Why A Garage Makeover Increases Your Home Resale Value

Your home resale value will be determined by many different factors. Some factors, like the age of your home, its location, and the selling prices of nearby homes will be out of your control.

You can determine how your house looks when it comes time to sell, however. Smartly chosen home upgrades and improvements play a large role when it comes to figuring out what your home resale value will be. More and more, homeowners are realizing the value that garage makeovers can have when it comes time to put their house on the market.

Garage makeovers provide home resale value benefits later with daily benefits now

While worrying about what your home resale value will be years from now might not top your list of current priorities, it’s worth considering the daily benefits you’ll get from a garage makeover until that time arrives:

  • your garage will look much nicer both inside and outside
  • garage storage space can be put to better use and maximized
  • your garage can stay organized and clutter-free
  • home energy efficiency will be improved

Adding new garage doors increases home resale value

The return on investment estimate varies from year to year, but buying new garage doors is consistently considered to be one of the most sound home improvement investments that impacts home resale value. In 2015, Investopedia estimated garage door replacements yielded an 88.4% return on investment.

With garage doors accounting for as much as a third of a home’s front exterior, it’s no wonder steel, fibreglass, wood, or full view aluminum garage doors have such an impact on curb appeal. High quality garage doors get noticed by your neighbours now and by prospective home buyers later.

home resale value garage door

Include garage storage solutions in your makeover

Garage Living offers numerous smart storage and organization solutions that improve any garage space:

We would expect you’d take the garage cabinetry with you when you move, but chances are you’ll love all of these garage storage solutions so much that you’ll want to take all of them! If you don’t for whatever reason (perhaps you’re downsizing or moving into a condo), these smart storage systems will provide value to the home’s next owner and can be factored into the selling price.

A new garage floor coating can impact home resale value

There’s no comparison between a cracked and dull-looking concrete garage floor and one that’s had a Floortex™ floor coating applied. Our polyaspartic floor coatings will last for years and can have an impact on home resale value, depending on how long after the floor coating was applied that you sell your home. At the very least, a Floortex™ floor coating stands out with its decorative flake surface that’s sealed with a durable top coat.

home resale value flooring

A garage workspace may be attractive to some buyers

If you’ve created a garage workspace to indulge your woodworking or auto maintenance hobbies, some like-minded potential buyers may find your home more appealing. Our GL NEOS Elite garage cabinets, for example, are ideal for garage spaces that need a higher degree of functionality, such as a home automotive workshop.

Garage insulation improves your energy efficiency and helps home resale value

Our renovation services can help improve the energy efficiency in your garage. A properly insulated garage door and professionally installed wall and ceiling insulation, in addition to weather stripping around door and window frames, helps lower your monthly heating and cooling bills. And years from now when you’re ready to sell, these upgrades can be used in your favour when determining your home resale value.

Schedule your free in-home consultation to find out more from a member of our design team about how garage makeovers help increase your home resale value.

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Q & A: Find Out Why Jay Loves His One Car Garage Makeover

Toronto resident Jay Kerr, recently had a one car garage makeover by Garage Living that left him quite impressed. This Q & A finds out why Jay needed the one car garage makeover, what he had done, and why he absolutely loves it.


What made you decide to get this one car garage makeover?

For over a year, I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have a clean and organized garage. I was tired of the unfinished look of the garage and the overall lack of organization, which made it difficult to park my car in there. The garage floor needed to be finished. The concrete floor was cracked in a few place and just didn’t look very appealing.

one car garage makeover

Jay’s garage prior to the makeover.

Was it difficult keeping your one car garage floor clean?

The garage floor was always dusty and dirty and it wasn’t particularly easy to clean. I would often need to sweep it out, which was a messy job. In the springtime, it was especially messy with the dirt and salt that accumulated over the winter.

Were you aware of the high quality garage floor coatings available?

Garage Living’s Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating completely opened my eyes to the fact that a high quality floor coating can add undeniable visual appeal to your garage space, as well as be easy to maintain. I did my homework and learned that polyaspartic garage floor coatings have several advantages over epoxy coatings.

What type of garage organization system were you using?

I had a metal shelving unit from a big box store that was falling apart. That seems to be a common thing with many of their products – they have a very short shelf life, no pun intended. The cheap particle board shelves were warped, sagging, and popping out of place.

Hockey sticks were piled in the corner and I had a few cheap hooks and nails to hang brooms and lighter items. I wanted to get things off the floor and organized onto the wall, something that could support items such as a ladder, garden hose, or a work bench. I’m the type of person that likes to have things neat and organized, but the DIY storage system I had wasn’t working.

Tell us about the slatwall garage storage system you had installed

The grey slatwall panel system is a great storage solution. It was installed along the length of the side walls, which I now realize is underutilized storage space in most garages. Now I have a place for everything. The slatwall system allows me to get nearly everything off the garage floor and onto the wall. That gives me space to park my car. It also makes it much easier to clean the floor because the only thing I have to move out are the garage bins.

Before photo of garage

Before – unfinished garage.

After the garage renovation

After – new slatwall panel system and Floortex™ floor coating in Nightfall color.

How about the slatwall accessories you chose?

I’m still figuring out new ways to utilize and arrange the different hooks and shelves that are available. One of my favourite slatwall accessories is the 8″ double hook I use to store my hockey sticks. I also use these hooks to store other items like brooms and shovels. My ladders are now on the wall and the hanging wire bins are perfect for car cleaning products.

one car garage makeover slatwall accessories

Hanging slatwall accessories for all of your garage belongings.

What type of Floortex™ floor coating was applied in your one car garage makeover?

There are a bunch of floor coating colors to choose from and I chose the Nightfall color. The new Floortex™ floor coating is a huge improvement compared to my old concrete garage floor and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. I had the work done in November and it was convenient that the colder weather wasn’t an obstacle to having the Floortex™ floor coating applied.

How much easier is it to clean your garage floor now?

The floor is much, much easier to clean now. I can sweep out the dirt and hose it down to keep everything looking new. Garage Living also has a great squeegee that I can use to make the cleaning process quick and efficient. The Nightfall’s dark grey colour also hides the dirt well in between cleanings.

Did your one car garage makeover include anything else?

Yes, one of the biggest improvements was simply upgrading to an LED garage light. I’m sure many homeowners just live with a single light bulb in the garage, as I was doing. It’s a simple upgrade but it makes such a huge difference. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

one car garage makeover light

A new LED garage light makes a huge difference.

Did your one car garage makeover have any challenges to deal with?

I had a few issues with one wall. We renovated the house eight years ago and the contractor left an electrical conduit and a wood post on what used to be the outside of the house, now the inside wall of the garage. I was concerned about the Garage Living installers being able to remove everything but it was gone within an hour. I also had some concerns about the natural gas line on the inside wall. They put the slatwall behind it and everything looked neat and tidy when they were done.

Any challenges with the garage floor?

The front corner of the garage was unfinished and there was a gap between the concrete floor and the drywall. There was also a cinder block in the corner that jutted out a bit. Garage Living suggested two options. They could fill the gap in the floor with cement and finish the drywall in the corner. That would take longer and add more to the cost than I anticipated. A cheaper and easier solution was to box in the awkward corner and seal it with the Floortex™ coating, which is the solution I chose.

The outside wall of the garage had a cinder block foundation that was two blocks high. Garage Living applied their Floortex™ floor coating up and over the cinder block for a finished look that also seals the floor and acts like a baseboard. Now when I hose out the garage to remove the dirt and salt from the winter, I don’t have to worry about the water damaging the drywall.

one car garage makeover corner before

A problematic corner with a cinder block jutting out and gap between the garage floor and wall.

one car garage makeover corner after

The problem is solved by boxing in the corner and adding Floortex™ coating.

How long did the one car garage makeover take?

The flooring took a full day to clean and prepare. By the end of the day, the floor coating was done and had to dry overnight. I couldn’t walk on it for a day. After that, my car and garbage bins were back in the garage. The slatwall and new light was installed in less than a day after that. Everything was completed on time and to my complete satisfaction.  

How easy was Garage Living to work with?

Everybody was courteous and happy to answer any questions I had throughout the entire process. I especially appreciated the advice and options that were presented to me in regards to the issues with the garage wall and corner. That’s what great customer service is all about.

How satisfied were you and your wife with the garage makeover?

I was extremely happy with the end result. Everything looked brand new and finished and I look forward to keeping the garage much more organized now. My wife was amazed when she saw the final results.

What are your neighbours’ impressions of your one car garage makeover?

Many neighbours have come by to look at the end result and everyone has been more than impressed. I think most people aren’t used to seeing a clutter-free garage with a finished floor and a car parked inside. One neighbour even said that my garage looked nicer than some of the rooms in his house!

So you find yourself parking your car in the garage more now?

I park my car in the garage all the time now. We have a large maple tree that shades our driveway and the birds love sit on the branches and bomb our cars. My car stays cleaner now and I love that I never have to brush the snow off in the winter. I also have the peace of mind knowing that my car is protected and secure. Our other car was left unlocked in the driveway one night and somebody broke in.

Are you planning on using Garage Living for future garage upgrades?

Yes. My next upgrade will be a better garage door and garage door opener. I’m a tech geek and I love that today’s garage door openers have modern features that allow you to control the door from anywhere with a smartphone. I sometimes forget to close the garage door and would like something that does this automatically or that alerts me when it is left open for a long period of time.

Find out more about garage makeovers with your free in-home consultation

Jay loves what his one car garage makeover has done to improve his garage space. His is just one among the thousands of transformative garage makeovers that Garage Living has done throughout North America, for garages of all sizes. Some of them can be viewed here. Schedule your free in-home consultation today with one of our design consultants to discuss your own garage makeover.

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Planning A DIY Garage Makeover? Here’s 5 Reasons That’s A Bad Idea

After years of neglect, you’ve finally decided to give your garage a much-needed DIY makeover.

Yes, it can feel rewarding when you’ve completed a home improvement project yourself, but beware. Although you may consider yourself the handy type, doing a DIY garage makeover is a bad idea for a number of reasons. And if you’re all thumbs when it comes to using tools, tackling a DIY garage makeover is a downright terrible idea. Here’s five reasons why.

1. A DIY garage makeover requires expertise

Even if you’re confident that your skills will enable you to successfully complete a DIY garage makeover, it’s highly likely you’ll find yourself out of your depth. Browsing online home improvement forums and watching instructional YouTube videos will only get you so far.

They’re simply no substitute for the vast amount of experience a garage makeover specialist like Garage Living has. We’ve completed thousands of garage makeover projects throughout North America since 2005. During that time, we’ve encountered just about any potential problem one could face when doing a garage makeover. We also know how to make sure all aspects of your garage project are safely installed.

diy garage makeover slatwall

2. You’ll miss out on great garage storage and organization solutions

Part of Garage Living’s expertise includes knowing which high quality products to carry and use in our projects. Your DIY garage makeover experience would probably involve using products purchased from a big box store. They won’t have the same level of quality as our products, in terms of construction materials, craftsmanship, and longevity. That puts you at a disadvantage before you’ve even attempted installing anything for your DIY garage makeover.

Our garage professionals can also suggest storage and organization ideas you’re probably not even aware of. For example:

3. Floors from a DIY garage makeover won’t look as good as our Floortex™ floor coating

A damaged garage floor that needs to be redone is commonly an instigating factor in deciding do a garage makeover. Applying a store-bought epoxy floor coating during your DIY garage makeover won’t produce the same impressive results that our Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating can. The application process also needs to be done perfectly, otherwise the floor will need to be redone far sooner than you’d like. This is why garage floor coating application experience matters.

Here are some advantages that a Floortex™ garage floor coating has over epoxy coatings:

  • it can be applied in as little as one day and be ready for normal use by the following day (an epoxy coating can take up to five or six days to cure and dry)
  • the UV stable topcoat helps the floor maintain its glossy sheen longer than epoxy coatings
  • it penetrates concrete surfaces better than epoxy coatings, giving the floor a higher level of surface protection
  • there’s more design flexibility to complement your garage decor (choose from 15 floor coating colours)
  • it can be applied virtually year-round (epoxy coatings need a minimum application temperature of about 10-13° C)

diy garage makeover floor

4. Installing your own garage door and opener can be dangerous

One of the best examples to illustrate the perils involved in a DIY garage makeover is the installation of a new garage door and opener. There’s little room for error when it comes to installing a new garage door and opener for a few reasons:

  • the garage door needs to fit the doorframe perfectly to ensure proper operation and optimum energy efficiency by eliminating gaps
  • a garage door system has lots of moving parts that need to perfectly interact with each other
  • the garage door springs will need to be adjusted to account for the different weight of your new door (adjusting these springs without having prior experience can potentially cause serious injury)
  • your garage door opener needs to be able to handle the weight of the door, otherwise its motor will be overtaxed and have a short life
  • your garage door is one of the most frequently used doors in your home and needs to be able to handle a heavy workload safely and efficiently

diy garage makeover installer

5. Your garage cabinets and specialty storage racks need to maximize space and be safely hung

Adding garage cabinets and specialty storage racks and shelving to your garage will be a huge help when it comes to keeping the garage organized. You’ll find that we have a very appealing selection of products in these categories, in addition to the ability to customize your garage cabinet system for maximum looks and functionality.

But where’s the best place to put them so that your garage storage space is maximized? What about existing wall obstructions that present an additional challenge during installation? And most importantly, how can the racks be hung safely? Our overhead storage racks can hold up to 600 lbs., so knowing which part of the wall or ceiling to safely attach them to is of the utmost importance.

diy garage makeover tire rack

Cancel your DIY garage makeover and choose a garage makeover expert instead

Instead of attempting a DIY garage makeover, schedule a free in-home design consultation with Garage Living. One of our design consultants can discuss your makeover plans and ideas with you. Choosing a garage makeover expert like Garage Living ensures your project will be done properly and with high quality, long-lasting products.

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9 Useful Tips For Getting Your Spouse On-board For A Garage Renovation

Your garage floor is cracked and crumbling, you’re unable to park your vehicles inside due to excess clutter, and you lack adequate garage storage space. That garage renovation you’ve always wanted couldn’t be more needed.

Unfortunately, your spouse needs convincing. Perhaps their concerns simply require them receiving a little more education about the process and the value it will have. So how do you get your spouse on-board for a garage renovation? Try these nine useful tips:

1. Do your homework about a garage renovation

Your first step will be to do some homework about what’s involved in a garage renovation. You don’t need to have all the answers. Just arm yourself with enough facts and information to adequately support your reasons for wanting a garage makeover and have a general idea of what should be expected with one. Poor preparation when discussing this project with your reluctant spouse will only hinder your case.

Visualize what you want your garage renovation to include. Sketch out how you want your new garage to look and learn a little about the products that might be used to realize this vision. You can learn more about our products on our website and also by visiting a Garage Living showroom.

garage renovation

2. Explain how a garage renovation will improve your family’s daily lives

Now it’s time to share your findings with your spouse. Explain to them that a garage renovation will make your family’s lives more comfortable and convenient. Use the following examples:

  • Specialty storage racks, a slatwall storage system , and garage cabinetry will eliminate garage clutter and free up floor space
  • Keeping the garage organized improves its functionality and allows your spouse to park their vehicles inside the garage, which provides protection from the elements and keeps them and your vehicles safer
  • Adding a garage door opener makes daily life more convenient, especially with modern features like MyQ® Technology that lets you monitor and control your garage door from anywhere via a smartphone
  • A durable Floortex™ floor coating will completely transform the look of your garage and is very easy to keep clean
  • A stylish new garage door and aluminum capping will boost your home’s curb appeal and improve its energy efficiency

3. Appeal to your partner’s self-interest

Appeal to the self-interest of your partner and incorporate their storage needs into the garage’s design. Are they an exercise or sports buff? Create a section of the garage that they can use as an exercise area. This could include slatwall panels and slatwall accessories for storing their equipment. Here’s an example of a fitness-themed garage:

garage renovation fitness room

A slatwall system is also ideal for storing the belongings of anyone who enjoys gardening or yard work. Create a designated wall for your spouse to store their tools and gardening apparel. Maybe your spouse’s favourite hobby requires a workshop. We can create a great garage workspace using our high quality cabinetry and even add a foldaway workbench.

garage renovation slatwall

4. Have your spouse research how satisfied homeowners are after a garage renovation

Get your spouse Googling and they’ll find an overwhelming number of homeowners who have undergone a garage renovation and are thrilled with the results. They can research review sites like Yelp, home improvement forums, and social media sites that feature information sharing about home-related topics, such as on Houzz.

5. Bring your spouse to our large showroom

Visit our large showroom with your spouse. You can get an up-close look at every single high quality product we offer and view fully outfitted garage displays. Seeing our products in person will give your skeptical spouse a better sense of the value of our garage improvement solutions. Our helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you and your spouse might have about our products and services.

6. Have your spouse look at before and after garage makeover photos

Before and after photos can be very helpful for showing just what kind of transformative effect a makeover can have on a garage. We’re experts at taking cluttered and drab garage spaces and turning them into a part of your home that’s functional, organized, and attractive. Here’s an example:

garage renovation before makeover

Garage Living client’s garage before makeover

garage renovation after makeover

The same garage after the makeover

7. Remind your spouse that a garage renovation adds value to your home

Undergoing a garage renovation now may require spending money, but remind your spouse it’s a sensible investment. Improvements made to your garage, especially the high quality improvements Garage Living can add, do more than just make your family’s lives easier. They’ll also increase the value of your home.

In fact, a garage door replacement has one of the best returns on investment for home renovation projects. If your family should ever decide to move, the improvements made to your garage will definitely not go unnoticed by potential buyers.

8. Choose a reputable garage makeover company

One of your spouse’s concerns may be the quality of work that will go into a garage makeover. Garage Living is a rapidly growing company that has completed many thousands of garage makeovers throughout North America. Our experienced team of designers, installers, and service personnel place the utmost priority in ensuring the work our customers receive meets the high standards Garage Living has set for itself.

9. Learn more about a garage renovation during your free in-home consultation

A garage remodel shouldn’t cause tension between you and your partner. Maintain good communication, be understanding of each other’s concerns and wishes, and arrive at decisions that ensure you’re both satisfied with your garage renovation project. 

By scheduling your free in-home consultation, one of our design experts can assess your garage space and answer all of your garage renovation questions.

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Garage Makeovers Continue To Be One Of The Hottest Home Improvement Trends

Garage makeovers have become one of the most popular home improvement projects in recent years. This trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. In fact, The New York Times recently called it “the final frontier in home renovation”.

Traditionally, the priority for home improvement projects has included redoing bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms in the home, as well as finishing basements. The garage, once an afterthought in terms of a space worth upgrading, is now front-of-mind for homeowners looking to further enhance their living environment.

garage makeovers

Garage makeovers increase a home’s value

Homeowners are increasingly appreciating the importance of having a garage space that’s well-organized and clean, in addition to having a modern aesthetic, all of which increases a home’s value. The rapidly growing garage improvement industry offers numerous solutions for significantly boosting the functionality and looks of this valuable home space. Sure, a new garage door really stands out to neighbours and passersby, but the area behind that door shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

A high-end vehicle deserves an organized and appealing storage space

Owners of classic and high-end vehicles have been particularly embracing of the garage makeover trend. The popularity of garage makeovers with auto and motorcycle enthusiasts makes perfect sense. After all, it’s rather self-defeating to spend big bucks on a Lamborghini, Tesla, or Harley-Davidson and then park these treasures in a dreary-looking environment that doesn’t complement their natural beauty.

This is where garage makeover specialists like Garage Living step in. With thousands of garage remodels under our belt, including many makeovers specifically tailored to auto enthusiasts, Garage Living has the expertise and vision to take garage makeovers to truly elite design levels.

garage makeovers underground garage

Garage makeovers each have their own unique challenges

Each garage makeover presents its own unique set of challenges for Garage Living’s design experts. Will the framework of the garage need alterations to accommodate the customer’s design wishes? How will existing obstacles like a central vac system or ductwork fit into a makeover design scheme? Garage Living’s durable and glossy Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating beautifully enhances any garage space, but what’s the best colour to use to complement the customer’s vehicles?

The same consideration needs to be made for the addition of high quality garage cabinetry. These are just some of the challenges that go into designing a new garage and there’s always new ones to be encountered, as was the case during a recent makeover that involved an underground residential garage.

How our garage makeovers maximize storage space

One of the common challenges Garage Living faces for any garage makeover is how to optimize storage space. As much as a garage’s shabby interior decor detracts from the looks of its contents, this problem is only multiplied when excess clutter is added to the mix.

With smart organization and storage solutions like slatwall storage, specialty storage racks (such as overhead racks), and car lifts (which increase parking space), underutilized wall and vertical space can be employed to maximize a garage’s available storage space. These solutions make the garage easy to keep clean and organized, so vehicles always have plenty of room for parking and storage.

garage makeovers car lift

We have garage makeover solutions for all types of garages

Homeowners put a lot of time and thought into how their home looks because it’s a source of pride and a reflection of who they are. That attention and care has now shifted towards the garage. Whether it’s a middle-class family looking to refresh their garage space or a high-end auto enthusiast eager to create a similarly high-end storage space for their prized possessions, homeowners now appreciate the big benefits of garage makeovers, in greater numbers than ever before.

Visit our showroom, where you can see and touch for yourself every single product we sell. You can schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of our design team to discuss the benefits of a garage makeover for your home.

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