a space-saving garage work area

If you’re a hobbyist or handyman and lack a proper work area due to space limitations, consider a foldaway workbench for the garage. This heavy-duty workbench supports up to 400 pounds of weight and conveniently folds away to preserve valuable garage parking space. Integrate the workbench with our slatwall panels to hold your tools and create a handy space-saving workspace.

7. Car lifts let you double your parking space

A 4 post car lift puts your garage’s underutilized vertical space to work, allowing you to instantly double your available parking space. Car lifts are a practical and cost-effective alternative to a major garage renovation or yearly off-site vehicle storage. To see how this great garage organization and improvement solution works, stop by our Vaughan showroom.

garage organization and improvement car lift

8. Garage exteriors benefit from aluminum capping

Aluminum capping involves wrapping your wooden garage doorframe with aluminum sheeting. Here are the benefits of aluminum capping:

  • your home’s exterior exhibits a more clean and finished appearance, which enhances curb appeal and resale value
  • future maintenance on your garage doorframe is virtually eliminated
  • extends the life of your doorframe by protecting it from the elements
  • improves energy efficiency by decreasing drafts

Garage organization and improvement solutions to transform your space

These are just some of the garage organization and improvement solutions we have available. Garage Living also features products such as LED lighting, infrared heaters, and wall bumpers to protect your car doors. We also specialize in garage renovation services, including insulation and drywall installation, lighting and electrical work, garage door repair, and more.

To get started with your garage transformation for 2017, schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts today. When you see what our professionals can do you with your garage space, you’ll wonder why you never called us sooner.

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Garage Organization Solutions: Avoid These Common Excuses And Get Organized

It’s easy to put off dealing with garage organization, especially when it’s something you’ve neglected for a long time. Tackling the problem head-on simply feels too daunting and difficult to face. Things don’t have to be this way, however.

Let’s look at the most common excuses homeowners give for avoiding dealing with garage organization. We’ll also explore some organization solutions to help get your garage operating at a functional level once again.

1. I don’t know where to begin with garage organization

The longer you avoid dealing with organizing your messy garage, the worse the situation will become. Dr. Tim Pychyl is a Carleton University researcher who’s spent the last 20 years studying the habit of procrastination. So what’s his expert advice when it comes to dealing with a situation you’ve been avoiding? “Just get started.”

Merely reading this blog post is a small, yet positive first step. Your next step is to equip yourself with the best resource you can have when it comes to combatting garage clutter. Specifically, this means using experts in the field of garage organization and storage.

Garage Living has been transforming garages in need of organization and storage solutions for more then a decade throughout North America. You can be sure that in the more then 5,000 projects we’ve completed over that period, we’ve likely seen garages in worse shape than yours!

2. I don’t have time to deal with garage organization

This is one of the most common reasons given for putting off dealing with a big job like decluttering a garage. And it’s not without validity, as we all lead busy lives. Ask yourself, though – how much time do you lose over a one year period trying to find items in your messy garage?

Taking time now to get your garage in order will pay off large benefits in the future for you and your family. If your free time is truly at a premium, that’s where a company like Garage Living can be of great assistance. Our team of designers, installers, and service personnel will help make the whole process much easier.

garage organization experts

3. My family and I can manage in our messy garage

Frequently, as the level of clutter accumulating in the garage worsens, many of us will just adapt to the situation. This is not a solution. Life delivers more than enough headaches to stress you out, but a messy garage is one headache that’s easily avoidable. The garage organization products and services we provide will improve your garage space.

As a result, you can once again feel the relaxation and sense of pride that comes with functioning in a clean, organized garage. You’ll also be able to use your garage once again as a parking space for your vehicles.

4. I don’t know what garage organization solutions to use

That’s where the experts can provide your best guidance. Solutions such as slatwall storage for hanging items, specialty storage racks, and garage cabinetry will make clutter disappear. Feed your inspiration for getting your garage organized by visiting our unique showroom in Vaughan. All the products we offer are available there for you to see and touch.

garage organization solutions

5. My garage doesn’t have enough storage space

We’ll show you opportunities to take advantage of the underused wall and vertical storage space in your garage. Garage Living works with customers owning garages of all shapes and sizes. We know how to maximize your available storage space, even in the smallest garages.

Remember, garage organization isn’t solely about having an abundant amount of storage space. It’s equally critical to use effective organization solutions as well.

Say, for example, you wanted more room in your garage for parking an extra vehicle. To go-to solution for many might be to undergo a costly renovation to expand your garage’s size. A better, more cost-effective alternative is to add a 4 post car lift. You’ll quickly double your garage’s parking space, without the upheaval and mess that comes with making your garage larger.

6. I can’t afford to get my garage organized

How do you know for sure? Garage organization solutions might be more affordable thank you think. The wide range of garage improvement products and services we offer means there’s sure to be something that fits your budget. Moreover, making upgrades to your garage represents a sound financial investment that increases your home’s value.

Dispense with the excuses that hold you back from getting your garage organized. They do nothing more than leave you with a perpetually messy garage, as well as burden you with guilt and embarrassment over its appearance.

Schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts today. They can create 3D computer diagrams to help you envision a garage space for your home that’s more useful, inviting, and orderly.

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How To Utilize Your Underused Garage Overhead Storage Space

Do you ever wonder why so many of your neighbours have garages that they seemingly never use for parking their vehicles? This is likely due to them lacking effective storage solutions, such as a garage overhead storage system.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy shed some light on the oddity of garages not being used for vehicle parking. They estimate that 25% of homeowners with 2-car garages can’t park their vehicles inside them because of excess clutter. Furthermore, only 32% of them are able to fit one vehicle inside because of clutter.

With the colder weather approaching, you’re probably making plans to store a number of things you’ve used over the spring and summer. Where can you store them so that your garage remains functional and is able to accommodate parked vehicles? You only need to look upwards to discover garage overhead storage space just waiting to be used!

Four great benefits of adding a garage overhead storage system

Garage overhead storage brings many benefits to your home. Here are four reasons to consider this type of storage for your garage:

  1. You’ll free up plenty of garage floor space. Bulkier items can take up valuable space on the floor, consequently making it harder to function in the garage. Utilizing the underused space in your garage’s upper areas will get them out of the way.
  2. Better organization. As a result of adopting this storage solution, you’ll be able to stay organized and minimize clutter. When you need to find particular items, you’ll spend less time searching for them.
  3. Protecting your investment in your vehicle. Any vehicle represents a sizable financial investment on your part. If your cluttered garage isn’t allowing you to park inside of it, your vehicles are far more susceptible to theft and damage while parked outside in your driveway.
  4. The convenience of having your vehicles stored indoors. Having your vehicles protected from the elements is something you’ll definitely appreciate during the year’s frigid months. No longer will you have to scrape snow and ice from your vehicles when they’re parked at home. Overhead garage storage can help make this possible.

garage overhead storage

What items are well-suited for overhead garage storage?

A wide range of items in your garage are well-suited for overhead storage, including:

  • off-season motorized lawn equipment, such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws
  • car roof racks
  • patio furniture
  • storage bins and containers
  • tires (if you don’t desire a tire rack)
  • sporting and camping equipment
  • lawn care and snow removal equipment

A heavy-duty storage solution for your bulkier items

Garage Living’s overhead storage racks are a great heavy-duty storage solution for your garage’s bulkier and weightier items. Items not currently being used because of the time of year are also ideal for garage overhead storage. Suspended from the rafter or ceiling joists, these storage racks utilize your garage’s underused vertical space. Their features include:

  • heavy gauge steel construction which lets racks hold up to 600 lbs of weight
  • adjustable height of up to 45 inches for increased versatility
  • 6 sizes available (2×8, 3×6, 3×8, 4×4, 4×6, and 4×8 feet)
  • a powder coated paint finish to ensure longevity

Store your tires properly with heavy-duty tire racks

Because of the difficulty of driving during the winter, there’s a good chance you own two sets of tires for your vehicles. If you own multiple vehicles, that can add up to a decent portion of your garage floor space that off-season tires may be occupying. Use dedicated tire racks instead and you’ll quickly reclaim that valuable garage floor space!

Heavy-duty tire racks from Garage Living are wall-mounted, therefore you’ll save space. Your tires will be organized and you’ll have more room to function in your garage. Our tire racks come in three colours: granite, silver, and tan.

garage overhead storage

Other helpful storage solutions for the garage

Overhead garage storage is a real space-saver. There are also a number of other storage solutions you can use in your garage to help maximize your storage space:

  • Garage cabinets really expand your storage options for tools and other belongings. Available in custom-fitted and modular and free standing designs, garage cabinets also bring great aesthetics to your space.
  • Garage wall storage uses slatwall panels and accessories to make use of your garage’s wall space for hanging items. Configure the accessories any way you want to hang a wide array of your belongings of all shapes and sizes.
  • Additional specialty storage racks are available at Garage Living. Ask us about our industrial strength shelving units, firewood racks, golf racks, and more.

There’s no reason to let garage clutter restrict you from using your garage for one of its main functions – parking your vehicles. You can visit our unique showroom to view Garage Living’s overhead storage systems up close. Book your free consultation with one of our design experts, who’s looking forward to discussing your garage storage goals with you.

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Garage Workshop Ideas For Creating A Versatile And Organized Space

If you’re someone who spends their spare time on projects involving woodworking, metalworking, and car and electronics repairs, you know the value of a comfortable, dedicated workshop. Carving out such a workspace in the home isn’t always easy, however. Space limitations and concerns over privacy and how much noise and mess you’ll make can stifle your inspiration to tinker, fix, and create.

There are ways to design a versatile garage workspace that lets you enjoy quality time with your creative hobbies. These garage workshop ideas will get your space organized, looking great, and help to increase your home’s value.

Create more available space by using garage wall storage

If you want to create a dedicated work area in the garage, you’ll need to have enough space to work with. Single car garages don’t provide much free space if you want to park your vehicle inside. Double car garages obviously allow for more room, but free space will also be an issue when you want to park two of your vehicles in the garage.

When it comes to creating more available space in your garage, a slatwall storage system is one of your best solutions. Using slatwall panels and accessories that utilize your garage’s wall space, you’ll be able to clear the clutter off your garage floor and hang up your belongings. This creates more room for your work area, parking your vehicles, and just generally functioning much easier in the garage.

garage workshop ideas slatwall

How slatwall accessories can make your workspace more functional

Once you know the desired location for your garage workshop, you can incorporate the slatwall panels and accessories around it. The following slatwall accessories are well-suited for keeping any work area organized:

  • hooks for hanging hand power tools and extension cords
  • magnetic tool bars that keep small hand tools easily accessible
  • screwdriver holders
  • small tool racks
  • paper towel racks
  • various sizes of baskets, shelving, and small tilt-out storage bins for nuts, bolts, screws, and other small pieces of hardware

garage workshop ideas 6-bin-storage garage workshop ideas magnetic-tool-bar

One of the smartest garage workshop ideas: a foldaway workbench

The flexibility and functionality of a foldaway workbench makes it one of the smartest garage workshop ideas you can choose. They’re ideal for smaller garages or when you want just a little more space in your larger garage. This wall-mounted workbench easily folds away when its not needed and is instantly accessible when you do need it. These additional features make the foldaway workbench an essential for any garage workshop:

  • heavy-duty construction can withstand up to 400 lbs of weight
  • 1.5″ thick solid butcher block work surface that’s durable enough to handle the demands placed on it by your work and hobby projects
  • an ample work surface that’s five feet wide and two feet deep
  • secure double latch safety mechanism prevents the workbench from being lowered unintentionally

garage workshop ideas foldaway-bench-up garage workshop ideas foldaway-bench-down

A durable floor coating can handle your workshop’s messes

Good garage workshop ideas are supposed to make your life easier and an epoxy floor coating does just that. Garage Living only uses Floortex™ floor coatings. The best floor coating on the market will transform your garage space with its smooth surface and superior appearance.

A Floortex™ floor coating is extremely durable and resists common household chemicals. Its topcoat also maintains its glossy finish for years. Sawdust and other messes and spills that result from your workshop efforts are a breeze to clean up. And the decorative flakes used during the coating’s application process minimize the appearance of dirt and dust on your garage floor. You’ll also stay safe with the excellent traction that the floor coating provides.

Protect your tool investment with garage cabinetry

Longtime hobbyists tend to accumulate large tool collections with some expensive pieces. Regardless of whether this is the case for you or your tool collection is still growing, your slatwall storage space can be complemented with modular or custom-fit garage cabinetry. These storage systems add a sleek, modern look to your space and can be coordinated to fit your garage’s decor.

We carry five lines of garage cabinetry, all of which are constructed with high quality materials to ensure they last for many years. Along with keeping your tools organized, garage cabinetry can also keep your valued tools protected with an optional locking feature available on some models.

garage workshop ideas cabinets

Make working easier by improving your garage’s lighting

Garage workshop projects require you to see exactly what you’re doing. Precise attention to detail is needed when you’re making measurements, general repairs, saw cuts, and drilling holes. Working safely while you do these things is critical as well, which means you’re going to need something most garages lack – good lighting.

Our LED lighting fixture improves your garage’s lighting conditions and does it with excellent energy efficiency, using 30% less energy than similar fluorescent lighting. The fixture has an unbreakable lens and housing, ensuring a long life, and its bulbs are rated for 94,000 hours. You’ll also want to supplement your overhead lighting with good task lighting around your foldaway workbench.

Some additional garage workshop ideas to consider

The above garage workshop ideas are the most essential components for creating a more functional space for your work projects. If you’re looking to truly maximize its workspace potential, consider some of these additional garage workshop ideas:

  • car lifts will increase how much parking space your garage provides, but can also function as a great way to work on the undersides of vehicles for the DIY mechanic
  • overhead storage racks can be used for bulkier items and storing the leftover or unused lumber from your building projects
  • improving the insulation features of your garage will reduce noise levels and help during the hotter and colder times of year (we also install garage heating systems)
  • if you prefer natural light in your work area, many of our garage doors come with window options that let in outside light, as well as insulation options
  • depending on how much dust and mess will get produced while you’re working, consider improving your garage’s ventilation system
  • be mindful of how much electricity your power tools will require and look at upgrading your garage’s electrical system (especially for older garages) and adding extra outlets

These efficient, space-saving garage workshop ideas will create a comfortable workspace that makes it easier to enjoy your cherished hobby. Having an organized, clutter-free work area will also help fuel your creativity. Schedule your free consultation with us to begin the exciting process of creating your dream garage workshop!

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Garden Tool Garage Storage Solutions That Work Best

green wheelbarrow, shovels, 3 small terracotta pots, shovels, assorted gardening tools

A survey commissioned by the National Association of Landscape Professionals last year found that 75% of Americans found it important to spend time in their yard. 90% of those surveyed with a yard also believed in the importance of keeping it well-maintained.

Lawn and yard care requires many kinds of tools and pieces of equipment to get the job done properly. You spend a significant amount of time every week grooming your lawn and the rest of your property. Why waste any of it looking for garden tools?

A sensible garage storage solution will help significantly in this area. It’ll also help keep your garage clutter-free, leaving ample space for parking your vehicles. Consider the following organizing solutions when it comes to your garden tool garage storage.

You have more garage wall space than floor space – make the most of it

Most garages have more wall space than floor space, so make the most of it. A versatile slatwall panel system is the most effective garden tool hanging system you can buy for the garage. Some of the benefits include:

  • maximizing your garage’s wall storage space by providing a wide range of storage options, in any configuration you choose with our slatwall accessories
  • keeping your garden tools organized and easy to find
  • more durable, versatile, and longer-lasting than pegboard and is easy to clean
  • adding an improved finished look to your garage and can be colour-coordinated to your garage’s decor
  • heavy-duty hooks and brackets can support up to 70 lbs. of weight


Garden Tool Garage Storage Solutions

Use garage cabinetry for your more valuable garden tools

Like slatwall panels, garage cabinetry also instantly improves the aesthetics of your garage. And garage cabinetry has more uses than for just storing your conventional carpentry tools and other hardware-related items.

Your more expensive electrical and gas yard equipment (such as leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, and chainsaws) can be locked away safely. Garage cabinetry, along with hanging basket and bin accessories for slatwall, is also ideal for smaller items like gardening gloves, seed packages, and more.

Shelving and overhead storage increases your garage’s storage possibilities

Specialty storage racks give you even more garden tool garage storage options. Our standalone shelving rack is constructed with industrial strength steel to handle the heaviest weight loads. It’s also powder coated, which ensures a long life that’s rust-free.

Overhead racks let you make use of your garage’s underutilized ceiling space. These heavy-duty racks can hold items weighing up to 600 lbs. Store your snowblower in the overhead racks during the year’s warmer seasons and switch it out with your lawnmower during the winter months.

Eliminate garden hose messes with a quality hose reel

Keeping your garage and yard free from tangled up garden hoses is much easier with a quality hose reel. We carry mounted and portable garden hose reel storage solutions that will keep your hoses organized and much easier to use. Our hose reels and garden hoses are also much better quality than most types sold in stores. This means they’ll both work reliably and you won’t have to replace them as frequently.


Proper garden tool garage storage improves safety

By making use of proper garden tool storage solutions, you’ll also be keeping your home safer. That old-time comedy visual of someone getting clanked on the head after stepping on the end of a rake is an all-too-real possibility if your garden tools are just left leaning against a wall or on the garage floor.

Hazardous yard care materials like insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizer are also better off locked away if you have children. Garage cabinets outfitted with locks allow you to do that and also keep these materials close to where you’ll be using them.

Keeping your garage safe, organized, and clutter-free becomes much easier with these efficient garden tool garage storage solutions. Garage Living’s team of skilled designers can help you put together a plan for your unique space, so schedule your free consultation appointment today.

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